Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dying from Boredom (Save Me Now)

I. Am. So. BORED!!!!
I need to do something fun!
Something crazy but not too crazy...
but still in the category of crazy.
Something out of the ordinary!
But what?

You know how people say that you could die from boredom.
It could be true.
I'm dying here, people.
I need fun.
Well, what I do for fun these days is bothering my
friends on Facebook.
Got to admit.
It is kinda fun.

I'm stuck in this house.
I'm a prisoner in my own home.
I can stay in this house for days and never come out.
And it's so boring.
Please, someone take me away...
I don't want to die from boredom.


bellalala said...

lol mn dibah, anati n dayah sume gi?
plan la smtg. huhu

deDetz said...

saya pun keboringan ni..hehe
memang 24/7 dok siam di rumah..sama la nasib =D

AmalinaNashihin said...

datang perlis cepat.
aku and wennes bercadang nak pergi bowling jumaat ni :)

adibahhh said...

hargai setiap apa yg anda ada.

chill dude! kte pun bosan gak!

farah said...

bella: ingt sng nk plan something? hahah

dedetz: apalah nsib kte an? hahhah.. kbosanan..

nash: nk ikot!! tp ssh la nk g prlis tuh.. jauh

dibah: weh, jom la wat sesuatu weh.. bosan yg tramat dh nih


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