Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Day with Friends

Today was definitely a very tiring day.
Nash, Munir, Am and I went to Sunway Pyramid!!!!

When we arrived there, Nash and I were really hungry so
we had our breakfast at secret recipe.
So expensive!!!

Am only ordered a glass of cold milk.
Munir ordered fish and chips while Nash and I both ordered...
uhh.. I forgot the name of the food..
It's a chicken with no bones inside..
Instead of bones inside, there put cheese in it.
Dibah is probably going to vomit when she reads this.

Ooooh.. Munir, it looks so delicious..

Yummy!!! There's melted cheese inside..


Ready to eat!!!!
Bring it on, chicken!!!
tetibe je =_="

Nash, I couldn't eat this because....
(I batuk la...)

Having FUN!!!

After our stomachs became full, we went to the ice skating rink.
It's DAEBAK!!!!

Excited to skate?
To be honest, I was kinda nervous at that moment...
Though it wasn't my first time at ice skating.

I guess these two were pretty excited as well..

Am, stop trying to look cool!!!

My mom and dad..

I look weird in this outfit..

At about 3pm we rushed to the cinema to watch "Harry Potter 7 part 1"
The movie was okay.
It's not that bad.
It's pretty good, actually.

After the movie, We went back to Shah Alam.
Munir dropped Am off at the bus stop at Seksyen 2.
Then Munir, Nash and I went to Pizza Hut at Seksyen 7 to have dinner.

Mom, dad, daughter..

We are happy family!!!!

We took some pictures while waiting for the food...

And when the food finally came..
More pictures!!!

I miss drinking pepsi,,
But I have a cough..
Sob sob sob...

and then we went back to Mawar...

The end~


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