Sunday, August 21, 2011

ABO Part Two

      Last time I posted about the characteristics and personalities of each blood types. Today I'm just gonna post some cool animations I found on this blog about the blood types so just let the animations tell the story to help you understand more about these the personality of the people with certain blood types. Oh, before I forget, I took this pictures from:

     You guys should try visiting this blog.. By the way, according to the author of said blog, these animations are originated from a Korean site which then popularized into Chinese but then the author of the blog and her friend whom she called  "Jack the Beanstalk" in her blog, translated it in English.   

      Let's see how the blood types react when they have a 3 PM appointment.

     We can see that A types are obviously always on time when they have a meeting or an appointment. Good old responsible A types. AB types are also always on time since they like A types are very responsible but you can see that there are some differences between the two blood types. Yeah, apparently, AB types get all cranky first when they wake up from their visit from dreamland to go to the appointment. Well, I'd be cranky too if I was disturbed from my slumber. A princess needs her beauty sleep, you know.. Teehee~ (MINAH PERASAN!). And as you can see O types are not the type to come on time. They know that they have a few minutes to get ready and go to the meeting but they still won't get up and get ready until they realize that they're late. Really, really LATE! Hahaha... And B.. Hoho.. They probably won't remember that they had an APPOINTMENT!!! (LAGI DASYAT DER!!!) Hahaha!!!

     This could happen when blood type A talks to blood type B?? Really?

     Type B's are like that? Mcm blur je aku tgk.. Aku pun jnis blur gak.. Hoho.. B types don't get panic when there is a crisis. Maybe they're too busy occupying themselves in their own little world or maybe they just don't care. I'm just guessing. Hoho.. 

And what happens when type AB communicates with type O?

     LOL!! I laughed reading this. I guess type A's are like that. All smart and all. Well, I think so. I saw in Kpop Selection that AB types are either crazy or GENIUSES!!! Poor O type.. He just wanted to play.. Heee~

     And what about the degree of patience between the blood types, you ask? Well, you gus didn't actually ask that but.. umm.. so let's just pretend that you did. Errr.. okay? Heee~

     LOL! This is so funny!! A types tend to avoid confrontation. I guess they're no really good at speaking their mind when they're upset. Therefore, it is most likely for them to just withhold that anger. It can be unhealthy to keep all that anger bottled up inside, don't you think? B types are usually the kind of people who freely expresses their feelings and thoughts. They do what they want to do and say what's on their mind. So be careful and don't try to piss them off or it might be like "WARNING!! DANGER!! DANGER!!". While A types hold it in and B types just Let it out, O types usually complains or rant to a third party. Yeah, I guess O types don't confront the person they're angry at but complains about to other people. What AB types? Based on the animation, they just do something like looking at the water to calm themselves. Is that weird? Hmmm..

     What happens when different blood types are driving?? GASP!!

     Looks like AB types are cautious people. Always being careful. B types on the other hand... (sigh) are not aware of their surroundings and kinda reckless in driving. They're easily distracted and so I guess they should never drive a car or any kind of transport. I'm easily distracted as well. The more reason for me not to get a driver's licence, right? Kekeke~ O types are impatient, I guess. They're afraid of feeling bored. They probably would feel miserable if they get caught in a traffic jam. Poor O types.. As you can see from the comic, it shows that A types are perfectionists and think highly of themselves. So that must mean that they think a lot while driving.. Hmmm.. Is that right? 

     When different blood types gossip and talking about others.. LOL!

     I laughed reading this comic strip. As you can see A types are good at pointing out other's weaknesses while B types are ignorant and doesn't really know well about many things.. Ehem. Just like me. Teehee.. O types uses.. err.. explosive languages. Just burst like that.. And AB types? Stays cool and are not easily influenced.

     What would be their reaction when they are facing dangerous situations?

     B types are calm when there's a crisis. Jyeahhh!!! Go B types!! But are they really being calm or just don't care? Others might think that B types don't really care about their surroundings..

     This is what different blood types are like when they are given a set of rules..
     I think that would be expected of B type. Hahahah!!! Doesn't like being bossed around. And AB?? Kaki report maaaa!!!!

     When different blood types study... kekeke~

     If it were me, I'd be sleeping like type AB. WAHAHAHAHA!! I don't like studying... I get sleepy when I study.. ZZzzZZzzZZ...

     So did you guys enjoy the comic strips? I hope you did. Heeeee~ And please don't be offended by this entry, okay? Hehehe~ This personalities are not entirely correct, you know. Everybody has their own unique 
personality. Teehee~ If anyone feels offended, I appologize..



mi_yuuki said...

LOL, so funny hahaha

Mohd Izzar said...

wah,, seronok..seronokk..

farah said...

thanks ^^

adibahhh said...

terhibur bce ni! walaupun kte darah B tpi ada je yg tk suit dlm komik tu. haha. tapi part kereta n study tu mmg kene ngn fara. lol

Chachos Cheezy Wedges said...

panjang nye entry nie... hahaha!! bace2 pstu xphm.. hahaha!!

farah said...

heheh~ ape yg anda x paham?

bellalala said...

kte stuju dgn sume psl taip 0 dr part 1. haha

farah said...

awk type O kah bella? hehe

Nadia Mok2 said...

i love this entry!! haha! aku type AB! mmg sgt betul! haha!

farah said...

hoho... ske2 die ek? hehheh


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