Monday, August 15, 2011

Had a Weird Dream

       I woke up late today (I wake up late everyday..) and I had a weird dream. A really, really weird dream. I don't remember it much but I did remember some of the weird parts. In my dream I was talking to this pretty blonde girl who was wearing a blue gown. She was saying that she's actually a boy. Ooookayyy..? And I was trying to convince her to do something.. Not really sure what it was though. What made it more weird is that one moment she was this, sorry, I mean "he" was this pretty blonde girl, the other he became this dude with a beard. What the HECK??? So what does that mean? The guy's magic or something?

      I don't really remember much about what happened after that. I remembered that I managed to convince the guy/girl to do what I wanted him/her to do and she/he went to get changed and when he/her came back she/he transformed back into the pretty blonde girl.  Like I said. Magic! Whatever.. Then we (my friends and the girlboy) tried to get out of that place. I'm not entirely sure where that place was but there were securities at the doors. Somehow, we managed to get out of that place and outside there was this pond or lake or whatever (the important thing is there's water). I saw a couple of women doing something in the water but then they transformed into these two beautiful mermaids and just laid there in the water. Weird. What happened next was much weirder. I talked to those mermaids in some kind of mermaid language. The funny thing is that I said something that Harry Potter said when he talked to the snake in Chamber of Secrets. Yep! Hahaha!! I was all "ssssaiyahassashi.. sssaiyahassiheth..". I can speak parseltounge? What the HECK!! (Fyi, parseltounge is the language of the serpents. You'd know that if you're a bifg fan of Harry Potter). It turned out that I, myself was a mermaid or used to be a mermaid. WHATTTTTTT?????

      Weird dream, right? but it was kinda fun.. Being a mermaid and all even though it was kinda weird. Hehehe.. When I woke up and showered, I posted "had a weird dream" as my Facebook status and guess how my dear friend reacted?

      Sigh. I am so lucky to have such "nice" friends... Hahaha!

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Anonymous said...

haha...memang pelik gile..nak bayangkan pon x bole...XD

*saye peminat tegar HP...syaaa sya shoh shoh men jaoh2..haha

farah said...

trsgtla plik.. sep! saya pun minat HP!

NaRuFiQ said... cantik berambut perang~


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