Wednesday, October 27, 2010


So many people kept bothering my sleep by sending 
text messages this morning.
I was so sleepy that I didn't bother to read them.
When I woke up, still feeling sleepy, I thought I should
check my messages.
Then I read a text message from Bella
which woke me up completely.
I was shocked to read that SHINee's Jonghyun
has a girlfriend now!!!
Thank God It wasn't Taemin but still..
I was sad about it.
Kelly sent a text message containing the same information too.

They said it was in Allkpop.
So I quickly went to the laptop but unfortunately,
Allkpop's system is down right now.
If it was Taemin I think I'd cry.

I wonder if Nash already found out about this?
She's obsessed with Jonghyun.

Bella and Kelly are probably feeling down right now.
We are really obsessed fans, aren't we?



this are the words
that's describe me
wherever i am
different title
different character..

my housemate gave that title
(weirdo) to me..
they saw me wore
a t-shirt called
actually,my bro made that t-shirt
it was nice plus comfortable to wear it
so A+ for u big bro!!

when i first heard about my titled(weirdo),
my expression was like....happy!!
and that's make them even more confusing,right??
hahaha...weird huh??
i don't really know why i'm acting happy like this..
but maybe this title make me become
mystery girl...

mystery girl??
only certain people
will know about me..
maybe that is the meaning of
mystery girl
i think..

drama queen!!
this titled was given to me
from my roommates
at boarding school
that's because maybe
i loves to put on some mimics!!
just a piece of cake!!
no la
it is actually my true feelings for them
this is how i express or show it
happy, sad, sympathy ,excited
or or act like i'm angry or being heartless??
hahaha..that's not going to work.
cuz after i acting like that, i will burst into laughter
even i want to scold my little sis
i will snickers then laugh out loud..

aigoo!! or omo2..
are the words that
i will best act...
omo3(oh my..oh my)

now...sleepy dolly!!
every saturday and sunday,
every students of my school
have to get ready for morning exercise.
they can't go back to sleep after subuh
so when i'm feel exhausted, i will quietly
sleep at the hidden stairs!!
continued to sleep..
i felt like my eyes being glued by UHU gum.
can't open it!!

loner or miss lonely
is when i was in boarding school
hmmm...seems like whenever i do
or whenever i go
i will do it or go by myself
like when i'm going to prep or even lunch/dinner
so it's kinda lonely isn't it??
but my situation is different when
 i'm at university
or even hang up with fara, diba, hidayah and fiqa
coz i am finally got to feel friends.. true friends!!
so...right now...miss lonely or oetoria
is out of my list!!

finally, ana!!
ana is actually my nickname at university.
there are some people
seems always forget my name
or even feels hard to call my name
so i decided for them to just called me ana
and for those who knew me
they will seems weird (then laugh) when people call me ana
hahaha...xleh bla!!
they not get use to it when people called me ana..
there is one time, when my friends call me...
i just walk away..
until they shouted 'nur anati bt. jamalluddin!!!"
then i'll turn my head..
hehe..sorry u guys!!
so i admit
even me, myself, until now, feel weird about it and
still not get use to it..

so...what's next??

Sunday, October 24, 2010

What If

Have you ever wondered how your life would have been
if it was different?
If you were a different person?
If you were famous or rich?
Have you wondered what your life would have been like
if it wasn't like what it is right now?

Okay, imagine if you're close friends with the SHINee members.
That would be so cool!
Not only that, you're actually dating one of them!
And you're actually an idol in a girl group who is really famous
and you're making a lot of money
and travelling around the world on tour.
Okay, too much.

Okay, how about imagining that you are a genius and always
get straight A's and the highest scores not only in your class but
the whole school.
Then you graduated from Oxford Univisity and became
a scientist who discovered a way to cure all diseases
and a way for mankind to live on the moon
Okay, too much.

 How about imagining that you're a billionaire and you can have
anything that you want.
Okay, not everything but still..
You're the CEO of a fashion company or something
or or or  the CEO of SM entertainment.
You get meet all the SM stars.
Super Junior, Boa, SNSD, SHINee, F(x) and etc.
That would be so cool.
But again, it's too much.

The point is there are so many "what if's" in this world.
What if I chose that instead of this?
What if I did it differently?
What if I didn't get married to him?
What if I met you first?
What if I I never met you?
What if It was different?

We all have our own "what if" questions, right?
We all wondered how our lives would have been if we had made different choices, right?
But even so, we can't go back.
What's done is done.
So what's the use wondering about how your life could or could not have been
if you had choose differently?
Just for the fun of it?
Just so you could feel bad about yourself?
Or maybe the other way round?
Well, whatever the reason is if you don't like the way you're living now
or if you regret the choices you made, it isn't too late.
You can always change it.
Am I right?

So enough with all the "what if's" and get to work.
I'm sure you can work something out when you put your mind and effort to it .
Hey, you know what they say,
"When there's a will, there's a way".

Saturday, October 23, 2010

What a Day

Yesterday was definitely a fun-filled, crazy, happy and an unforgettable day.
Too bad it had to end so soon.
My friends, Fiqa, Dayah, Anati, Dibah and I spent the whole day together.
It was Dibah's last day here. She's going back to UIA today.
I think she has already arrived.
So we wanted to do something together before she left.
Aren't we the best friends ever?

Adibah wanted to buy new shoes so we went shopping at the Mines.
On the way there, Dayah and I just couldn't seem to stop talking
about SHINee's cute and lovable maknae, Taemin.
He's my future hubby.
We just kept talking until we finally arrived at our destination.

The first thing we did when we arrived were looking at shoes then
we just roam around a little then wait for Dibah to buy her lunch
at McDonalds and then we head to Pizza Hut.
Only Dibah ate McDonalds while the rest of us enjoyed some pizza.

After that we went roam around some more.
Dibah finally bought the shoes she wanted
and Anati bought a bag for her mom from a shop called
Yokoso Japan or something.
Then we went to Secret Recipe to buy cake to celebrate Dibah's
success in her Final exam.
 She never told me what she got in her exam though.
She's keeping secrets from me..

Anyway, after that we went back to my house.
On the way home, It was so fun.
We held a SHINee concert in Fiqa's car.
Dayah started it, actually.
Apparently, she just started to become a fan of SHINee.
Maybe it's my fault for giving her all those videos of SHINee.
She probably fell for them because of Hello Baby.
Most people did.
She put on "Replay" on full blast.
We sang along to the tune.
Okay, maybe it was Dayah, Dibah and me who sang along.
Anati and Fiqa don't even know the lyrics to the song.
Then It's "Lucifer".
This one was fun because Dayah and I danced along to this song
I wish I had recorded that on tape.

It was the best concert (in the car) EVER!!!

At my house we spent the evening watching SHINee Yunhanam.
Then we watched SHINee singing "Hello" at Music Bank
Bella was there too. She stopped by to copu "You're Beautiful"
from Dibah.
Dibah and Dayah sat really close to the tv.
First, Dayah said she likes Taemin then she said she likes Jonghyun too and then Key.
Why don't you just say you all five, Dayah?
Anati and Fiqa joine in the fun too.
Anati said Jonghyun's voice is so beautiful and then she said she likes Jonghyun.
Fiqa wanted Jonghyun as well at first (I think) but then she picked Minho.

After SHINee's performance, Dibah screamed her head off because Onew smiled
at the camera during the finish.
Seriously, it was really really LOUD!!!

After all that, The day was finally over
and they went home.
How I wish they could stay longer but the day was getting darker
and they had to get home before Maghrib.
Their parents might get worried.
But it was nice having them around.
How I wish my days would be like this at UITM.

I'm not very close with my classmates and I often spend my time
alone at INTEC.
My days there were so dull and boring.
Thank God, I have my crazy roommates.

Anyway, I had a great time yesterday.
Thanks, girls.
You're the BEST!!

Friday, October 22, 2010


hey ho...
hello everyone!!!
seems like the atmosphere
become hotter than ever
ok..chill everyone..
i never thought that
when i talked about love
everyone take it seriously..

you know what??
right now
and right here
i want to talk about
things that is yummy yummy yum yum + cute!!!!
i like it damn much

1_displayCA83OS4R.jpg Cute food image by tears_of_moonstone
cute!! muahhh!!

cute-food-princess-cupcakes.jpg Cupcake image by Di51

cute-food-macaron-soap.jpg Cookies image Di51
bole la but still looks colourful and attractive!!

NewprofilepicxD.jpg Cute random food  image x3KittyKatz

ATT00004.jpg lunchbox1 image Ryan_Saint

ATT00007.jpg lunchbox2 image Ryan_Saint
.haengboke!!! saranghae!!

ATT00010.jpg lunchbox3 image Ryan_Saint

ATT00019.jpg lunchbox6 image Ryan_Saint

ATT00022.jpg lunchbox7 image Ryan_Saint
wohoho!! seeing the brown food up there make me feels like want to eat cokodok right now!!
wait!! teringat cokodok fara goreng....hangus!! hahaha
well, it is still taste yummy adibah..i mean it!!

cuter.jpg cute food image xXDinoXRawrzXx

cutepops.png cute food lollipops image aiipan
urrrggghh!! i am not gonna to eat that...
too cute..

sweettreats.jpg cute food image princeofperdition

since i was a kid until now
i always thought that
"how i wish i could eat it even it is playdough..."
maybe the smell of the dough make me want to eat them..

anyway, food!! you make me go crazy.....

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hate That Word

How many times have you heard this word in your life?
How many times have you even say this word in your life?
Honestly, I'm not a fan of this word.
In fact I dislike it very much because I hate being told
that something I want or dream of is impossible to reach.
Anything is possible, right.
Of course in a positive way.
I mean, I don't want vampires putting the human race into extinction and 
nasty aliens trying to invade the earth possible.
That must remain impossible.
Yeah, I certainly don't want that to be possible.

Aaaaanyway, I really don't like it when people say that my dreams are unrealistic
and that it's impossible to reach.
What do they know?
Really, it's frustrating when people say that.
Unrealistic, huh?
Well, did people think the Wright brothers dream of inventing
a flying machine realistic?
Did anyone think that building a satellite was realistic?
What about mankind travelling in space?
Hey, people once believe that the earth is flat when it's actually a sphere.

So don't say it's impossible.
It'll be impossible if you believe it is.
People say that we should keep our dreams realistic
even my College Study Skills lecturer, Miss Azzy says that.
Apparently, it's in the text book.
Who wrote that book, anyway?
Aaaaanyway, the point is if those people (who invented so
many great and useful inventions) had
only dreamed realistically and dreamed
outside the box, would the internet or computers ever
be invented?
Would Skype or Facebook even exist?
Would Televisions ever be invented?
Would our generation would ever come to know SHINee??!!!
(since the internet and televisions won't be invented)
Then "Noona Nomu Yeppeo" would never be enjoyed by the people on earth.
That would totally be a disaster.

So dear bloggers, dream big; but don't just dream
you have to go make it come true.
Who knows maybe you'll invent something better than the internet
and that is saying something.

Love Again? Sigh

Okay, seriously, why is everyone so worked up
with this love issue?
 Why am I making this such a big deal and complaining?

Maybe it's because everyone is watching korean dramas during
the holidays (romantic dramas).
Maybe that's why they keep talking about love.
Since everybody is talking about love, why don't we talk 
about the latest drama "Mischievous Kiss".
Yes, I've watched it but I haven't finished yet.
To be honest, the drama can really make people pissed.
(Sorry, Anati. I know you like the drama)

Firstly, what is wrong with that Baek Seung Jo?
He likes Ha Ni but he keeps hurting her
and when she decides to give up on him, he gives her hope
which makes her fall heads over heels for him again.
Not only that, he knows that Hae Ra has feelings for him but
he doesn't feel the same way about her so obviously,
she's in a one sided love story and He doesn't even tell her the truth.
Instead, he keeps leading her on and giving her hope.
Even though, Hae Ra can be annoying and hateful 
but she has feelings, you know.

I thought Baek Seung Jo was supposed to be a genius.
He may be good at so many thing but clearly, he's not
good in love.

Secondly, why does Ha Ni keep chasing Baek Seung Jo?
She always follow him around. It can be annoying.
Where's her pride?
Also, she keeps complaining about how badly Baek Seung Jo
treats her but what about the way she treats
her guy friend, Bong Jung Gu who is obviously in love with her?
She knows how it feels to be hurt because of love 
and yet she's hurting Bong Jung Gu's feelings.
She knows how he felt about her but she didn't 
just be honest and tell him that she has no feelings
for him whatsoever and that he should give up.
She just keep letting him chase after her like a hound.

Well, maybe the drama is trying to tell us how selfish we can be
and how we are too arrogant to admit that we love someone.
Yeah, it does seem like it, doesn't it?
The moral value is pretty good.
So Anati, don't be angry at me..
Hey, I did complement the drama, didn't I?

So guys (and girls), Don't be selfish and arrogant because
you're going to hurt the people you love and also yourself.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hello, hello!!!

Hello, hello, everybody!!!
What's up?
Anything interesting happened in your life lately?
It's been months since I last updated this blog.
I remember the last time I updated this blog,
I wrote about SHINee's album, "Lucifer", I think.
I've been busy with college life (yeke?).
Actually, I didn't feel like blogging
these past few months (maybe not "few months").

What's with all this talk about love?
Is it spring already?
But we don't  have spring in Malaysia.
Everyone always says that love is complicated (more complicated than math?)
Well, is it really?
Or maybe it's because people always make it complicated.
Or maybe because the other person doesn't love you back
is what makes it complicated.
Or is it because when you're in love you can't think straight?
Is that it?
What's so complicated about it?
You just love someone and hope that that person 
loves you back. If not then try harder
but if that person's heart is someone else's than 
maybe you should give up and find a new love.
Now, is that does that sound so complicated?
(actually Farah, it does. What are you going on about?)

Ah, whatever!!!
Enough with this love talk already!!!
Hey, instead of love, at this young age maybe you shouldn't
waste your youth worrying about love.
The time will come.
You have a lifetime ahead of you. 
(that is if you don't die young. Ooops!!! omo omo.. aigoo.. what am i saying?)
My point is you're still young
(Yes, this is only for those who are under 25),
you should live your dreams first.
Am I right?
Make sure you have fun with your life and share your joy with others.
This way, you don't have to worry about 
finding love all the time because you're having too much fun to even care.

But don't get me wrong.
I'm not saying that you shouldn't fall in love..
just don't rush into it.
It'll happen when it's time.
So people, enough with the love talk already!!!


hi everyone!!
miss this blog
so i want to say something about love
fara n diba would probably shock right now..
love is not like math
there is no equation for love..
like have variety of method to try
even you can try an error to solve it
and still you can get the answer..
even when you are getting lost,
you can try to ask others to help you.

what i'm trying to say is...
love is not like a parallel line..
it is like a zigzag
once it is all clear up....
then it will all goes straight in line
like a heart beat machine plak dah!!
ok i'm comparing love with math..
that is because i love math so much
(except when it is too complicated :p)

before i end this conversation,
i would like to say
haengboke everyone!!
n saranghae!!!
eventhough love is complicated or theres no way
you think u can solve it...
just bear with it..
theres must be a good reason after all!!


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