Friday, April 9, 2010

What If I Don't Make It?


I'm freaking out here!
Tomorrows the interview and I have little confidence.
It feels like I won't make it.
I even cried my eyes out last night
(ok, I didn't literally cry my eyes out but I did cry)
because I was afraid that I won't make it.
If I don't make it then what am I going to do?

What am I going to do with my life?
I'm scared like hell right now.

If I mess this up I might mess up my life.
I have to get this.
I don't want to end up taking the course I don't like.
I've practised all night but I'm not sure I'd be able
to speak smoothly infront of the interviewer.
I get really nervous at interviews.

I remember when I had to do the indivisual oral test
at school. I had to do it in front of my english teacher.
Even though, there was only one person but i got really
nervous and I messed up a little.


What if I mess up tomorrow?
What happens then?
Urgh!!! Life can be so complicated sometimes...

I'm scared to death right now.


Diaries said...

farah..believe in urself..

awk ckp je tapi jgn tersekat sudeh..n jgn bg peluang dia trap awk sudeh..farah,you are very good in english so u have to believe urself n consider this is the last chance to archieve ur dream..give ur best..

you have to do your because kemungkinan besar kte , awk n anati akan belajar kat UiTM..if true I'm soo happy...seriously..

neway,all the best for tomorrow..
you HAVE to give your best okey:)



Diaries said...

fara....kita pon cuak tempias awk..huhu...SERIOUSLY cuak...but my advice to u....bleh je nk cuak..but jgn msk tu..awk tros pk..'lntk la. yg pntg aku dh buat ngn btol.mlas la nk cuak'..or awk pgg something kat tgn awk..insyaALLAH nervous awk hilang...selagi awk ingt ALLAH.. selagi tu dia x pts2 tlg awk...believe in that k?? all the best...


Amigas said...

stay positive farah!
i wish u all the best of luck!



Diaries said...

thanks. mne la bella n sarah mse ni?


bellalala said...

what? who? me?
pnat ah xtau nape
n kte pn dh khbsan ayt dorongan

Diaries said...

hahaha.. but thankx anyway, bella. atleast u answered my text msg right away when I sent it after the interview. Knp dlm bi ni?



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