Thursday, February 3, 2011

If I Never Met Her (Part 2)


Gu Hara as Gu Soo Yun

Choi Minho as Kim Hyun Su

Lee Taemin
Kim Junsu

The story:

'Hyung, don't you think you've been spending too much time with her?', asked Junsu. His face looked concerned and worried.
     'What?', I said. 'Too much time?. I don't think it's even enough'.
     'You've really fallen for her, huh?'. Junsu smiled at me.
     ' Maybe'
     'But don't you think it's kinda suspicious how she always try to change the subject when we ask her why she's here?'.
     I thought about how she would always change the subject whenever I asked her about this. It did seem very strange now that Junsu had brought it up.
     'Well, maybe she just doesn't feel like talking about it', I replied.

     One night, as I was sleeping peacefully and without a care in the world, I became furious when Soo Yun interrupted my sleep but I quickly calmed down.She told me that she wanted to sneak out of the hospital with me and go down town to have some ice-cream. If she had said this to me two weeks ago, I would have probably thought that she was crazy. I mean, who in the right mind would be selling ice-cream at this time of night? Knowing her now, I got used to her crazy and wacky ideas. Without hesitating, I immediately agreed to sneak out. We got dressed and began putting our mischievous plan in action. 
      I didn't know how we did it but we successfully got out of the hospital without being seen.
I know. Amazing, right? We laughed uncontrollably as we walked down the street. It was nice getting out of the hospital for once and smell the air. I was glad that I agreed to sneak out of the hospital with Soo Yun but I was still puzzled by the idea of getting some ice-cream at this time of night. It was almost midnight! I mentioned this to her as we walked but she didn't answer me and laughed as if I had just told her a hilarious joke. Then she pointed up ahead. I could see not believe my eyes! There was an ice-cream shop up ahead an it was still open. Soo Yun laughed and said, "Why are you so surprised? Ice-cream shops usually stay open until midnight, you know. Where have you been all your life?". 
      We ordered two chocolate ice-cream with chocolate sprinkles and chocolate chips on them. Yum! My favourite. And apparently, Soo Yun's too. We sat on a bench at a nearby park and enjoyed our ice-cream. It was a beautiful night. The stars were shinning brightly and the moon's glow illuminated the night. It was certainly a beautiful sight! Soo Yun asked me when was my birthday. I told her that it was on sixtieth of September. 
       'No way!', she shrieked. 'Mine is a week after yours! September twenty fourth'. She shrieked again in excitement. She seemed so excited. I could see the sparkle in her eyes. I couldn't help myself from smiling as I watched Soo Yun clapping her hands gleefully. 
       'Wait a minute!', she shouted. 'Tomorrow is September sixtieth. What time is it?'. I stared at her, puzzled. She gave me an impatient look and grabbed my right hand. Luckily, I was wearing my watch that night. 
        'One minute 'till midnight! Come on, let's count together'
        As the clock or should I say my wrist watch, stroke midnight, Soo Yun shouted, 'Happy Birthday, Hyun Su-ah!'. Then she put her hand in the pocket of her jacket and to my amazement, pulled out a camera.
        'You brought a camera?' I asked her. She smiled and pulled me close to her. My heart jumped. I don't know why but I suddenly felt a bit nervous. 
        'Of course', she said coolly. 'I want to record this special moment. Now smile for the camera!'
        I found out later that she already knew when my birthday was. That was why she wanted to sneak out so late at night. It was to celebrate my birthday.

         A few days later, I checked out of the hospital. Soo Yun was saddened by my departure. She wanted to spend more time with me but she cheered up when I promised her that I would come to the hospital to celebrate her birthday. I had it all planned. We were going to have a picnic in the park where we had chocolate ice-cream together on the night we sneaked out of the hospital. Then I was going to surprise her with a silver heart-shaped locket that I customised specially for her. I put a picture of her and I in the locket and engraved our initials at the back. The locket was supposed to symbolise our new friendship. Then before her birthday ends. I was going to tell her that I love her. But unfortunately, I never got to and she never got the locket.
        It happened on her birthday. I thought hat I would surprise her by coming to the hospital early in the morning and make her breakfast in the kitchen with Key. As I walked down the hall smiling to myself, thinking how happy Soo Yun would be when I gave her the locket, a group of nurses and a doctor rushed pass me. Panic shown on their faces. I watched them carefully. Then a nurse shouted, 'A patient is unstable at ward 128!'.
        I froze. Ward 128? Soo Yun! I ran as fast as I could. Tears were streaming down my face as I ran. There was an uneasy feeling in my heart. For some reason I felt like I was going to loose Soo Yun. I ran faster at the thought of loosing her. My legs were practically screaming in pain and my lungs were bursting, demanding for air but I didn't stop. I couldn't. I had to get to Soo Yun as fast as I could. I need to see if she was okay. Oh, God, please make her be okay.
        I finally reached her ward and without hesitation, I quickly opened the door. There were a few nurses standing by Michelle's bed. Their faces were grim and dark which made me panic. I looked around and saw a woman sitting on a chair beside Soo Yun's bed. She as crying hysterically with her face buried in her hands. Then I saw Soo Yun, lying lifeless on her bed. She looked as beautiful as ever as the sun's rays from outside the window illuminate her pale face.
         'Time of death, nine a.m', said the doctor, looking at his watch.
         I lost my best friend that day. She was not just a friend. She was my family. And she was the first girl I ever loved. I will never be the same without her. Never.


          I opened my eyes and realised that I as still in the graveyard. The sky was pitched black now. I probably had been sitting here for hours. I noticed that my face was wet with tears. I was crying. I iped them dry with the sleeves of my jacket. I noticed that there was someone standing in front of me. I looked up and saw her. Her beautiful face illuminated in the moon's faint glow. Soo Yun? Is that you?
          She was smiling at me but I could see that she looked different. She looked much older and her eyes did not sparkle like Soo Yun's did. She was not Soo Yun. 
          'You must be Hyun Su,' the stranger said. 'I'm Soo Yun's mother'
          'Oh..,' I said and quickly stood up and bowed. 'Annyonghasaeyo'
          'Soo Yun told me all about you. Before she died...'
          Soo Yun's mother paused a moment, fighting back tears and continued, 'She wanted to give you this'.
Then she pulled out a small rectangular box and handed it to me. 
          'I'm sorry, I have to go', she said before bursting into tears. As she walked away, she shouted softly, 'It was nice meeting you!'.
          ' Nice meeting you too!', I shouted back. I looked at the box in my hands. I t was blue in colour which was my favourite colour, and was tied up with a red laced ribbon. There was a card slipped under the ribbon. I took it out and read it. I recognised Soo Yun's handwriting immediately. On the card, she wrote:

  Dear Hyun Su,

     I made this myself. I hope you like it. I know it's a bit too late for presents but I really wanted to give you a birthday present. Happy Birthday, Hyun Su-ah!

 P.S: I had to stay up late making this present so you better like it. And there's someting I always wanted to   tell you. I don't know why but I a lways get the butterflies when you're near me. I guess I'm falling in love with you. Hehehe...

Gu Soo Yun

     I smiled. Although she didn't say much in her card but every word meant the world to me. I untied the ribbon and opened the box. It was a hand-made picture frame with sparkly glitters and rhinestones glued on it. Inside the frame was a picture of Soo Yun and me which we took at the park the other night. Suddenly, my eyes were filled with tears. i didn't try to hold them back this time. I just stood there and cried.
     I stared at Soo Yun's gravestone once again and for a moment, the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders. For a moment, all my cares were gone. For  moment, I stopped crying. For a moment, my heart stopped crying.
      If I had never met Soo Yun, I would have never known what it was like to have a friend. If I had never met Soo Yun, I would not have been who I am now. If I had never met Soo Yun, My heart would have not ached this much. I stood by her grave and whispered 'I love you too...'



adibahhh said...

key ada, taemin ada kenapa onew tak ada? kalau ada onew lagi bersemnagat kte baca.

farah said...

nk ke kte wat lg satu cter onew brcinta dgn awk?

adibahhh said...

;nak!!! my pleasure! buat la kisah tu ada kaitan ngn sikit ngn kte. sikit je.

farah said...

baik kte letak je gmbr awk as the character

adibahhh said...

boleh gak pastu letak gmbr onew

farah said...

woot woot.. mmg publisiti ah

anati said...

sedih sih~
akn la sad ending kot...
kita x ske ar sad ending ni...
btw, kita ske minho!!!!!!! hahaha...dpt bygkn klau dia sedih time tu. jap, tu bkn tarikh birthday awk ke?? hahaha...kntoi!!!

farah said...

haah bday i y know.. kte ingt nk smbung cter ni lg bg minho jmpe org lrn dowh tp entah ble.. bz sgt

farah said...

haah bday i y know.. kte ingt nk smbung cter ni lg bg minho jmpe org lrn dowh tp entah ble.. bz sgt


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