Thursday, April 8, 2010



I have a TESL interview this Saturday.
UITM's interview.

URGH! I HATE interviews!!!
(except those interviews celebrities get to do on tv)
(haha... But I"M not a celebrity. Too bad)

Interviews make me nervous.
One of the reasons why I didn't try out for prefect try outs
(or whatever it is you call them)
is because of the interview.
I just get nervous during interviews.
But then again who doesn't get nervous during interviews, right?

What if I mess up and embarrase myself?
What if I say something stupid or ridiculous?

URGH!!! I REALLY hate this!!!

There's going to be an essay test too.
My mom said that it'll be asking us to write an essay about a novel
that we read.
What shoul I write about?

P.s. I love you?
(but I haven't finished reading that yet)
(sorry, Bella. You gave me that book as a present)

I've been thinking of finishing reading the book
(in just two days?!!)
 Not saying that it's not possible for people who love
to read but is it possible for me?
It's not that I don't like reading.
It's just that I have my moments.
Sometimes I would read books like crazy.
Sometimes (okay, maybe most of the time) I'm just not in the mood.

I'm okay with the essay test but the interview?
Urgh!!! Why me?
I'm too young to die out of nervousness.
Is this a punishment?
Have I done a sin?
(ofcourse I have. I'm no angel, people)

Oh well, might as well just get on with the interview.
I'ts not like I'm going to die if I go through it, right?
(please pray that I don't)

Farah, Fighthing!!!!

WoO!! WoO!! WoO!! WoO!!

Wish me luck!
I'm gonna need it.


bellalala said...

pdn muka! (x mbntu lgsg -_-)
rilek ah
anggp je tester2 tu comel mcm kucg
wahahah (msh x mbntu)

Diaries said...

weh,farah..all the best..
kte doakan awk..kte pun tkut nih kalo ada interview gak..sbb ayh kte kata kemungkinan kte pun kene interview gak..tidak!!!! kte nervous pasal interview nih..

ok stop it adibah! x membantu farah..

well...just do ur best..

ataupun kalo awk nervous sgt ingt ah cre kte gelak yg gila2 tu..mesti awk ok sikit..huhu


bellalala said...

xyah igt dibah gelak
igt gelak awk pn dh bgus

syazaza ;] said...

awk xjadi prefect dulu sbb nervous nk g interview dia??

that is ridiculous... x.x

Hana said...

fighting !!

Diaries said...

wo!!! fara...relax!! aku pon cuak ni..smpai x leh nk pk amenda aku wat bile dpt tau ko dpt intrvw. cam aku lak yg kn intrvw. huhu..nasihat aku kat ko..just be urself...sekurg2nya awk petah berkata2 dlm bhs aku...kurg ar ckit..tersangkut2..hahaha..lwknya!! fara..all the best.. u can do it( i mean it!)!!!
" try again if u fail".. jdkn ayt ni pggn or pedomn tok ko ms intrvw ke or whatever..cikgu aku bg time periksa spm..haha..really works on me especially in everything i do!! hrp awk jgak...well fara...CHAIYOK!!


Diaries said...

thanks ah korang..
Syaza ur not helping at all.


Diaries said...

thanks ah korang..
Syaza ur not helping at all.


Diaries said...

haha. tiba2 lak ade 2 komen. gi tkn dua kli sbb lmbt sgt



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