Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hello, hello!!!

Hello, hello, everybody!!!
What's up?
Anything interesting happened in your life lately?
It's been months since I last updated this blog.
I remember the last time I updated this blog,
I wrote about SHINee's album, "Lucifer", I think.
I've been busy with college life (yeke?).
Actually, I didn't feel like blogging
these past few months (maybe not "few months").

What's with all this talk about love?
Is it spring already?
But we don't  have spring in Malaysia.
Everyone always says that love is complicated (more complicated than math?)
Well, is it really?
Or maybe it's because people always make it complicated.
Or maybe because the other person doesn't love you back
is what makes it complicated.
Or is it because when you're in love you can't think straight?
Is that it?
What's so complicated about it?
You just love someone and hope that that person 
loves you back. If not then try harder
but if that person's heart is someone else's than 
maybe you should give up and find a new love.
Now, is that does that sound so complicated?
(actually Farah, it does. What are you going on about?)

Ah, whatever!!!
Enough with this love talk already!!!
Hey, instead of love, at this young age maybe you shouldn't
waste your youth worrying about love.
The time will come.
You have a lifetime ahead of you. 
(that is if you don't die young. Ooops!!! omo omo.. aigoo.. what am i saying?)
My point is you're still young
(Yes, this is only for those who are under 25),
you should live your dreams first.
Am I right?
Make sure you have fun with your life and share your joy with others.
This way, you don't have to worry about 
finding love all the time because you're having too much fun to even care.

But don't get me wrong.
I'm not saying that you shouldn't fall in love..
just don't rush into it.
It'll happen when it's time.
So people, enough with the love talk already!!!


bellalala said...

yup agree!
oi hdup blk blog ni
dh brhabuk dh pn

adibah said...

ermm. but still love is painful

ermm. kte ingtkn masa tajuk hello tu awk nk tulis pasal SHINee. haha

pape awk dh hidupkn blog ni. thank you anati n farah! haha

kalo tidak berhabuk la seperti kata bella!

Anonymous said...

Agree, agree.
But still farah,
what if we've already come face to face with love?
Should it be ignored?
Oh well,
at least I am happy with him right now
*wink wink* tau kan sape?

Farah sombong!
Tak jenguk blog aku ponnn TT TT

anati said...

klau post ni br la specific utk org...

anyway, btol gak ape nash tu kata..
hahhaa... bkn kita yg mintak pon en??

hmmm...pape pon positif k??
life must go on!!! yeah!!

farah said...

anati n nash: kn kte ckp kalo x smpai lg mse nk fall in love tu xyh la cri2 just focus on ur dreams tp kalo dh sampai mse tu jgn trlalu caught up in it.. u need balance..

bella: aku post pun sbb dibah suro..

nash: hahah.. kte x jenguk blog sape2 pun td.. kte bkak smata mata nk post then ttup.. I guess mood nk blogging lom kmbali spenuhnye.. huhu

farah said...

adibah: almost forgot nk ckp.. hahah.. awk ingt kte nk post psl SHINee je ke? just because tjuk hello hello.. tjuk 2 cm nk u know greet bloggers... kn kte dh lme x blogging.. mle2 nk ltak annyong tp tringat hello ltak la hello.. anyway khamis nnt jom tgk yunhanam n thj part taemin.. huhu.. make sure dayah dtg.. kalo die xleh tido atleast dtg siang ckp kt die nk tgk taemin.. muahahah!!! (haih.. nnt kang lg la die ske taemin.. )

adibah said...

kte dh ckp ngn dayah. dia mestu dtg laaa. kte nk copy citer dia laaa. bnyk benda nk copy. awk pun bwk external hardisk tu n lappy awk. huhu. kalo lappy kte je tk cukup. haha

nurul hidayah said...

so...love again..i absolutely agree with you my dear...kekeke

anati said...

btol gak fara kate pe...
he3...ntah la...semua org ada pndngn diorg msg2..
ada setengah org kata love ni bg 'suntikan semangt' diorg nk blaja... obviously, mmg kita nmpk dpn mata kita....tp once dia putus, mmg jatuh ketara..
ada setngh tu rs cam awk....
pape pon....pk la love ni bw kebaikan ke x....kita dh besar plus matang...bole beza mn baik mn buruk....
cam nabil kata....lu pk la sendiri..:p


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