Monday, January 31, 2011


OH MY GOD!!!!!
What is this I see?
I see DEATH!!!
Death, I say!!
Do something!!!!

I guess Adibah and Anati are too busy..
So sad..
I would like to know what's going on in their lives right now.
If you girls are free, please update our blog.
I want to konow if you girls are well and in great health.
(ceh, pdehal leh call or msg je. Ape gnenye ade handset an..)

Sob.. sob..

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

If I never Met Her (Part 1)


 Gu Hara
Gu Soo Yun

Choi Minho
Kim Hyun Su

Lee Taemin
Kim Junsu

Chef Key

The Story:

        The sky was the colour of yellowish orange as I stood by her grave. There was a sudden chill running down my spine. I was not sure whether it is because of the cold evening breeze or the fact that I was standing in the middle of a graveyard with rotting corpses buried in the ground and their souls hunting the graves in my presence. The thought of dead corpses and vengeful spirits did not bother me at all. I was in my own world now, trapped inside my own innermost thoughts and emotions.
        I stood staring at her gravestone, wishing that this as all just a horrible nightmare and that I would wake up and find her smiling at me mischievously. I smiled at the thought of her. Realising that I was still standing by her grave, I sigh. I still could not believe it. It was all too overwhelming for me to handle. It almost felt like I just met her yesterday and in a blink of an eye, she was gone. Gone forever and never coming back. Never.
       I gazed at her name, Michelle Johnson, that was engraved on her gravestone. Trying to hold back tears and with much failure, I sat down on the cold, hard grass and leaned against Michelle's gravestone. Tears were streaming down my face. I did not bother to wipe them dry even though the salty liquid felt cold as ice on my skin. I sat staring at the setting sun. The sky was getting darker and the clouds were a hint of grey and orange. For a moment, I felt as if the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders. For a moment, I felt as if all my worries has fade away. For a moment, my heart stopped aching. 
       I closed my eyes as the wind blew on my face, slowly drying all my tears. Its breeze felt cold but welcoming. Suddenly, I had a flashback. Images of the past were replaying in my mind and in my wake, I was taken back to the day where it all started. Back to where I first met her- my first love.


        'Hyung, don't you think you're going to fast?', asked my younger brother, Junsu. His face looked worried  and concerned as he drove his car next to mine, trying to persuade me to stop. 
        I shrugged and said coolly, 'Junsu-ah, let me tell you something. There is no such thing as "too fast" in racing'. I hit the gas and said, 'See you at the finish line, little brother'. I looked at the rear-view mirror and saw that Junsu's car was far behind. I smirked as Justin's red sports car vanished from view. I was winning!
        Suddenly, the car hit something hard and lost control. Panicking, I immediately hit the break but the car would not stop since it was going too fast. I couldn't jump out because the car was taking up speed. I probably wouldn't make it alive if I jumped out. The car was spinning uncontrollably now. I panicked. I couldn't do anything to save myself. Everything was beyond my control. I was dead for sure.
        It all happened too fast. I saw my life flashed right in front of my eyes as the car crashed into a tree. Pain shot up my head. I could feel some sort of warm liquid running down my forehead. Could it be blood? I tried to move but my whole body was in great pain. Every inch of my body was aching. I could barely move a muscle. I opened my eyes and looked around me. Everything was blurry and unclear. My eyelids felt so heavy that I could barely keep them open. Then I heard the sound of a car pulling over. Junsu? Sounds of footsteps and Junsu's panicked voice came nearer. I could hear Junsu calling my name and asking me if I was alright. Then everything became pitch black.
       I woke up with a nasty bump in my head. I looked around and saw that I was in a room which looked like a ward. Am I in a hospital? I tried to remember what happened and images of the accident played in my mind. So I made out alive, I thought to myself. I looked at my body to see if anything was badly injured. There was a cast on my left arm. It must have been broken during the accident. I noticed something written on the cast. 'Get well soon. Love, Junsu'. I smiled. He must have been really worried. I felt a little guilty and regret for not listening to him earlier. If I had listened to him, none of this would have happened. I continued reading the messages on the cast. There was another message next to Junsu's. It was written in pink ink. 'Hi, I'm your new roommate! Nice to meet you. Hope that we can be close friends from now on. XOXOXO Gu Soo Yun'. Who the heck is Gu Soo Yun? As I was puzzled by the strange and somewhat rather annoying message, a voice beside me said, 'Did you like my message, Hyun Su?'.
      I turned to look who as the person the voice belonged to and was surprised to find a girl about my age with flowing dark hair and sparkly brown eyes smiling at me mischievously. She was indeed the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and yet in a way she looked a bit strange. Looking at her smile somehow made my heart beat faster. I did not return her smile. Instead, I gave her a cold look which I am certain can make any human's skin crawl. She did not seem to be disturbed nor terrified by my cold expression which was odd because most people do. Instead, she just shrugged and smirked, obviously, mocking my coldness. I was taken aback by her response. 
     I glared at her with crossed arms and said rudely, 'And who are you supposed to be? My personal nurse?' She looked offended by my rude remark and forced a genuine smile. 
     'No,' she said. 'I'm a patient like you. I'm kind of like your room mate since we're in the same ward. Don't worry, Hyun-Su ah'.     
     Although she tried to hide it, I could see that she as very annoyed and irritated by my rude behaviour. Feeling a little guilty, I apologised for my impolite behaviour. I was actually quite surprised of myself since I have never apologised to anyone before except my younger brother, Junsu. I have never even apologised to my parents. Ever!
     She smiled at me and took my right hand and rushed me out of the room. I realised that the room was quite big and the furniture looked expensive. This must be the first class ward, I thought to myself. My parents must have arranged this. There was no doubt about it but why was it that they didn't put me in a private ward? Why am I forced to be in the same room with this girl? Wait. Why is it that a girl and a guy are even sharing the same room to start with? Oh whatever. I had enough problems to worry about. I wonder if omma and appa had even visited me yet. I sighed at the thought of them. I was in a hospital with a broken arm and a crazy girl in front of me taking me to God knows where and my parents were no where in sight!  
    They were probably too busy managing their stupid company to even bother come and visit their son. I was not hurt at all by my parents actions. To be honest, I got used to it. 
    'Where are you taking me?', I asked, demanding for an explanation. She didn't answer me and kept walking. She led me to the hospital's kitchen. Finally, she let go of my hand. The kitchen was crowded with people. No one even bothered to look at us or even noticed the fact that there were two patients in the hospital's kitchen. They were too busy doing their cooking and washing dishes to even care. The delicious aroma of the food they were cooking diffused into the air and into my nostril. My stomach growled viciously reminding me that I haven't eaten since I woke up.
    Noticing this, Soo Yun laughed and ordered us two plates of eggs and toast. I smiled sheepishly in embarrassment and said, 'You know, this is not a restaurant where you can order food as you like'.
    'Well, to me it is', she said and gestured me to sit next to her at a table near where we were standing.
    While waiting for our breakfast, we talked and got to know one another. Apparently, Soo Yun was friends with the head cook and everyone else in the hospital. She told me that she has been staying at the hospital for a long time. The hospital was practically her home. Unlike most people, she loves living in the hospital. I found this both interesting and strange at the same time. I asked her why she got in the hospital in the first place- what kind of sickness does she have. She didn't answer me. I noticed that she would always change the topic whenever I brought it up. I thought it was rather strange at first but after a while I stopped asking. I guessed it was very private to her and I didn't want to invade her privacy. I found out that she was also from a rich and wealthy family and apparently our parents were going to work together on a big project.
I knew there were something fishy about me having to share a room with another patient and not having a private ward.
     As we were deep in conversation, the head cook interrupted us. I found out later that his name was Chef Key. Chef Key smiled at us and said, 'Breakfast is served!'. Soo Yun and I smiled at each other and ate our breakfast. 
     That was the start of a beautiful friendship.


      It has been almost to weeks since I first checked in the hospital. Soo Yun and I became closer with each passing day. We spent every waking moment together. We would eat together, play games together, make fun of nurses' uniform, make prank phone calls and e even tried unsuccessfully to cook our own meals in the kitchen. Save to say, we practically did everything together.We were inseparable. We spent
so much time together that my brother was beginning to get a bit annoyed by us. Well, who could blame me? This was the first time I ever made a friend. A real friend.
     Growing up in a rich family, I didn't make any friends. Real friends that is. It was't that people didn't try to be my friends. It was just that many people only wanted to be my friends because I came from a wealthy family so I pushed them away. I was a bit overwhelmed when Soo Yun became my friend. My best friend. We become so close that my brother came to visit me one day and had a talk with me. Soo Yun was not in the room since she went to the kitchen to visit Chef Key. 
     'Hyung, don't you think you've been spending too much time with her?', asked Junsu. His face looked concerned and worried.
     'What?', I said. 'Too much time?. I don't think it's even enough'.
     'You've really fallen for her, huh?'. Junsu smiled at me.
     ' Maybe'

To be continued.....



Tuesday, January 18, 2011


hey hoo everyone!!!
i'm really stressing out right now!!
rasa nak pecah kepala setiap hari
because everyday is a worst day ever!!
everything that i try to make it right,
i always blew it at the end..
and it feel sucks!!!!
damn it!!!!

and the worst part of my life
all my biology report that i saved
had gone!
GONE FOREVER because of my silly mistakes!!!
nasib baik pagi tadi terdetik nak bukak.
dah la kena hantar hari khamis ni.
n paling sedih, aku dah buang masa hari sabtu and ahad hari tu.
dengan membuat lab bio report ni
struggle gile2 coz aku pon nak rasa siap awal gak.
sebelum ni pon selalu aku je yang lambat...
tido tak yah cakap ar pukul berapa
nak siapkan bio lab report ni punya pasal.. 

ok. enough about that!
sekarang kerja tu dah selesai..
kalau hilang lagi memang aku campak komputer ni ar.
seriuosly, aku geram giler nak mampos!

asal sem2 ni tak best huh???
semua aku buat, semua tak menjadi.
lagi teruk ada la...
and aku jealous giler dengan kawan aku,
semua dia buat, dia cakap...
semuanya jadi kot...
bila aku buat??
ni tak kena..tu tak kena..

rasa lagi annoying kalau kawan kita sendiri tak memahami diri kita..
diorang just ignore and it's really pissed me off!
aku rasa better aku cakap dengan pokok ke...haaaaa!!! batu is the right choice i think.
time dia cerita..and aku diam, kau paksa aku dengar jugak.
sedangkan aku dengar kot
time aku cerita????? ada korang kisah.
korang bergerak kesana kemari la
padahal aku sebelah kau je kot time tu..

aku seolah invisible je sebelah korang...
kalau cakap...tak yah mentioned ar.
lagi korang buat bodoh je ada la..
kalau ada kawan pon, cuma certain je yang care
yang selebihnya....tunjuk lagak la..itu la..ini la...
kalau explain pon macam professor kot!
aku ni sebelah mata je diorang pandang.
tak de mood ar nak buat discussion group camni
better aku diam je sepanjang discussion tu
nak cakap pon yang penting2 je
aku dah malas giler dah ni
and bila perasaan tu datang memang macam hampeh ar!
mula sekarang ni rasa diriku sangat teruk..

seriously!!!! aku rasa nak menjerit sekarang ni!!!!
i think i should find the solution right now.
fuuuuuuhhhh!!! lega rasanye!
~daaaaa everyone!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

No Matter How Hard I Cry

Even though I know how much I hate myself right now,
How much I hate myself for being scared,
For being so weak,
And for being so useless,
I couldn't stop myself.

No matter, no matter how I try to hide it from the world,
I know that I couldn't hide it from myself,
But still I try to lie to myself,
Try to convince myself, try to fool myself,
Into thinking that everything will be okay.

No matter how hard I cry,
No matter how hard I scream,
No tears fall, no sound can be heard,
But why does it feel like it did?
Why does it hurt?

No matter how I try to calm myself,
No matter how much I beg for help,
This heart can't hold on any longer,
This weak and fragile heart,
Is just too scared of this cruel world.

Everyday and every night, I pray to Him,
Asking Him to give me confidence,
To give me courage,
So that I can face this world with a calm heart,
And with strong faith.

Every second, every second my heart aches,
With fear of being hurt,
Of being left alone,
Of loosing something precious,
Of having to face this cruel world.

No matter how hard I cry,
No matter how hard I scream,
No tears fall, no sound can be heard,
But why does it feel like it did?
Why does it hurt?

No matter how I try to calm myself,
No matter how much I beg for help,
This heart can't hold on any longer,
This weak and fragile heart,
Is just too scared...

Written by: Farah Munirah Bt Roslan Johari

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!

Why do I have to be the one to update this blog?
Seriously, without me, this blog has no life!!!!
I repeat, NO LIFE!!!!
So as a good and responsible blogger, I decided that
it is my duty to give life to this blog even though
I am not the only one who owns it.
 (mmg saje nk bg dibah sakit ati an.. hahha)

Okay, enough about my awesomenest for updating this awesome blog
which is as awesome as it is now because of me..
No credits at all to my two BFFs, Anati and Adibah whatsoever!!
Just kidding~
(What if I'm not kidding? hehe..)
I want to tell you guys, my beloved followers, about the day I had today
with the other two owners of this blog.
Yeah, they're not as awesome as me.
Just joking...
They're.. kinda awesome..
I guess...

So today we spent the first day of 2011 shopping at Jusco.
Sounds dull, right?
But to me, there's never a dull moment when I'm 
with my two AWESOME BFFs!!!
Well, they're not as awesome as me..

When we arrived at Jusco, we visited MR. ATM first.
The first thing you have to do when you enter a shopping mall:
Visit Mr. ATM..
He's very handsome, you know..
and has lots of money..

After that, PIZZA HUT!!!!!

Anati was so excited to tell her story...

Dibah was really sick..
She is sick!!!
Because she still is sick
and it's all because of the awesome ME!!!
Brjangkit dgn cik Farah Munirah ye..
Awk ptot brbangga krn dpt share virus dgn kte Dibah..
Best friends share everything with each other..

So delicious....


Why don't I look awesome in this picture?
Somebody fix it!!!
(cm pompuan gedik je) =_="

I look weird in this picture!!!
Didn't I tell you to fix this?
(mmg nk kne lempang la minah ni)

*Wink, wink*

So mouth-watering...

Hawaiian chicken pizza!!!
But I like Masala pizza more...

Woi, gmbr aku dgn Anati xde!!!
Gmbr kte brtiga pun xde!!!
Double GASP!!!!

Then we went to the face shop!!!
I saw something that I wanted to buy but I decided to come
back later to buy it.

Then we walked and looked and walked some more
and looked some more...

So what I bought today?
Jeng jeng jeng!!!

Face masks from THEFACESHOP!!!!

A green cardigan from Scarlet!!!
A lot of my clothes are from Scarlet...
So pretty!!!
I like the colour...

A cute yellow shirt from "Chic Avenue"...
I like the design..
So CUTE!!!

Matching x?

Okay, I'm too lazy to write more..
Lets end it here...


~The End~

Ps: Don't forget....
I'm awesome. Hehehehe..


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