Tuesday, October 11, 2011

From Shah Alam with Love

         Helloooooooooo, dear readers!!!! HAHAHAHA!!! I t has been a long time since I last posted here.. Whoa.. I think it has been more than a month.. So, did you miss me? hahaha.. You don't have to answer that.. Hehehehe~ So what have I been doing all this time.. Well, I came back to UiTM and I was pretty busy with all the assignments and presentation.. Urgh!! Yesterday was my first presentations in months... I haven't done any presentations after I finished my foundation in Tesl.. So, yesterday was my first presentation in seven or maybe eight months.. WOW!!!! Imagine how nervous I was.. I was so nervous... bu I tried my best.. I did okay, I guess.. still my nrvousness showed.. OH MY GOD!! I wish I had done better.. Why oh why? I wish I'm one those Teslians (what we call tesl students) who are outspoken and are just so good at speaking infront of people.. Waaaaaaaa!! So many challenges.. I need to improve my english.. While I was presenting infront of the class yesterday, I kept repeating the same thing.. I should atleast try to explain in a different way.. *sigh* I need help.. Hehehehe~ I hope that I can speak infront of a crowd without feeling nervous.. Please pray for me.. Thank you.. Peace out! (^_^)v

From Shah Alam with love,

Farah Munirah a.k.a Mun/Famun/Famunrojo

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