Sunday, October 24, 2010

What If

Have you ever wondered how your life would have been
if it was different?
If you were a different person?
If you were famous or rich?
Have you wondered what your life would have been like
if it wasn't like what it is right now?

Okay, imagine if you're close friends with the SHINee members.
That would be so cool!
Not only that, you're actually dating one of them!
And you're actually an idol in a girl group who is really famous
and you're making a lot of money
and travelling around the world on tour.
Okay, too much.

Okay, how about imagining that you are a genius and always
get straight A's and the highest scores not only in your class but
the whole school.
Then you graduated from Oxford Univisity and became
a scientist who discovered a way to cure all diseases
and a way for mankind to live on the moon
Okay, too much.

 How about imagining that you're a billionaire and you can have
anything that you want.
Okay, not everything but still..
You're the CEO of a fashion company or something
or or or  the CEO of SM entertainment.
You get meet all the SM stars.
Super Junior, Boa, SNSD, SHINee, F(x) and etc.
That would be so cool.
But again, it's too much.

The point is there are so many "what if's" in this world.
What if I chose that instead of this?
What if I did it differently?
What if I didn't get married to him?
What if I met you first?
What if I I never met you?
What if It was different?

We all have our own "what if" questions, right?
We all wondered how our lives would have been if we had made different choices, right?
But even so, we can't go back.
What's done is done.
So what's the use wondering about how your life could or could not have been
if you had choose differently?
Just for the fun of it?
Just so you could feel bad about yourself?
Or maybe the other way round?
Well, whatever the reason is if you don't like the way you're living now
or if you regret the choices you made, it isn't too late.
You can always change it.
Am I right?

So enough with all the "what if's" and get to work.
I'm sure you can work something out when you put your mind and effort to it .
Hey, you know what they say,
"When there's a will, there's a way".


bellalala said...

slalu sgt bragn jd artis kat sne -_-

adibah said...

kte kalau boleh nak impian kte tercapai. kan best.

kan best kalo kte dpt capainya,

Anonymous said...

agree with you farah,
what happened, let it bypass.
I'm sure Allah dah tetapkan perjalanan hidup yang cukup baik untuk kita.

eventhough Nash selalu berangan jadi artis SM, and dapat jumpa SHINee selalu, gurau senda di backstage, dating secara senyap2 dengan Jonghyun XD

anati said...

even me, myself, have my own 'what if' in my head...
hahaha.... but one thing for sure..just keep on moving!!! yeah!!

nurul hidayah said...

haha nash dating senyap2..apela..

kawin trus jela nganjoghyun..

teringin gak nak capai impian...haha
work hard

farah said...


Nash: kte pun slalu brangan jd artis kpop.. wahahah!! lps wat reality shoe dgn SHINee.. hehehe

Bella: same la kte babe

Dibah: Just work hard la..

Dayah: impian awk pe?

Anati: hahha.. bkn xleh pk psl "what if" cme jgn pk je tp x usaha utk wat what if tu jd realiti.. btol x?


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