Sunday, August 14, 2011

A short message for my followers and bloggers

Assalamualaikum, I hope all of you in a good condition and health,
Nothing is better than a good health? Don't you agree?

Ok, We want to express our gratitude to our followers because it already
reached 593! woot! this is amazing! Please continue and support us!
We'll improve our writing and grammar! haha.

Thank you very much for giving ur support!
Kamsahmida(in korean)

And to all bloggers we'll leave ur link in your shoutbox!
Sometimes,blogwalking can reduce our stress and the best part is 
we can learn something either blog tutorial and knowlege about Islam.

Next,we'll show you guys some good comments about this blog in our shoutbox

Another information we'll would like to add actually this blog we want all the country 
can read this blog so we want to post it in english. I hope you won't mind this. If you guys 
want to learn english you should ask farah because she is going to continue degree in TESL. 
Anati is quite good because she is going to pursue in Science n food technology and as for 
Adibah she is exempted for english in UIA,and she's still study in engineering. 

 this is our 500 th followers! congratulations amoiii bunga! 

That's all for now,thank you everybody and keep support faradibanati by like our 

                                                                           facebook fan page

p/s:what do you think of this pic? oh my jonghyun cn blue! I want to marry u!
Adibah is going crazy! haha. farah and anati will dusshhh me!


Miss A said...

congrats awk :) followers sye pun tak mncecah 500 lg.hihi

faradibanati said...

@miss A

thank you my dear! I hope ur blog will reach 500 soon!

jom blogwalking :)


congratss. semoga success selalu untuk kamu semua


farah said...

hoho... xleh blah part farah amik tesl tuu.. hahah.. weh, aku nervous gak nk smbung.. dh lme x wat presentation.. takot nervous blik.. waaa!!! hrp2 degree dpt wat yg trbaik especially ble brckp di dpn org rmai..

adibahhh said...


tenkiuuu. semoga kamu pun success selalu. :)


ayt kte mmg tk leh bla. haha. sumpah formal gilaaaaaa. alaa,u can do it la! believe me!

p/s:sorry komen atas gne account google


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