Thursday, October 21, 2010

Love Again? Sigh

Okay, seriously, why is everyone so worked up
with this love issue?
 Why am I making this such a big deal and complaining?

Maybe it's because everyone is watching korean dramas during
the holidays (romantic dramas).
Maybe that's why they keep talking about love.
Since everybody is talking about love, why don't we talk 
about the latest drama "Mischievous Kiss".
Yes, I've watched it but I haven't finished yet.
To be honest, the drama can really make people pissed.
(Sorry, Anati. I know you like the drama)

Firstly, what is wrong with that Baek Seung Jo?
He likes Ha Ni but he keeps hurting her
and when she decides to give up on him, he gives her hope
which makes her fall heads over heels for him again.
Not only that, he knows that Hae Ra has feelings for him but
he doesn't feel the same way about her so obviously,
she's in a one sided love story and He doesn't even tell her the truth.
Instead, he keeps leading her on and giving her hope.
Even though, Hae Ra can be annoying and hateful 
but she has feelings, you know.

I thought Baek Seung Jo was supposed to be a genius.
He may be good at so many thing but clearly, he's not
good in love.

Secondly, why does Ha Ni keep chasing Baek Seung Jo?
She always follow him around. It can be annoying.
Where's her pride?
Also, she keeps complaining about how badly Baek Seung Jo
treats her but what about the way she treats
her guy friend, Bong Jung Gu who is obviously in love with her?
She knows how it feels to be hurt because of love 
and yet she's hurting Bong Jung Gu's feelings.
She knows how he felt about her but she didn't 
just be honest and tell him that she has no feelings
for him whatsoever and that he should give up.
She just keep letting him chase after her like a hound.

Well, maybe the drama is trying to tell us how selfish we can be
and how we are too arrogant to admit that we love someone.
Yeah, it does seem like it, doesn't it?
The moral value is pretty good.
So Anati, don't be angry at me..
Hey, I did complement the drama, didn't I?

So guys (and girls), Don't be selfish and arrogant because
you're going to hurt the people you love and also yourself.


Anonymous said...

you are absolutely right.
one tended to be selfish just to achieve so called happiness aka LOVE.

farah said...

hahhah.. humans are like that..

nurul hidayah said...

aku rse citer tu nak ckp org genius not genius in all love..keep hurting people's feeling..

anyway dear berlakon dlm i'll aceept it..don't be jealous ANATI..wahaha..

farah said...

serius tgk cter tu asyik rse nk mrh je an.. sape yg tlis script ni.. ha ni 2 kte x ske slalu ikot seung jo.. haih.. ape pulak pompuan kjr laki.. lg stu mk seung jo 2 ske mnyibuk hal org.. kalo ade pompuan len slain ha ni nk dkt dgn seung jo die cm layan pompuan tu tahape hape.. ish2.. die ske control idop ank die.. x ske la

anati said...

chill everybody...
xsangka lak korg take it seriously psl cter tu...
maksudnya mssg yg nk dismpaikan dlm cter tu berkesan!!

kita setuju ngn hidayah kata klau awk dpt sense cter tu btol2 la..

klau dia buat cter cam sm ngn cter korea lain.. wouldn't that be a bit boring to watch??

i'm not defending this story or my beloved one khj (hahha..jgn jeles hidayah) but u should see MORE in different perspective like nash said before... don't just jump into any conclusion...try to hear what others have to say..

n i agree with u fara about ha ni always bugging baek sung jo... tapi nk wat camne klau dia dh btol2ske kat baek sung jo...stgh org klau dh ske certain people, dia akn try to find out psl org tu...cume "find out" in different of them is being stalker...follow him/her everywhere..

farah said...

sbnrnye byk cter korea msti slh sorg 2 slalu skitkn org yg die cnta..
cmtu ah.. haih.. kn kte tlis kt bwh 2 moral value die.. xkn korg x prasan

adibah said...

ermm. kte out of yhis topic. kte tk tgk lagi citer tu. dh abis tgk kte akn komen. haha

farah said...

ble awk dh abis tgk post ni dh jd older post.. hahha


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