Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Morning Surprise

Minho, why do you have to kiss that.. that..
that older women?
You broke a lot of girls' (and women's)  heart (including my mom?)
(she likes Minho the most out of SHINee)
I was sleeping and Nash came knocking on the door of my room.
I think Nadzirah let her in that morning.
I woke up and saw her near my bed.
She told me to go back to sleep and that was going to stay that for a while.

I went back to sleep and had a weird dream about Nash and I cooking
food for Munir. What the Heck?!!
I woke up and saw Nash sitting on my bed and smiling at me.
I was surprised and shouted "AAAHHHH!!!!".
She was really startled. Even Nadzirah taught it was strange 
since I already knew that Nash was going to stay 
in my room for a while.
I didn't know why I was so shocked though.

Then she showed me a picture of Minho kissing his co actor
on he blackberry phone. 
I thought so.
I thought that there was going to be a kissing scene between them in the drama 
("Pianist") since he is the lead actor.
I was kind of sad about it but at least it's not Taemin.
If it's Taemin then I'll cry for months. 
Maybe even years.
Okay, that's too much.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Back to UiTM

Aigoo, aigoo,aigoo, goo, goo...
I came back to UiTM, Shah Alam yesterday nd it was really tiring.
Fortunately, I got a room on the ground floor and my roommates 
re my old roommates.
With Nash's help we successfully got the same room.
Thanks, Nash!!!!

When I arrived at Mawar College, my mom and I waited for Nadzirah and Aya.
When they arrived we hurried to the counter number 1 to take the forms.
Luckily, our names re in the list of counter number one which means
we can get the same room if we register together.
But Natrah couldn't make it on time so my mom asked
Nash to play the role of Natrah. Hahaha!!!
It was successful.

So now I got to be in the same room as my old roommates. Hahah.. 
It didn't even feel any different since we sleet in the same 
position as last semester.
Didn't feel like anything changed at all.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


hari sabtu hari tu
aku attend wed
sepupu aku
pagi tu diorang wat akad nikah
then malam tu
dinner untuk seisi keluarga

aku datang malam
sebab dari pagi sampai petang
sibuk dengan MUET
then meronggeng dengan kawan2ku kejap
hehehe paling best!!

then masa aku datang dinner tu
guess what??
tempat duduk aku dekat mana??
aku duduk depan pengantin
tak pernah2 duduk depan sekali depan pengantin .
yang paling tak bole bla
time pengantin jalan
ada lampu spotlight ni
so bila diorg menuju ke tempat duduk diorg
dengan aku2 sekali kena lampu spotlight
last2 aku angkat tangan
lambai macam ala2 princess gitu..

then nak balik tu,
adik aku nak tangkap gambar dengan artis ni
dia ni tak de la terkenal mana pun
tapi aku suka sikap peramah dia
yang paling penting
tak sombong orangnya
bapak dia pon lawak orangnya
dia ni berlakon watak dafi
dalam cerita spa Q
nama sebenar dia aku lupa pulak
hehehe..sorry ya!

sebenarnya, adik aku yang teringin sangat
nak tangkap gambar dengan dia
dengan sepupu aku gak
then, bila dah tiba masanya,
adik aku segan2 pulak dah
ok..sebagai kakak..aku rasa awkward 
dengan gelagat adik aku ni
macam nak jumpa bf pulak

nak ke tak nak tangkap gambar ni???
dafi sendiri yang datang kat adik aku
ceh..mula terasa jeles ni
disebabkan adik aku ni
lambat sangat nak make a move
aku terus berdiri sebelah dafi
aku pas kamera kat ayah dia
suruh tolong tangkapkan gambar

bila dah tangkap tu 
tengok dafi..tinggi giler!!!
dia ahli keluarga pihak pengantin perempuan
and harap maklum
tema diorg pink

best pulak rasanya
asal pulak aku yang teruja ni??
oh no no no....
then, sepupu aku tu jeles lak sebab aku berdiri sebelah dafi
siapa suruh tak cepat2 pergi..

anyway, ni gambarnya..

..happy moment..


There's only a few days left until I go back to UiTM Shah Alam
and I want to spend my last days (sem break) doing something fun.
Unfortunately, my life is not like those who has a new adventure 
every day.
I guess, my life is just like any normal 18 year old girl in this world-
it can sometimes be dull and boring.
*Sob sob sob*
I feel like I'm wasting my youth!!!
I want to do something great and fun while I still have the chance.
Come on, when I'm older and have more responsibilities,
I might not get to do the things that I can do now.
I might not even have time to.

I'd really like to do something like the girls in "Invisible Youth" do. 
"Invisible Youth" is a Korean variety show on KBS World channel.
On the show, they all kinds of fun stuff like farming, planting vegetables,
feed the farm animals, catch fish and help the elderly who need a helping hand
harvesting. I really like the helping the elderly part.
The work you do would mean a lot more when you're helping someone
especially those who need it.

I should spend my youth helping people and have fun while doing it
instead I just stayed at home all day and rot. 
Okay, maybe not the rotting part.

Story of my life.
This is why I need to get a car license. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Korean Wave

I woke up early today.
Every day I shock, Every night I shock!! Hahaha!! BEAST!!!
No, no, no.. Only cheer for SHINee!!!

So anyway, I went downstairs and turned on the Tv.
I watched "Special Program" on KBS World Channnel.
It's about the Korean Wave.
Watching it made me green with envy because apparently,
Korea has become more and more popular in the eyes of the world.
I was kind of jealous that our country is not like that...

I found out that more people around the world are learning Korean.
Heck, there's even a college for Korean studies in Russia but if I'm
not mistaken the school was established long ago.
I heard the Russian guy said that this year marked its 110th anniversary or something.
What was the name of that University? I don't remember.

In China, there's this school (I think) that teaches Hangul.
(Hangul is Korean, right?)
The school's name is Sejong school or something.
It's named after the Great King Sejong.
(Isn't there a drama with this name on KBS World?)
King Sejong was the one who created Hangul.
So now you know.

I hop e Malaysia will become the center of the world someday too.
Standing in the eyes of the world...

Oh yeah, chukha yae, South Korea.
( I don't know the romanji)
Congrats on your success in introducing Korea to the world.
I hope Malaysia will succeed too.
Good luck, Malaysia!!! 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Bed is Cursed

Ever since I came home from UiTM for the semester's break,
something just doesn't feel right.
My bed.
Since I stayed at my college, who would sleep in my bed
during the night?
(sounds of thunder striking)
Okay, enough with the fake suspense.

The reason why I say my bed is curse because whenever
I lay on it I'd fall asleep even when it's still early.
I always fall asleep at 9pm or so and wake up at almost 11pm.
When I fell asleep again, I'd wake up really late like maybe at almost 2pm..
then I continue to sleep again till it's 3pm.
And whenever I'm sitting on my bedroom floor, studying,
I can't fight the urge to lie down on that bed of mine.
Conclusion: It's cursed...
(Dang dang dang)

That bed is killing me.
My back hurts from lying on it for so long.
My neck hurts too.
I'm telling you that bed is cursed and it's out to get me!!!
(Sounds of thunder striking)

Help me!!!
Before it's too late...
(Dang dang dang)


sekarang ni
kemalasan semakin memuncak!!
tak suka la macam ni.
makin banyak benda yang aku fikir
makin stress dan malas rasanya
sekarang MUET nak dekat
and lepas tu
menghitung masa dan hari
bila la kena balik UiTM
tak bestnya!!!!!
bila balik sana
kena fikir pulak nak study camne
macam mana nak stay alert dalam kuliyah
kena rush3!!!
dengan lab report yang susah
serabut otak
pointer pulak??
xterkata la...
lagi pening dibuatnya
terutama keadaan sekeliling
macam zaman sekolah je dulu..
sungguh tak best!!

ok, now, i'm complaining much...
hehehe..sorry everyone!!
please..do motivate me...
hope everything gonna be ok in sem2..
i hope so...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Great Mosque...

hohoho...hi everyone!!!
aku baru je abis tengok
overall, ok
ok je??
kronologi citer tu agk cepat aku rasa
sebab tu rasa sekejap je tonton citer tu

back to my point...
ada satu episode tu yg menarik perhatian aku


info about The Great Mosque of Djenne:

The Great Mosque of Djenne is the largest mud brick or adobe building
in the world and is considered by many
architects to be the greatest achievement of
the Sudano-Sahelian architectural style,
albeit with definite islamic influences.
the mosque is located in the
city of Djenne, Mali on the flood pain of the bani river.
the first mosque on the site
was built around the 13th century
but the current structure dates from 1907.
as well as being center of the community of Djenne,
it is one of the most famous landmarks in Africa.
it has been great incentive and model
for the lively type of adobe architecture in 
the inner niger delta region,
which has been extensively inventorised
by Archnet..

best oooo klau dapat pergi
teringin sangat nak tengok
dalam cerita tu gak
kim hyun joong ada citer kat oh ha ni
pasal masjid ni
tu first time aku dengar 
kim hyun joong cakap islam
 tak rasa pelik ooo bile dia kata word islam..
ya la klau cam orang lain..
i mean foreigner lain
ada slang diorg sebut certain words

then, aku tros search kat internet..
pastu ada beberapa komen dari pelancong
dia kata besar giler bila kita sendiri berada kat sana
klau tengok kat picture lain rasanya...
tp disebabkan dia non-muslim
dia tak bole masuk dalam
only islam je..
n ada pelancong islam yang masuk
dia kata dia experienced solat kat dalam tu
bapak best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nak jugak!!!!!!!!

so bersyukurlah anda dilahirkan dan mendapat nikmat islam..
that's all from me...

Who Will I Be?

Who will I be?
Someone FAMOUS!!!
That's the problem, right?
I don't who I will be in future.
Heck, I'm sure many of us at this age doesn't know who we 
will be in the future.
Am I right?
(I'm 18, by the way)
I guess I didn't really know growing up could be so
difficult 'till I experienced it myself.
Okay, I did know that it's difficult but I never experienced it
or gave much thought about it when I was a kid.

When you're a kid, you don't worry about those kind 
of things- about what you're going to
be when you grow up, about living your dreams,
about doing the things that you want to do.
When you're a kid, you don't think about those 'what ifs'.
What if I can't make it?
What if I cant live the life that I wanted to live?
What if I'm not strong enough?
What if I'm not ready to take on the world?
What if I fail?
Worries, worries, worries...

When I was a kid I guess I didn't worry much about
these kind of things but as I grew older
I think more and question more.
Sometimes, looking at others lives...
having fun with what they do...
loving every moment of it...
makes me green with envy.
It also makes me feel like I'm wasting my youth;
not making each moment precious and enjoy life.
It's really frustrating.

When you're a kid the only things you have to worry
is not finishing your homework, getting scold
by your parents and teachers,
failing your exams and not having 
enough play time.
What a simple life.
But being a kid can be frustrating at times
because the adults don't listen to you or take 
you seriously.
So I guess being a kid isn't that easy.

Well, being a young adult is not a walk in the
park either.
Sometimes, you don't feel satisfied with your life
and want more.
Sometimes you feel that the grass is much greener
on the other side when it's exactly the same.
Well, I guess that's how we are, right?
We never feel satisfied.
We always want more.
But don't think of it as a bad thing
because this can be the catalyst to success, right?
I mean when you're not satisfied with something,
You work harder so I guess it can be a good thing 
but even so you still have to appreciate what you have, okay?

I wonder what's in store for me in the future?
Will I achieve great things?
Will I shine like the stars in the night sky?
Will I become the person I longed and dreamed to be?
Questions, questions, questions...

Story of my life...

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Funny Memory

I was laying down on my bed reading Cecilia Ahern's
"The Book of Tomorrow" when I came 
across the word "rigid'.
I didn't know what it meant
(Actually, I still don't know what it meant)
so I opened the dictionary.
While searching for the word, I came across another word.
That word was "rapist".
Okay, it's not a very "lovely" or "funny" word but it did made me laugh
because it reminded me of something funny.

My roommate, Nadzirah, used to wear this hat whenever 
she goes out for a discussion with her classmates at night.
The hat is the kind of hat you wear when you go snowboarding
but my other roommates like to say it's like a rappers hat.
I guess it's probably because rappers like to 
wear those kind of hats.

So we were discussing about this.
Nadzirah wanted to say "rapper"
but instead she said "rapist".
Being the only Tesl student in the room (somebody slap me. Please, don't),
I said "isn't rapist meant...".
Okay, I don't have to finish that sentence.
You get it.
We all laughed.
It was so funny.

I also remembered the time, Nadzirah told us about
her childhood.
It started when I said my "Computer Literacy"
text book is as thick as the yellow page
(Actually, Natrah, my other roommate called the book "yellow page" first).
So she told us this funny story relating to that subject.
When she was still a kid, she used to search
for Siti Nur Haliza's telephone number in the yellow page.
She was a big fan of her.
But she didn't find her number so she called the operator
and asked for Siti Nur Haliza's number.
She told the operator that she wanted to be Siti's foster sister.
We teased her about this every chance we get,
laughing every time someone brought it up.

I remember how we always call her (Nadzirah) mom.
She's like a mom.
She always wakes us up in the morning.
And Natrah is like the oldest sister
and Aya's the second older sister.
I'm the maknae..
like TAEMIN!!!
Then Nadzirah is probably like Key umma.

They're great roommates.
They're not perfect. That's true but they did help a lot.
Like the time when I got food poisoning, Aya and Nadzirah went to the 
hospital with me and stayed up until subuh.
I didn't tell you guys about that story yet.
I was going too.
It's still a draft.
But we'll see whether I'd publish it or not.
It was one of the worst night in my life after all.
But to think that they were willing to be there for me through 
all that pain and suffering due to the fact I threw up 9 times
that night really made it meaningful.

Thank you, girls for everything.
If only I was a better roommate to you. 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Missing You..

I really miss my cousin, Nadia.
We've known each other for maybe almost 18 years now? 
I guess so since we were born in the same year.
It's been a long time since I last saw which was during the
raya holidays and I only get to see her for only a day.
Okay less than a day.
Maybe 7 hours like that.
We spent it watching Hello Baby.
I really wanted her to like SHINee too
so I introduced her to the show.
Like most of my friends, she begsn to like SHINee
but she's not as obsessive as I am.
She thinks Minho is cute.
She did say that she kikes Minho and Taemin.
Taemin is mine, Nadia.
Just take Minho.

We were tight since we were little.
I remember having a fight with her when were kids.
I think she pushed me down the stairs once or was it me 
who pushed her. I think it was her.
(defending myself)
We rarely even argue now since we rarely see each other.
We usually get to see each other once a year and it's usually for a day or two.
I know.
It's sad.
I love her so much.
She's not perfect but I love her anyway.
She always laugh at my jokes saying that it's funny.
I'm funny?
Bella is probably going to laugh at that statement.

I remember when we used to play water balloons in Tokmi's front yard
 with our other cousins.
Tokmi is our grandmother.
She's awesome.
She drives a car at her age.
She used to come to KL driving her car.
Awesome, right?
Anyway, Tokmi's front yard is huge; perfect for
a water balloon fight.
I was the one who always provided  the balloons.
Well, I was the one who came up with the idea in the first place.
Back then I thought of making the water balloon fight a family
tradition but it didn't work out so well.
My aunts started to not allowing her children play.
You know, they'll get wet and stuff and the front yard will get wet too.
So that's the end of the water balloon fight.

Missing Nadia also made me think about those three little rascals,
Azam, Arif and Anis.
They're my cousins too and they're siblings.
Azam is the oldest, Arif is the middle child and Anis is the youngest.
Having two older brothers, she became a little 
bit of a tomboy but she still plays with dolls and stuff.
She just knows how to play rough too.

I remember when Azam had no sibling, I kinda get over protective of him.
Just a bit, I think.
I remember when my brother accidentally or was it purposely hit him 
or something I hit him back or did I just scold him?
I don't remember much.
It was a long time ago.
I got scolded for that.

Then, Arif was born.
He really looked like me when he was a baby.
Well, he looked like the baby me, of course.
I looked at my baby pictures and his.
We really lot a lot like each other.
I always defend him whenever he got in a fight with his brother
when he was little and I remember
comforting him by giving him ice-cream and stuff.
He even told his mom he wanted to marry me.
But that was when he was little.
Then, there was Anis.
The little girl who likes to follow me around and watch what I do
with fascination.
The little who likes to go into my room and touch my stuff.
The girl who I always give stuff that I don't want to any more.

I guess, maybe I was kinda like a big sister to them.
We don't see each other often now since I got
into a University.
These kids are really talented.
If only they knew how smart and talented they are.

I remember this one time, Azam, Arif and my brother made a video 
about masked rider or something.
My brother played the bad guy, Arif played the hero who
saves the world and Azam was the director and the cameraman.
It was awesome.
Arif was amazing at acting.
Seriously, even I was surprised.
And Azam was actually good with the camera and directing.
And my brother.. well, his character was dull.
He didn't even say much or maybe he didn't have any lines at all.
I really wished I had a copy of that video.
I think maybe they deleted it.
They used a camera phone but they still manage to make it look good.
I mean they were young at that time,
Arif was probably like nine or something and Azam was like 12, I think.

Then there was this other time at my cousin's engagement ceremony.
It was this year.
Sometime in September, I think. 
We were waiting for Meimei's (my cousin) fiancĂ©e.
He really took a long time to arrive so Azam made a video and of course
Arif was the star. 
He started dancing and doing all these moves.
He even tried moon walking.
Right then I thought, hey this kid really have a potential
to be an entertainer.
He really listened to his brother's directions.
Azam, you should become a director.

Too bad I couldn't see them more often.
Story of my life.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Another Sleepover

Last Friday, Anati and Fiqa slept over at my house.
It was sad that Adibah couldn't come.
I think it'll probably much fun
if she was able to join us with 
her loud laugh and all.

Anati and I spent the night watching SHINee's Hello Baby.
Apparently, she's starting to become interested with the band.
I'm so happy.
Finally, I can talk to Anati about SHINee.
I think she became interested when we gathered at my house 
after shopping at The Mines and watched SHINee yubhanam.
At first, She fell for Jonghyun because of his voice.
Now she likes Key.
She thinks Key's cute.
I guess she really likes his personality.
I mean who doesn't?

Afiqah watched movies with my mom.
I guess she's not that interested in SHINee.
Although, she did say she likes Minho.

We stopped watching Hello Baby at 4 a.m.
(It was almost 4 a.m., I think)
Fiqa was already asleep.
Anati and I talked all morning.
After subuh, we talked some more and I think it was almost 9 a.m. when 
we fell asleep but it was nice talking
to Anati.
I don't get to talk to her while lying down before going to
sleep like that every night, you know.
It felt nice.
She gave a present when she arrived at my house.
I opened it when I went upstairs to pray (subuh).
She made me These bookmarks with SHINee's pictures
on them. There was this one bookmark with taemin's picture
on it and she even wrote his name on it too.
She even wrote me a letter giving me support and stuff.
It was a really lovely present.
Thanks, Anati!!

We spent some more time after waking up.
Fiqa went back home in the evening
while Anati went back at 9 p.m or something like that.
Before she went home, we watched SHINee's music videos
My mom came to watch as well.
She likes Minho.
She keeps complaining that Minho don't appear (solo)
in the video and that Jonghyun's face always appears in the videos.
I tols her it's because Jonghyun sings a lot in their songs and
that Minho raps and stuff
but she keeps complaining.
Get this she said that Minho doesn't look like
a pure Korean.
She said that he looks like a Malay.
My mom who only likes Malay guys.
I hope she'll let me marry a korean guy.

I had a great time that day.
Thanks, Fiqa and Anati.
You too, mom.
I was planning to do this again when Fadhilah is having her holiday.
Maybe sometime next week since Dibah is on a holiday
as well.

I hope we'll have more fun together.
I have to admit, when Anati went back home that night,
I was kinda sad.
It'd be great if I can see you guys everyday.
If only you guys were my roommate at UiTM.
Oh well, you can't have everything that you want in life.


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