Wednesday, October 27, 2010


So many people kept bothering my sleep by sending 
text messages this morning.
I was so sleepy that I didn't bother to read them.
When I woke up, still feeling sleepy, I thought I should
check my messages.
Then I read a text message from Bella
which woke me up completely.
I was shocked to read that SHINee's Jonghyun
has a girlfriend now!!!
Thank God It wasn't Taemin but still..
I was sad about it.
Kelly sent a text message containing the same information too.

They said it was in Allkpop.
So I quickly went to the laptop but unfortunately,
Allkpop's system is down right now.
If it was Taemin I think I'd cry.

I wonder if Nash already found out about this?
She's obsessed with Jonghyun.

Bella and Kelly are probably feeling down right now.
We are really obsessed fans, aren't we?


bellalala said...

ei homepage pmpuan tu dh kna serang
dia dh shut down
sngal ah antifans
wlpn sdih tp rse mcm bes gk jghyun ada awek

farah said...

antifans 2 fans shinee la ni? dorg antifan shin se kyung ek? dorg x suppportive dowh.. ye ah.. xkn nk expect jonghyun membujang je an.. but still sad.. tp jonghyun nmpk epi sgt.. huhu..

adibah said...

kte cme terkejut giler je ah tk de la sedih sgt. cbe kte byg kalo onew cm tu? kte dh serang dh pompuan tu. hahahaha

bellalala said...

antifans 2 fans shnee la
tp kbykn shawol skong tau dorg
kte pn xde la sdih mn
tkejut je kn
tp klu ikutkn umur 2 dh ssuai bcnta dh

Anonymous said...

to say the truth..
it was heartwrenching when I first saw the news..
he's my bias for god's sake!
But, after awhile,
Nash dah fikir secara waras,
if Jonghyun's happy, then I'm happy as well..
We're SHAWOLS for out loud!
We support SHINee as they are; talents, vocal abilities and etc.
Not because they're single.

Seriously, those anti-fans yang serang2 ni,
DAMN, sorry to say this, but they are STUPID and OUT OF THEIR MIND.
This is what you call as FANS??
PLEASE LA, SHINee don't need so-called fans like them.
They're not fans, just bunch of imaginative-i-think-i'll-get-married-to-him-and-no-other-girl-will-take-him-away girls..

Bella's right..
it's rather interesting that Jonghyun got a GF now..
I wish for them happiness ^^

anati said...

nasib baik aku br nk minat dia..
xde la aku terasa sgt..

kpd yg minat jonghyun...jgn sedih2 sal bnda ni...
dia berhak utk rs cinta seperti org biase...

cbe bygkn klau ko tgh syok ske kat sorg ni..then ramai giler protes or serang korg??

msti korg marah en???
so..kita sokong ngn bella n nash!!

kpd jonghyun ngn makwe dia....
luv u...

farah said...

nash:2 ah psl. smpai nk attack pompuan 2.. It's wrong to hurt others.. kalp kte la jd dorg walopon x ske ke ape tp xde ah smpai nk wat cmtu..mcm xde keje len nk wat.. nmpk sgt cm aku ni lonely n xde boyfriend kalo wat cmtu.. ish.. maybe dorg cmtu kot. lbih baik aku pk mse dpn aku dr waste time mnyibuk psl shin se kyung.. haih.. pity


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