Friday, September 9, 2016

Let's Learn Chinese!

It means How are you? 

I hope my readers are just fine. Dont worry about me.. I am good and fine~

Not many people knew that I actually had the chance to learn chinese back in primary
school. It was a good experience to learn chinese with a good and strict teacher.
Since high school I like to be friends with chinese not only they are friendly and nice
(read they are also teach me mathematics till i am good at it) but they can also
converse daily in chinese, english and malay language. Sometimes I told myself

"If they can master more than two language why I can't do the same thing?"

"If they can achieve that why I can't? "

It almost and near to 2020 vision and we need to change the mindset. So what are the
good things once we learn other foreign languange especially chinese?

We tend to be more flexible and open to other cultures. 

Our memory will be improved and performed in the academic areas. 

It boosts our brain and make minds more keener. 

Back in my university time, I also learnt arabic language (read computer language is
not included in this post lol) but it was until level 2 learning period since i am
in science and technology areas. You need to learn until level 4 / 5 / 6 if I
was not mistaken if you take human sciences and islamic revealed knowledge courses.

Anyway, Lets learn a new language and get to know more people from other countries
without feel any hatred or racist. After all, God has created us from different races, cultures
so that we may know each other and accept the differences together.
Lets spread the love everyone~

"Where there is love

  there is life - Mahatma Gandhi"

You can refer to this link for more research related information.

*Now my macbook showing 1.43 am and i am still writing. I better go to sleep else I will feel sleepy at the office tomorrow. Good night guys*


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