Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Nicknames

Sejak aku msuk Asasi Tesl ni byk btol nickname yg aku dpt
tp aku ske sume nickname aku.
Ntah knp kwn2 aku ni ske btol bg nickname kt aku.

1) Mun

Ni nickname yg pling aku ske. Org yg bg aku nickname ni ialah MAI.
Mai ni classmate aku mse sem 1. Die duduk sbelah aku mse first class.
Sejak ari tu asyik duk sbelah die je dlm kls.
Mle2 die sorg je yg pggil aku Mun.
Tp lps 2 Mr. Acap Othman pun nk mnyibuk gak pggil aku Mun.
Lps 2 gado dgn Mai sbb Mai kata die sorg je leh pggil aku Mun.
Then ZulFahmi pun dok pggil aku Mun..
Lps 2 aku suro je la classmates aku, bdk2 1F pggil aku Mun since klas
2 rmai sgt Farah smpai aku jd confuse ble ade org sebut nme "farah" dlm kls.
Mle2 aku xde la minat sgt dgn nme ni.. skrg ni la nickname yg pling aku ske..
Yay!!! dh rmai start pggil aku Mun skrg.
Even Diba pun kdang2 pggil aku Mun..
Trase plik lak ble die pggil aku Mun.
Yela.. dh 7 thun pggil Farah tbe2 pggil Mun lak an, Diba..
To be honest, mse aku pndh BTHO bru kwn2 start pggil Farah..
Aku suro pggil Munirah xnk.. ngade2..
Mle2 aku xske org pggil aku farah.. nk pggil munirah
tp dh lme 2 aku dh biasa.
pape pun ske ah nme Mun ni. Trime kasih kpd
Mai krn bg nme ni kt aku. 
heeee :)

2) Famun

Sem 2 lak classsmates aku pggil aku Mun gak..
Yay!!! \(^o^)/
Bdk2 klas 2C. Syg dorg sgt2!!!!
Tp lps 2 sorg2 bdk klas 2c dok bg aku nickname.
Mle2 aku dgr nme ni aku trpk Fa Mulan... 
Mcm nme Fa Mulan..
Org yg bg nme ni kt aku ialah Miss Diyana Yusof a.k.a Dyanne.
Lps 2 org len pun pggil aku FaMun..
Comel la nme ni.
Aku ske!!!!
Thanks Dyanne :)

3) Famuntah

Ni Miss 'Aliya Abdullah pnye keje..
mcm ntah die leh trpk nme ni..
Smpai skrg die dok pggil aku Famuntah tp aku ske je..
Ingt ag first time aku dgr die pggil aku nme ni..
Aku g blik die.. blik kami sgt dkt.
then nk kuar dr blik die tbe2 die pggil Famuntah.. 
mse 2 ke hang trpk nme 2, lia?
Pape pun, thanks lia bg nme ni ^ ^

4) Fastar

Ni Miss Farahafizah yg bg..
mse tgh2 komen kt Fb tbe2 die pggil aku dgn nme ni.
comel je nme ni.
Thanks Fara :)

5) Famunrojo

Nme ni bru dpt.. 
Ni Mr Abdul Fattah Jusoh yg bg ye..
Ikot ske ati die je..
Farah Munirah Roslan Johari jd
mmg gabung sume prkataan kt dpn 2 jd satu nme an..
Well, it's better than waiter girl
Acap Talib ngan Fattah ni sdp2 je pggil org waiter.
Thanks la ye bg nme ni encik Fattah..
Sye sgt ske nme ni.

ade lg satu nme.. tp nme ni aku dh lme x dgr.. aku dgr mse praktis drama je.

7) Abu

Ni nme wtk aku mainkn mse final drama..
Sbnrnye ni wtk laki..
Abu nmenye..
Then kteorg tkar jdkn wtk pompuan..
tp ble praktis msti kne pggil Abu.
Farahafizah, lia..
korg dok pggil aku Abu je spanjg praktis an?
Mse mle2 dpt wtk ni.. mmg asyik kne usik dgn nme Abu ni..
Tp aku ske je..
Kenangan ni..
Wtk yg aku sgt ske..
Wtk Abu pasti aku rndui..
"But I didn't mean to steal his chicken, your highness"
Line yg aku praktis brkali2..
pnye smangatnye..
pdehal pendek je pun line 2 an.. 

Trime kasih kpd mereka2 yg bg nickname yg comel2 nikt aku..
aku ske sgt.
Btoi. x tipu ni.
Thanks ^ ^

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dying from Boredom (Save Me Now)

I. Am. So. BORED!!!!
I need to do something fun!
Something crazy but not too crazy...
but still in the category of crazy.
Something out of the ordinary!
But what?

You know how people say that you could die from boredom.
It could be true.
I'm dying here, people.
I need fun.
Well, what I do for fun these days is bothering my
friends on Facebook.
Got to admit.
It is kinda fun.

I'm stuck in this house.
I'm a prisoner in my own home.
I can stay in this house for days and never come out.
And it's so boring.
Please, someone take me away...
I don't want to die from boredom.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

More Than One Best Friend

Can you have more than just one best friend?
Is it possible to have more than just one best friend to share your
deepest and darkest secrets with?
Does it even make sense two have two "bests" in your life?
Best must mean there has to be only one, right?
Well, I say that it's a load of bullocks!
(Whoa! I just used the word "bullocks". Hahaha)

It's not wrong to have more than one best friend
but it can be hard sometimes.
Having more than one friends can be much harder and more difficult just having one
because when there's a problem in your friendship,
it is bound to be more difficult to solve than when you only
have one best friend.

First, it's because when you have more than just one best friend, 
when there is a fight between you guys, one of you is forced to take sides
which can make that person very stressed because
she has to choose between her two best friends
(let's just say this person has two best friends and is a girl)
and trust me it sucks when you have to choose between
your two most important friends in your life.
It sucks!!
Big time.
So you try to make things right between them but they just don't want to listen.
It would be as hard as hell to make them make up if one
of them is really stubborn and just won't listen to a word
you say because she's too angry at your other best friend.
It sucks being in the middle of a fight because you know
that you have to fix things.
The dilemma of having more than one best friend.
It's a tough world out there.

One thing about friendship is that you have to learn to trust
your friends. If you say that know your 
best friend more then she knows herself
than you have to trust her.
Don't ever think that she would do anything to hurt you.
What would you feel if your best friend doesn't trust 
you and thinks that you would hurt her?
Feels like your heart's been ripped open, right?
So please...
Whatever it is.
Trust your best friend.
Trust her, okay?
How could she ever try to hurt you?
Just trust her.

Another thing about having more than just one best friend is
that sometimes it's kind of hard to know what to say or not say 
to them and what secret that should be kept between them.
What I mean is if one of them told you something,
you would, of course, assume that you can tell your other best friend about it
since the three of you are best friends
and there shouldn't be any secrets between you.
But it would end in a fight when you find out that you
weren't supposed to tell that secret to your other best friend.
And you didn't even know that and suddenly it's all your fault.
Yep, it kinda sucks when this happens but you have
to talk to your friends about it.
If they really are your friends, they would understand.
And another thing, when you have more than one best friends, you
should know that this kind of thing can happen
so don't expect one of your best friend to keep secrets from your other best friends.
and don't ask them to because it would be hard for them
to do that because they would feel guilty for keeping
secrets from their best friends.

When you have more than one best friend, you have to know
that if you tell your secret to one of them then you have to tell the others as well.
It's not fair if you didn't.

Having best friends is really great because they're always there when you need them
but like I said you have to learn to trust them.
And maybe it's hard to have more than just one best friend but there's nothing
wrong with it.
You just have to know how to handle things
and not let them get out of hand.

So to that person, please trust her, okay?

Thursday, April 7, 2011


It has been a long time, since I've walked through those gates.
And it has been a long time, since I got my name written in the list 
of people who came to school late at the school's front gate by the prefects.
I remember this one time; this one prefect actually knew my name.
I must have been famous at that school!!!
(Perasan je lbih... =_=")

I really don't like coming to school late because
during the assembly you'd have to stand
at the corner where all the students who were late have to stand
while the other students who came early sit down on the dirty, cold floor
(Hah!!! Sucks for you).
I try not to come late, but sometimes I just can't be early.

I also really hated it when I walked into the class and found 
that my chair has magically disappeared. 
(mesti plajar ptg pnye keje)
Then I have to go search for an extra chair from other classes
early in the morning.
It can get pretty annoying if you have to that every morning.
That school just never seems to have enough chairs.
And it was all because of those irresponsible students
who irresponsibly broke most of the chairs at our school.
Don't you guys have anything better to do?
You guys should really get girlfriends.

And don't get me started with the girl's toilet.
I... am.... ashamed...
And you people call yourselves girls.
Girls don't do those disturbing things in the toilet.
Again I shall repeat..
I am so ashamed!!
Who knew that the girl's toilet can be so scary.
Glad I don't have to go through that any more.

Another that I don't like about that school is the cold food.
Why oh why must the nasi lemak be so cold?
This is an insult to nasi lemak lovers everywhere!!!
And I am one of them.
(over gler =_=")
But why must the nasi lemak be so damn cold when
the chicken rice is still warm when us students
buy them at the canteen?
My inner voice: Tibe2.. pdehal ko slalu je bli nasi aym 2
Me: Dh nasi aym tu pns mmg la aku bli.. 
My inner voice: Eleh, bkn ko kata ko dh jemu ke mkn nsi lmak 2?
xyah byk alasan la weh.. 
nasi lemak lover knon.. bole blah la wei..

My inner voice: Winner!
Me: Looser.. 

Oh, whatever!!!
(marah sbb kalah dgn diri sndiri)

The thing that I hate the most about going to school is...
Yep, that's right (knon ade org guess la an).
waking up early in the morning,
I am not a morning person.
I remember how much I dreaded going to school so early
in the morning.
It was torture.
Over-reacting again.

Let's not forget homework.
How I hate homework.
One of the this I hate about school is doing homework.
(Farah, why do you even bother going to school?)
But I remember that when it comes to making History notes
I would try to make it pretty because I want to get the stars..
(Best gler kalo dpt stars tu)

Other than that I really hated studying..
Again farah, why do you even bother going to school?
I really hate History, Biology, Chemistry...

I must really hated going to school, huh?
(ya think?)
But There are still thing I like about school
such as hanging out with my friends...
sleeping in class..
goofing off with my boddies..
sleeping in class...
sleeping in class..
yeah, those kind of stuff..

So there you go..
The things I hate about school.

-The End-



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