Monday, January 31, 2011


OH MY GOD!!!!!
What is this I see?
I see DEATH!!!
Death, I say!!
Do something!!!!

I guess Adibah and Anati are too busy..
So sad..
I would like to know what's going on in their lives right now.
If you girls are free, please update our blog.
I want to konow if you girls are well and in great health.
(ceh, pdehal leh call or msg je. Ape gnenye ade handset an..)

Sob.. sob..


bellalala said...

agk ah
kte rse awk je rjin update
no no xleh mati blog!
kna update smpi ke tua!

mun said...

yo bella!! dh lme x dgr cter seh... tp kte pun cm dh xde mse nk update.. bz dgn assignment n final drama lg.. dhla kne brlakon suara kuat kt pntas no microphone, dude.. voice projection

bellalala said...

huyoo! besnye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

adibahhh said...

hahaha. lawak ah entry awk farah~

btw,kte dah free, keje sume dah hntr. lab report and sume tuto.. oh yeahhh!

farah said...

bella: best tu best la.. tp pnat kot.. nk praktis mlm n siang.. ble ade gap between classes kne praktis.. mlm lg.. nk wat assignment ble ntah. nsib baik kte main wtk kecil je.. x byk line n lg satu mnari je.. step pun x byk kne hafal but kne lmbut la.. lg nk wat props lg.. stress kot

farah said...

dibah: lawak penye weh? btol la an


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