Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hate That Word

How many times have you heard this word in your life?
How many times have you even say this word in your life?
Honestly, I'm not a fan of this word.
In fact I dislike it very much because I hate being told
that something I want or dream of is impossible to reach.
Anything is possible, right.
Of course in a positive way.
I mean, I don't want vampires putting the human race into extinction and 
nasty aliens trying to invade the earth possible.
That must remain impossible.
Yeah, I certainly don't want that to be possible.

Aaaaanyway, I really don't like it when people say that my dreams are unrealistic
and that it's impossible to reach.
What do they know?
Really, it's frustrating when people say that.
Unrealistic, huh?
Well, did people think the Wright brothers dream of inventing
a flying machine realistic?
Did anyone think that building a satellite was realistic?
What about mankind travelling in space?
Hey, people once believe that the earth is flat when it's actually a sphere.

So don't say it's impossible.
It'll be impossible if you believe it is.
People say that we should keep our dreams realistic
even my College Study Skills lecturer, Miss Azzy says that.
Apparently, it's in the text book.
Who wrote that book, anyway?
Aaaaanyway, the point is if those people (who invented so
many great and useful inventions) had
only dreamed realistically and dreamed
outside the box, would the internet or computers ever
be invented?
Would Skype or Facebook even exist?
Would Televisions ever be invented?
Would our generation would ever come to know SHINee??!!!
(since the internet and televisions won't be invented)
Then "Noona Nomu Yeppeo" would never be enjoyed by the people on earth.
That would totally be a disaster.

So dear bloggers, dream big; but don't just dream
you have to go make it come true.
Who knows maybe you'll invent something better than the internet
and that is saying something.


adibah said...

serious,ni post awk yg kte 100 percent agree.

kte benci kpd org yg memperlehkan impian kte utk masa depan. apa yg mereka tahu? hanya kte je tahu kemampuan diri kte kan?

farah said...

btol.. hahha!!!! huhu.. dorg xnk kte brjye kot..

anati said...

buat bodo sudah...

think bright...
think right...
stay positive...
stay focus..

remember that ok???

korangkn tau apa yg korg nk buat..
so buat pe nk pk sal org lain yg korang tau ayat diorg mmg menyakitkan hati... such a waste of time klau kita kepoh kat org yg x kan phm apa yg kita nk capai... klau dgr pndgn diorg xpe ar...
sometime they can be right!!

kita pon xleh nak kata apa sgt..sbb scr INvoluntary, kita pon akan repeat the same old mistake...
klau bukan sekarang maybe someday...siapa tahu..

so chill ok beb???

farah said...

hahhaa... I'm just sayin'.
wassup wassup wa wa wassup.. I think this could become a catch phrase.. I think it's cuter when Taemin says it

nurul hidayah said...

yeah teamin is cute!!! haha..

100 percent egree with farah...adibah...n anati...kihkih..


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