Saturday, October 23, 2010

What a Day

Yesterday was definitely a fun-filled, crazy, happy and an unforgettable day.
Too bad it had to end so soon.
My friends, Fiqa, Dayah, Anati, Dibah and I spent the whole day together.
It was Dibah's last day here. She's going back to UIA today.
I think she has already arrived.
So we wanted to do something together before she left.
Aren't we the best friends ever?

Adibah wanted to buy new shoes so we went shopping at the Mines.
On the way there, Dayah and I just couldn't seem to stop talking
about SHINee's cute and lovable maknae, Taemin.
He's my future hubby.
We just kept talking until we finally arrived at our destination.

The first thing we did when we arrived were looking at shoes then
we just roam around a little then wait for Dibah to buy her lunch
at McDonalds and then we head to Pizza Hut.
Only Dibah ate McDonalds while the rest of us enjoyed some pizza.

After that we went roam around some more.
Dibah finally bought the shoes she wanted
and Anati bought a bag for her mom from a shop called
Yokoso Japan or something.
Then we went to Secret Recipe to buy cake to celebrate Dibah's
success in her Final exam.
 She never told me what she got in her exam though.
She's keeping secrets from me..

Anyway, after that we went back to my house.
On the way home, It was so fun.
We held a SHINee concert in Fiqa's car.
Dayah started it, actually.
Apparently, she just started to become a fan of SHINee.
Maybe it's my fault for giving her all those videos of SHINee.
She probably fell for them because of Hello Baby.
Most people did.
She put on "Replay" on full blast.
We sang along to the tune.
Okay, maybe it was Dayah, Dibah and me who sang along.
Anati and Fiqa don't even know the lyrics to the song.
Then It's "Lucifer".
This one was fun because Dayah and I danced along to this song
I wish I had recorded that on tape.

It was the best concert (in the car) EVER!!!

At my house we spent the evening watching SHINee Yunhanam.
Then we watched SHINee singing "Hello" at Music Bank
Bella was there too. She stopped by to copu "You're Beautiful"
from Dibah.
Dibah and Dayah sat really close to the tv.
First, Dayah said she likes Taemin then she said she likes Jonghyun too and then Key.
Why don't you just say you all five, Dayah?
Anati and Fiqa joine in the fun too.
Anati said Jonghyun's voice is so beautiful and then she said she likes Jonghyun.
Fiqa wanted Jonghyun as well at first (I think) but then she picked Minho.

After SHINee's performance, Dibah screamed her head off because Onew smiled
at the camera during the finish.
Seriously, it was really really LOUD!!!

After all that, The day was finally over
and they went home.
How I wish they could stay longer but the day was getting darker
and they had to get home before Maghrib.
Their parents might get worried.
But it was nice having them around.
How I wish my days would be like this at UITM.

I'm not very close with my classmates and I often spend my time
alone at INTEC.
My days there were so dull and boring.
Thank God, I have my crazy roommates.

Anyway, I had a great time yesterday.
Thanks, girls.
You're the BEST!!


adibah said...

asal tetiba kte rasa terhru baca post ni? adeh,kenapa eh? haha

ohhh kte tak boleh nk tdo tp penat busy laaa. adeh =,=

seriouly kte dah rasa rindukan rumah dan korang! nak balik rumah!!!!

taknak duduk uia! tak nak!


farah said...

dibah, blk la mggu ni.. jom la join sleepover.. kte ade download lg vid SHINee.. jom la.. jom jom jom jom

nurul hidayah said...

korang rindukan rumah..aku lak nanti klau kat uitm rindu kat korang..actually kat rumah agk aku hidup 12 jam je....mmg la bosan! hahaha

anyway gathering aritu terbaik in my life

shinee!!!!...noona neomu yeoppo....replay...replay....

Anonymous said...

ahhh~! x ajak..wuuuu~
(s0rry, bru blik from langkawi. so minda amat penat, then maybe selepas ni, comment macam agak pelik dibaca. haha XD)

Jonghyun's mine!
xnak share! xnk share!
I'm quite obsessive of him,
so stay away from my dear hubby!
(ahha, munir ku nak letak mana yerk? XD)

Anyway, cam best ah farah.
suke baca your post ^^

farah said...

Dayah: btol la.. agk bosan kt rmh.. aku kalo leh nk jmpe korg ari2 tp mgkin 2, 3 ari 2 rehat2 la an.. hhaha

Nash: hahah!! ske bce? hahah.. sbb ade psl SHINee ke? haha

bellalala said...

wei memg bes pn dpt wt cncert dlm kete
cam2 ah family kte klu blik kmpg or travel mn2
memekak2, pstu reka lgu sndri
blh gler dlm kete

adibah said...

terbaik la hari tu. haha.
cme cepat sgt berlalu.
lepas ni g lepak tmpt lain la plak

anati said...

best dpt gather ngn korg..
hahaha..menggila sesama..

owh x tau lak nash ske dia gak...
camne ni?? dh mle ske kat dia...ahhaha..anyway, khj always be don't u worry la nash..ok??


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