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If I Never Met Her Part Two (Repost)


Gu Hara as Gu Soo Yun

Choi Minho as Kim Hyun Su

Lee Taemin
Kim Junsu

The story:

'Hyung, don't you think you've been spending too much time with her?', asked Junsu. His face looked concerned and worried.
     'What?', I said. 'Too much time?. I don't think it's even enough'.
     'You've really fallen for her, huh?'. Junsu smiled at me.
     ' Maybe'
     'But don't you think it's kinda suspicious how she always try to change the subject when we ask her why she's here?'.
     I thought about how she would always change the subject whenever I asked her about this. It did seem very strange now that Junsu had brought it up.
     'Well, maybe she just doesn't feel like talking about it', I replied.

     One night, as I was sleeping peacefully and without a care in the world, I became furious when Soo Yun interrupted my sleep but I quickly calmed down.She told me that she wanted to sneak out of the hospital with me and go down town to have some ice-cream. If she had said this to me two weeks ago, I would have probably thought that she was crazy. I mean, who in the right mind would be selling ice-cream at this time of night? Knowing her now, I got used to her crazy and wacky ideas. Without hesitating, I immediately agreed to sneak out. We got dressed and began putting our mischievous plan in action. 
      I didn't know how we did it but we successfully got out of the hospital without being seen.
I know. Amazing, right? We laughed uncontrollably as we walked down the street. It was nice getting out of the hospital for once and smell the air. I was glad that I agreed to sneak out of the hospital with Soo Yun but I was still puzzled by the idea of getting some ice-cream at this time of night. It was almost midnight! I mentioned this to her as we walked but she didn't answer me and laughed as if I had just told her a hilarious joke. Then she pointed up ahead. I could see not believe my eyes! There was an ice-cream shop up ahead an it was still open. Soo Yun laughed and said, "Why are you so surprised? Ice-cream shops usually stay open until midnight, you know. Where have you been all your life?". 
      We ordered two chocolate ice-cream with chocolate sprinkles and chocolate chips on them. Yum! My favourite. And apparently, Soo Yun's too. We sat on a bench at a nearby park and enjoyed our ice-cream. It was a beautiful night. The stars were shinning brightly and the moon's glow illuminated the night. It was certainly a beautiful sight! Soo Yun asked me when was my birthday. I told her that it was on sixtieth of September. 
       'No way!', she shrieked. 'Mine is a week after yours! September twenty fourth'. She shrieked again in excitement. She seemed so excited. I could see the sparkle in her eyes. I couldn't help myself from smiling as I watched Soo Yun clapping her hands gleefully. 
       'Wait a minute!', she shouted. 'Tomorrow is September sixtieth. What time is it?'. I stared at her, puzzled. She gave me an impatient look and grabbed my right hand. Luckily, I was wearing my watch that night. 
        'One minute 'till midnight! Come on, let's count together'
        As the clock or should I say my wrist watch, stroke midnight, Soo Yun shouted, 'Happy Birthday, Hyun Su-ah!'. Then she put her hand in the pocket of her jacket and to my amazement, pulled out a camera.
        'You brought a camera?' I asked her. She smiled and pulled me close to her. My heart jumped. I don't know why but I suddenly felt a bit nervous. 
        'Of course', she said coolly. 'I want to record this special moment. Now smile for the camera!'
        I found out later that she already knew when my birthday was. That was why she wanted to sneak out so late at night. It was to celebrate my birthday.

         A few days later, I checked out of the hospital. Soo Yun was saddened by my departure. She wanted to spend more time with me but she cheered up when I promised her that I would come to the hospital to celebrate her birthday. I had it all planned. We were going to have a picnic in the park where we had chocolate ice-cream together on the night we sneaked out of the hospital. Then I was going to surprise her with a silver heart-shaped locket that I customised specially for her. I put a picture of her and I in the locket and engraved our initials at the back. The locket was supposed to symbolise our new friendship. Then before her birthday ends. I was going to tell her that I love her. But unfortunately, I never got to and she never got the locket.
        It happened on her birthday. I thought hat I would surprise her by coming to the hospital early in the morning and make her breakfast in the kitchen with Key. As I walked down the hall smiling to myself, thinking how happy Soo Yun would be when I gave her the locket, a group of nurses and a doctor rushed pass me. Panic shown on their faces. I watched them carefully. Then a nurse shouted, 'A patient is unstable at ward 128!'.
        I froze. Ward 128? Soo Yun! I ran as fast as I could. Tears were streaming down my face as I ran. There was an uneasy feeling in my heart. For some reason I felt like I was going to loose Soo Yun. I ran faster at the thought of loosing her. My legs were practically screaming in pain and my lungs were bursting, demanding for air but I didn't stop. I couldn't. I had to get to Soo Yun as fast as I could. I need to see if she was okay. Oh, God, please make her be okay.
        I finally reached her ward and without hesitation, I quickly opened the door. There were a few nurses standing by Michelle's bed. Their faces were grim and dark which made me panic. I looked around and saw a woman sitting on a chair beside Soo Yun's bed. She as crying hysterically with her face buried in her hands. Then I saw Soo Yun, lying lifeless on her bed. She looked as beautiful as ever as the sun's rays from outside the window illuminate her pale face.
         'Time of death, nine a.m', said the doctor, looking at his watch.
         I lost my best friend that day. She was not just a friend. She was my family. And she was the first girl I ever loved. I will never be the same without her. Never.


          I opened my eyes and realised that I as still in the graveyard. The sky was pitched black now. I probably had been sitting here for hours. I noticed that my face was wet with tears. I was crying. I iped them dry with the sleeves of my jacket. I noticed that there was someone standing in front of me. I looked up and saw her. Her beautiful face illuminated in the moon's faint glow. Soo Yun? Is that you?
          She was smiling at me but I could see that she looked different. She looked much older and her eyes did not sparkle like Soo Yun's did. She was not Soo Yun. 
          'You must be Hyun Su,' the stranger said. 'I'm Soo Yun's mother'
          'Oh..,' I said and quickly stood up and bowed. 'Annyonghasaeyo'
          'Soo Yun told me all about you. Before she died...'
          Soo Yun's mother paused a moment, fighting back tears and continued, 'She wanted to give you this'.
Then she pulled out a small rectangular box and handed it to me. 
          'I'm sorry, I have to go', she said before bursting into tears. As she walked away, she shouted softly, 'It was nice meeting you!'.
          ' Nice meeting you too!', I shouted back. I looked at the box in my hands. I t was blue in colour which was my favourite colour, and was tied up with a red laced ribbon. There was a card slipped under the ribbon. I took it out and read it. I recognised Soo Yun's handwriting immediately. On the card, she wrote:

  Dear Hyun Su,

     I made this myself. I hope you like it. I know it's a bit too late for presents but I really wanted to give you a birthday present. Happy Birthday, Hyun Su-ah!

 P.S: I had to stay up late making this present so you better like it. And there's someting I always wanted to   tell you. I don't know why but I a lways get the butterflies when you're near me. I guess I'm falling in love with you. Hehehe...

Gu Soo Yun

     I smiled. Although she didn't say much in her card but every word meant the world to me. I untied the ribbon and opened the box. It was a hand-made picture frame with sparkly glitters and rhinestones glued on it. Inside the frame was a picture of Soo Yun and me which we took at the park the other night. Suddenly, my eyes were filled with tears. i didn't try to hold them back this time. I just stood there and cried.
     I stared at Soo Yun's gravestone once again and for a moment, the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders. For a moment, all my cares were gone. For  moment, I stopped crying. For a moment, my heart stopped crying.
      If I had never met Soo Yun, I would have never known what it was like to have a friend. If I had never met Soo Yun, I would not have been who I am now. If I had never met Soo Yun, My heart would have not ached this much. I stood by her grave and whispered 'I love you too... Sarang hae..'

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If I Never Met Her Part One (Repost)

     I wrote this story a long time ago.. I posted this on this blog before but at that time I didn't have so many followers like I do now so I thought maybe I should repost this and share it with my new followers.. Heeee~ Hope you guys like it. Enjoy~

 Gu Hara
Gu Soo Yun

Choi Minho
Kim Hyun Su

Lee Taemin
Kim Junsu

Key (Kim Kibum)
Chef Key

The Story:

        The sky was the colour of yellowish orange as I stood by her grave. There was a sudden chill running down my spine. I was not sure whether it is because of the cold evening breeze or the fact that I was standing in the middle of a graveyard with rotting corpses buried in the ground and their souls hunting the graves in my presence. The thought of dead corpses and vengeful spirits did not bother me at all. I was in my own world now, trapped inside my own innermost thoughts and emotions.
        I stood staring at her gravestone, wishing that this as all just a horrible nightmare and that I would wake up and find her smiling at me mischievously. I smiled at the thought of her. Realising that I was still standing by her grave, I sigh. I still could not believe it. It was all too overwhelming for me to handle. It almost felt like I just met her yesterday and in a blink of an eye, she was gone. Gone forever and never coming back. Never.
       I gazed at her name, Michelle Johnson, that was engraved on her gravestone. Trying to hold back tears and with much failure, I sat down on the cold, hard grass and leaned against Michelle's gravestone. Tears were streaming down my face. I did not bother to wipe them dry even though the salty liquid felt cold as ice on my skin. I sat staring at the setting sun. The sky was getting darker and the clouds were a hint of grey and orange. For a moment, I felt as if the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders. For a moment, I felt as if all my worries has fade away. For a moment, my heart stopped aching. 
       I closed my eyes as the wind blew on my face, slowly drying all my tears. Its breeze felt cold but welcoming. Suddenly, I had a flashback. Images of the past were replaying in my mind and in my wake, I was taken back to the day where it all started. Back to where I first met her- my first love.


        'Hyung, don't you think you're going to fast?', asked my younger brother, Junsu. His face looked worried  and concerned as he drove his car next to mine, trying to persuade me to stop. 
        I shrugged and said coolly, 'Junsu-ah, let me tell you something. There is no such thing as "too fast" in racing'. I hit the gas and said, 'See you at the finish line, little brother'. I looked at the rear-view mirror and saw that Junsu's car was far behind. I smirked as Justin's red sports car vanished from view. I was winning!
        Suddenly, the car hit something hard and lost control. Panicking, I immediately hit the break but the car would not stop since it was going too fast. I couldn't jump out because the car was taking up speed. I probably wouldn't make it alive if I jumped out. The car was spinning uncontrollably now. I panicked. I couldn't do anything to save myself. Everything was beyond my control. I was dead for sure.
        It all happened too fast. I saw my life flashed right in front of my eyes as the car crashed into a tree. Pain shot up my head. I could feel some sort of warm liquid running down my forehead. Could it be blood? I tried to move but my whole body was in great pain. Every inch of my body was aching. I could barely move a muscle. I opened my eyes and looked around me. Everything was blurry and unclear. My eyelids felt so heavy that I could barely keep them open. Then I heard the sound of a car pulling over. Junsu? Sounds of footsteps and Junsu's panicked voice came nearer. I could hear Junsu calling my name and asking me if I was alright. Then everything became pitch black.
       I woke up with a nasty bump in my head. I looked around and saw that I was in a room which looked like a ward. Am I in a hospital? I tried to remember what happened and images of the accident played in my mind. So I made out alive, I thought to myself. I looked at my body to see if anything was badly injured. There was a cast on my left arm. It must have been broken during the accident. I noticed something written on the cast. 'Get well soon. Love, Junsu'. I smiled. He must have been really worried. I felt a little guilty and regret for not listening to him earlier. If I had listened to him, none of this would have happened. I continued reading the messages on the cast. There was another message next to Junsu's. It was written in pink ink. 'Hi, I'm your new roommate! Nice to meet you. Hope that we can be close friends from now on. XOXOXO Gu Soo Yun'. Who the heck is Gu Soo Yun? As I was puzzled by the strange and somewhat rather annoying message, a voice beside me said, 'Did you like my message, Hyun Su?'.
      I turned to look who as the person the voice belonged to and was surprised to find a girl about my age with flowing dark hair and sparkly brown eyes smiling at me mischievously. She was indeed the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and yet in a way she looked a bit strange. Looking at her smile somehow made my heart beat faster. I did not return her smile. Instead, I gave her a cold look which I am certain can make any human's skin crawl. She did not seem to be disturbed nor terrified by my cold expression which was odd because most people do. Instead, she just shrugged and smirked, obviously, mocking my coldness. I was taken aback by her response. 
     I glared at her with crossed arms and said rudely, 'And who are you supposed to be? My personal nurse?' She looked offended by my rude remark and forced a genuine smile. 
     'No,' she said. 'I'm a patient like you. I'm kind of like your room mate since we're in the same ward. Don't worry, Hyun-Su ah'.     
     Although she tried to hide it, I could see that she as very annoyed and irritated by my rude behaviour. Feeling a little guilty, I apologised for my impolite behaviour. I was actually quite surprised of myself since I have never apologised to anyone before except my younger brother, Junsu. I have never even apologised to my parents. Ever!
     She smiled at me and took my right hand and rushed me out of the room. I realised that the room was quite big and the furniture looked expensive. This must be the first class ward, I thought to myself. My parents must have arranged this. There was no doubt about it but why was it that they didn't put me in a private ward? Why am I forced to be in the same room with this girl? Wait. Why is it that a girl and a guy are even sharing the same room to start with? Oh whatever. I had enough problems to worry about. I wonder if omma and appa had even visited me yet. I sighed at the thought of them. I was in a hospital with a broken arm and a crazy girl in front of me taking me to God knows where and my parents were no where in sight!  
    They were probably too busy managing their stupid company to even bother come and visit their son. I was not hurt at all by my parents actions. To be honest, I got used to it. 
    'Where are you taking me?', I asked, demanding for an explanation. She didn't answer me and kept walking. She led me to the hospital's kitchen. Finally, she let go of my hand. The kitchen was crowded with people. No one even bothered to look at us or even noticed the fact that there were two patients in the hospital's kitchen. They were too busy doing their cooking and washing dishes to even care. The delicious aroma of the food they were cooking diffused into the air and into my nostril. My stomach growled viciously reminding me that I haven't eaten since I woke up.
    Noticing this, Soo Yun laughed and ordered us two plates of eggs and toast. I smiled sheepishly in embarrassment and said, 'You know, this is not a restaurant where you can order food as you like'.
    'Well, to me it is', she said and gestured me to sit next to her at a table near where we were standing.
    While waiting for our breakfast, we talked and got to know one another. Apparently, Soo Yun was friends with the head cook and everyone else in the hospital. She told me that she has been staying at the hospital for a long time. The hospital was practically her home. Unlike most people, she loves living in the hospital. I found this both interesting and strange at the same time. I asked her why she got in the hospital in the first place- what kind of sickness does she have. She didn't answer me. I noticed that she would always change the topic whenever I brought it up. I thought it was rather strange at first but after a while I stopped asking. I guessed it was very private to her and I didn't want to invade her privacy. I found out that she was also from a rich and wealthy family and apparently our parents were going to work together on a big project.
I knew there were something fishy about me having to share a room with another patient and not having a private ward.
     As we were deep in conversation, the head cook interrupted us. I found out later that his name was Chef Key. Chef Key smiled at us and said, 'Breakfast is served!'. Soo Yun and I smiled at each other and ate our breakfast. 
     That was the start of a beautiful friendship.


      It has been almost to weeks since I first checked in the hospital. Soo Yun and I became closer with each passing day. We spent every waking moment together. We would eat together, play games together, make fun of nurses' uniform, make prank phone calls and e even tried unsuccessfully to cook our own meals in the kitchen. Save to say, we practically did everything together.We were inseparable. We spent
so much time together that my brother was beginning to get a bit annoyed by us. Well, who could blame me? This was the first time I ever made a friend. A real friend.
     Growing up in a rich family, I didn't make any friends. Real friends that is. It was't that people didn't try to be my friends. It was just that many people only wanted to be my friends because I came from a wealthy family so I pushed them away. I was a bit overwhelmed when Soo Yun became my friend. My best friend. We become so close that my brother came to visit me one day and had a talk with me. Soo Yun was not in the room since she went to the kitchen to visit Chef Key. 
     'Hyung, don't you think you've been spending too much time with her?', asked Junsu. His face looked concerned and worried.
     'What?', I said. 'Too much time?. I don't think it's even enough'.
     'You've really fallen for her, huh?'. Junsu smiled at me.
     ' Maybe'

To be continued.....


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ABO Part Two

      Last time I posted about the characteristics and personalities of each blood types. Today I'm just gonna post some cool animations I found on this blog about the blood types so just let the animations tell the story to help you understand more about these the personality of the people with certain blood types. Oh, before I forget, I took this pictures from:

     You guys should try visiting this blog.. By the way, according to the author of said blog, these animations are originated from a Korean site which then popularized into Chinese but then the author of the blog and her friend whom she called  "Jack the Beanstalk" in her blog, translated it in English.   

      Let's see how the blood types react when they have a 3 PM appointment.

     We can see that A types are obviously always on time when they have a meeting or an appointment. Good old responsible A types. AB types are also always on time since they like A types are very responsible but you can see that there are some differences between the two blood types. Yeah, apparently, AB types get all cranky first when they wake up from their visit from dreamland to go to the appointment. Well, I'd be cranky too if I was disturbed from my slumber. A princess needs her beauty sleep, you know.. Teehee~ (MINAH PERASAN!). And as you can see O types are not the type to come on time. They know that they have a few minutes to get ready and go to the meeting but they still won't get up and get ready until they realize that they're late. Really, really LATE! Hahaha... And B.. Hoho.. They probably won't remember that they had an APPOINTMENT!!! (LAGI DASYAT DER!!!) Hahaha!!!

     This could happen when blood type A talks to blood type B?? Really?

     Type B's are like that? Mcm blur je aku tgk.. Aku pun jnis blur gak.. Hoho.. B types don't get panic when there is a crisis. Maybe they're too busy occupying themselves in their own little world or maybe they just don't care. I'm just guessing. Hoho.. 

And what happens when type AB communicates with type O?

     LOL!! I laughed reading this. I guess type A's are like that. All smart and all. Well, I think so. I saw in Kpop Selection that AB types are either crazy or GENIUSES!!! Poor O type.. He just wanted to play.. Heee~

     And what about the degree of patience between the blood types, you ask? Well, you gus didn't actually ask that but.. umm.. so let's just pretend that you did. Errr.. okay? Heee~

     LOL! This is so funny!! A types tend to avoid confrontation. I guess they're no really good at speaking their mind when they're upset. Therefore, it is most likely for them to just withhold that anger. It can be unhealthy to keep all that anger bottled up inside, don't you think? B types are usually the kind of people who freely expresses their feelings and thoughts. They do what they want to do and say what's on their mind. So be careful and don't try to piss them off or it might be like "WARNING!! DANGER!! DANGER!!". While A types hold it in and B types just Let it out, O types usually complains or rant to a third party. Yeah, I guess O types don't confront the person they're angry at but complains about to other people. What AB types? Based on the animation, they just do something like looking at the water to calm themselves. Is that weird? Hmmm..

     What happens when different blood types are driving?? GASP!!

     Looks like AB types are cautious people. Always being careful. B types on the other hand... (sigh) are not aware of their surroundings and kinda reckless in driving. They're easily distracted and so I guess they should never drive a car or any kind of transport. I'm easily distracted as well. The more reason for me not to get a driver's licence, right? Kekeke~ O types are impatient, I guess. They're afraid of feeling bored. They probably would feel miserable if they get caught in a traffic jam. Poor O types.. As you can see from the comic, it shows that A types are perfectionists and think highly of themselves. So that must mean that they think a lot while driving.. Hmmm.. Is that right? 

     When different blood types gossip and talking about others.. LOL!

     I laughed reading this comic strip. As you can see A types are good at pointing out other's weaknesses while B types are ignorant and doesn't really know well about many things.. Ehem. Just like me. Teehee.. O types uses.. err.. explosive languages. Just burst like that.. And AB types? Stays cool and are not easily influenced.

     What would be their reaction when they are facing dangerous situations?

     B types are calm when there's a crisis. Jyeahhh!!! Go B types!! But are they really being calm or just don't care? Others might think that B types don't really care about their surroundings..

     This is what different blood types are like when they are given a set of rules..
     I think that would be expected of B type. Hahahah!!! Doesn't like being bossed around. And AB?? Kaki report maaaa!!!!

     When different blood types study... kekeke~

     If it were me, I'd be sleeping like type AB. WAHAHAHAHA!! I don't like studying... I get sleepy when I study.. ZZzzZZzzZZ...

     So did you guys enjoy the comic strips? I hope you did. Heeeee~ And please don't be offended by this entry, okay? Hehehe~ This personalities are not entirely correct, you know. Everybody has their own unique 
personality. Teehee~ If anyone feels offended, I appologize..


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     In Japan or other Asian countries (like South Korea), there is a popular belief that a person's ABO blood type or ketsueki-gata influences or is predictive of his or her personality, temperament and compatibility with others. This belief is quite similar to how astrological signs are used, though in Japanese society, blood types play a much more prominent role than astrology does in the west.

     I think it's kinda interesting the way they predict a person's personality based on his or her blood type. It just makes me want to know what my blood type is. Yeah.. I don't really know my what blood type I am. I never really checked mainly because I'm scared to. Hahaha!!! With the needles and stuff.. Won't it hurt? But the other day, my mom told me that both of my parents have the same blood type. They're B's. So does that mean I'm a B too? Hmmmm...

 Blood Type A

     Those with blood type A have a deep rooted strength which help them to stay calm in a crisis when everybody else is panicking or freaking out. However, as calm and collected as they may be, they tend to avoid confrontation and feel very uncomfortable around people (guess they're not very friendly people, huh?). A types are shy and sometimes they can be withdrawn. They like to seek harmony and are very polite but they still feel that they don't fit in well with others. A types are very responsible people. If they is a job to be done, you can count on them to do the job but they prefer to do it by themselves. These A types crave success and are perfectionists. They are also very creative and are the most artistic of all the blood types, most likely due to their sensitivity. People with A types are also considered as classic "type A's": stressed and conscientious.

     Hmmm.. Could I be an A type? Well, some of these does describe.. eheheh.. like I'm shy and sometimes I don't fit in with others or maybe I used to feel that way. And I prefer to do my work by myself, I guess. When   I was working at Haven Learning, I like to do my work by myself. Oooohhh.. and the creative and artistic part.. hehehe.. not to brag or anything but I do like arts and crafts a lot. But being responsible and a perfectionist? Maybe that's not me. Hoho.. The part about being calm when everyone else's is panicking.. I think that's kinda like me. Hehehe.. What do you think? Am I a classic "type A"?


Blood Type B

     Those with blood type B are the most practical of the blood groups. They are specialists in what they do (ooooh.. specialists maa..). When they start a project, they spend extra time understanding and trying to follow directions. When B types do something, all their attentions are focused 100% on it. They tend to stick to a goal and follow it through to the end even if it may seem impossible. B types tend to be less cooperative because they like to follow their own rules and their own ideas. They are individualists. B type people attention to their thoughts a little more than their feelings and therefore can sometimes seem cold and serious. People with B blood types are considered more relaxed, freewheeling and unconventional than other blood types.

      Whoa! Am I really a type B? Hmmm.. Doesn't describe me that much.. Me being focused 100% on something? Hahaha.. Yeah, right..  Can sometimes seem cold? Well, maybe that kinda describe me. One of my friends first impression of me is an ice queen. Kekeke.. Individualist? Sometimes I like to do certain work by myself but it doesn't mean I don't like working in a group. It's more fun to work with others but some work are better to do by yourself, you know what I mean?


       Wait, looking at the pictures above.. maybe I am a type B after all!! *jumping with excitement* Hoho.. Why? Because all or some of the above do kinda describe my personality.. WOW!!

Blood Type O

     Those with blood type O are outgoing, energetic, and social (I guess that means they're friendly). They are the most flexible of all the blood types. The begin projects very easily but often have trouble following through to the end because O types give up as easily as they begin it. O types are flighty and not too dependable. They always speak up their mind. They value others' opinions and like to be the center of attention. Also, people with blood type O are extremely self-confident. Type O which is the most average blood type, is considered the best type in Japan!

      Me? An O type? Maybe not. I'm not really that social or that outgoing. Hey, I'm not even that friendly either. People think I'm.. well.. not very friendly when they first meet me. Sigh. I'm just not very comfortable with people I just met. It can be awkward sometimes because i don't even know what to talk to them about.
Not everyone have that outgoing and cheerful attitude, you know. For some of us who are not very good at being friendly, it can be difficult for us to fit in with others. Hmmm.. The part about O types like to be in the center of attention.. Heeee.. I am kinda like that. Okay, maybe not just "kinda" like that. I like attention but in a good away.. Is that a crime? If it is then sue me.

Blood Type AB

     Those with blood type AB are difficult to recognize because they can have characteristics on both ends of the spectrum at the same time. For instance, they are both shy and outgoing. AB types easily switch from one opposite to another. They are positive and responsible but can't handle it when too much is asked from them. AB types don't mind doing favors or helping out as long as it's on their own conditions.  Those with this blood type are most likely to be interested in art and metaphysics. AB is considered the worst blood type. In Japan, they are like loose cannons. They like to set their own conditions and reserve the right to drop out when things don't exactly meet their expectations. They are also known to be inconsiderate and sensitive, at times, but it's not enough to balance the flaws in this blood type.


Compatibility Between The Blood Types

    A is most compatible with A and AB.
    B is most compatible with B and AB.
    AB is most compatible with A, B, O and AB.
    O is most compatible with O and AB.

Source: Information-

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Had a Weird Dream

       I woke up late today (I wake up late everyday..) and I had a weird dream. A really, really weird dream. I don't remember it much but I did remember some of the weird parts. In my dream I was talking to this pretty blonde girl who was wearing a blue gown. She was saying that she's actually a boy. Ooookayyy..? And I was trying to convince her to do something.. Not really sure what it was though. What made it more weird is that one moment she was this, sorry, I mean "he" was this pretty blonde girl, the other he became this dude with a beard. What the HECK??? So what does that mean? The guy's magic or something?

      I don't really remember much about what happened after that. I remembered that I managed to convince the guy/girl to do what I wanted him/her to do and she/he went to get changed and when he/her came back she/he transformed back into the pretty blonde girl.  Like I said. Magic! Whatever.. Then we (my friends and the girlboy) tried to get out of that place. I'm not entirely sure where that place was but there were securities at the doors. Somehow, we managed to get out of that place and outside there was this pond or lake or whatever (the important thing is there's water). I saw a couple of women doing something in the water but then they transformed into these two beautiful mermaids and just laid there in the water. Weird. What happened next was much weirder. I talked to those mermaids in some kind of mermaid language. The funny thing is that I said something that Harry Potter said when he talked to the snake in Chamber of Secrets. Yep! Hahaha!! I was all "ssssaiyahassashi.. sssaiyahassiheth..". I can speak parseltounge? What the HECK!! (Fyi, parseltounge is the language of the serpents. You'd know that if you're a bifg fan of Harry Potter). It turned out that I, myself was a mermaid or used to be a mermaid. WHATTTTTTT?????

      Weird dream, right? but it was kinda fun.. Being a mermaid and all even though it was kinda weird. Hehehe.. When I woke up and showered, I posted "had a weird dream" as my Facebook status and guess how my dear friend reacted?

      Sigh. I am so lucky to have such "nice" friends... Hahaha!

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Missing You

      It's 4:41 am and I'm still wide awake. While laying down and staring up at the ceiling, I thought of the kids. It's been two weeks since I quit my job as a kindergarten assistant teacher at Haven Learning Centre and I kinda miss my students. I feel like crying sometimes when I think of them. I love them so much. I wish I could see them and hug them again. I miss those tight hugs and those cute stories. I miss playing with Reza. I miss hugging Amani so tight like she's going to burst. I miss scolding at Emeil for not doing his work. I miss letting Natalie sit on my lap. I miss holding Erina when she's crying and calling me "mummy". I miss being her "mummy". I miss Natalie's once-upon-a-times. I miss all those little moments that may not mean so much to them (because they probably won't remember them) but mean a lot to me. Oh my, I'm actually crying right now.

      When I go out, sometimes I hope I could bump into my students. I want to see them again. The other day I saw one of my students while walking with my mom, buying food to break fast (not sure if I used this sentence correctly) but he didn't see me or maybe he did but didn't recognize me because I was dressed differently, not like how I always dressed when I go to work. The clothes I wear to work I usually boring. Well, to me they're boring. If you knew me, you'd know that I don't usually wear boring clothes. Hahaha! Not to brag or anything.. aaanywayy, I got all excited when I saw Hazwan (that's his name) that I was jumping up and down in excitement and pointing at him telling my mom that he's my student. Well, was my student. Sigh. I wanted to talk to him but he was with his father and I don't him father knows me. Plus, I forgot his name was Hazwan. After he walked away, then I remembered what his name was. Hahaha! Maybe I was so excited that I simply forgot. Silly me. But I was disappointed that I didn't get to talk to him. He was cute when I saw him walking along with his brother, I assume. And he was smiling. It has been a while since I saw that.

       I wonder if they even missed me. They're still kids. Maybe they don't miss me but I do. Reza has probably forgot about me. Sigh. My little, cute Reza. It was disappointing that I didn't get to see you on my last day. You got the chicken pox. It was unfortunate. I hope you'll remember me though I think you probably won't. How sad. I miss pretending shooting you. You were like "bang bang bang" and I was like "bang, bang bang, bang" and pretended to be dead. Hahaha! I will always cherish that because before that you were always so cold to me. Always playing hard to get and like you don't care and you're only four. It's cute. After a while, somehow you started to open your heart to me. You started to play with me and even talk to me (GASP!) which you don't usually do. But Reza, why is it that you only open up to me when I had to more weeks left. I only got one week to actually feel a litle closer to you and then you got the chicken pox during my last week.

Cute little Reza~

        I miss hugging Amani. She's so cuddly, I could just hug her all day. Urgh! She's so cute! And I miss Natelie lying and sitting on my lap. Yes, I miss all of it... I hope I could see them again.. Waaaaaaa!!!! I miss them even though they might not miss me that much.

Here's a cute video I recorded on my last day with them:


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