Tuesday, November 16, 2010


There's only a few days left until I go back to UiTM Shah Alam
and I want to spend my last days (sem break) doing something fun.
Unfortunately, my life is not like those who has a new adventure 
every day.
I guess, my life is just like any normal 18 year old girl in this world-
it can sometimes be dull and boring.
*Sob sob sob*
I feel like I'm wasting my youth!!!
I want to do something great and fun while I still have the chance.
Come on, when I'm older and have more responsibilities,
I might not get to do the things that I can do now.
I might not even have time to.

I'd really like to do something like the girls in "Invisible Youth" do. 
"Invisible Youth" is a Korean variety show on KBS World channel.
On the show, they all kinds of fun stuff like farming, planting vegetables,
feed the farm animals, catch fish and help the elderly who need a helping hand
harvesting. I really like the helping the elderly part.
The work you do would mean a lot more when you're helping someone
especially those who need it.

I should spend my youth helping people and have fun while doing it
instead I just stayed at home all day and rot. 
Okay, maybe not the rotting part.

Story of my life.
This is why I need to get a car license. 


Anonymous said...

Jom kita buat invisible youth version kita sendiri :D

Anyway, glad Sunny is back (for a day)!
I miss her TT^TT

anati said...

x bestnya bile tringt nk blik u....
everything need to be rush kat sn...
klau relek lak rs cam apa je...worse!!
best gak klau dpt join invisible youth tu...hahaha

adibah said...

jom amik lesen bulan 2/3? kte tk de short sem time tuuu. huhu

farah said...

nash: jom!!! tp kalo msuk tv btol2 bru best. heheh

anati:hahaha.. kalo x bz bosan ah.. tp depends ah bz 2 cmne. kalo bz wat bnde yg kte ske mmg best la tp kalo bz wat bnde yg x ske mmg rse cm stress ah

dibah: nk amik lesen mse 2? tp bkn lme ke tmpoh nk blajr.. ye ah mst rmai yg nk blajr.. lbih2 lg bdk lps spm

bellalala said...

ala mn lme ah amik lsen
aslkn rjin n plih2 kls dia dkt2
kjap je blh dpt dh


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