Monday, September 5, 2011

      OMG!!!! I'm going back to UiTM this Wednesday. This degree thing is scaring me. Waaaaa!! Am I ready? Huhuhu... I'm so scared and nervous and I might be more terrified because of this one person. Sigh. Making new friends?? Well, I'm not good at that. I hope I survive this time. Wish me luck!

Status: Nervous and scared... (and hungry.. please feed me.. kekekeke)

      Aaaanywayyyy... Before going back, I'm planning to finish watching Warrior Baek Dong soo.. I almost finished episode 8. Hehehehe.. 8 more episodes to go! That drama is great. I love it! You guys should check it out. It's AWESOME!!! Hmmm.. and maybe.. just maybe.. I could finish watching Heartstring too.. Though I think Heartstring is kinda boring.. But I already watched it 'till episode 11.. Why not just finish it, right? There's only 5 episodes left, anyway.

     Aaaarghhh!!! i'm still nervous and scared!!! WAAAAAA!!!! HELP!!!

Edit: Wait!! This just in.. I just found out that Warrior Baek Dong Soo didn't have 16 episodes!!! WHAT??? I don't really kno how many episodes there are.. Hope it's not over 20..
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