Sunday, November 21, 2010

Back to UiTM

Aigoo, aigoo,aigoo, goo, goo...
I came back to UiTM, Shah Alam yesterday nd it was really tiring.
Fortunately, I got a room on the ground floor and my roommates 
re my old roommates.
With Nash's help we successfully got the same room.
Thanks, Nash!!!!

When I arrived at Mawar College, my mom and I waited for Nadzirah and Aya.
When they arrived we hurried to the counter number 1 to take the forms.
Luckily, our names re in the list of counter number one which means
we can get the same room if we register together.
But Natrah couldn't make it on time so my mom asked
Nash to play the role of Natrah. Hahaha!!!
It was successful.

So now I got to be in the same room as my old roommates. Hahah.. 
It didn't even feel any different since we sleet in the same 
position as last semester.
Didn't feel like anything changed at all.


nurul hidayah said...

hahaha....lawak giler mak awak but smart..hahahaahah.....giler lawak
eh tengok banner blog aku..crazy!
biasa je senanye

adibah said...

terbaik la mak awk. nasib natrah baik sgt! haha.

nash baik gak tolong natrah tu. huhu

btw,jeles awk dpt tgkt bwh. kte dua sem tgkt 4.

nurul hidayah said...

ok la adibah tgkat 4..pemandangan tinggi sikit...haha

Anonymous said...

Ni ni.
Nak reward ni.
Nash menunggu shj ni.
Hahaha XD

Anyway dibah,
Wuuu, nash pun tingkat 3 daaa ):

nurul hidayah said...

haha nash awk spttnya mntak reward

farah said...

lawak ah komen awk psl ktinggian, dayah..

anati said...

hohooho...terbaek ar...
bgos tol.....hahaha

farah said...

ye trbaik ah.. bak kata classmate tesl aku last sem "the best ever".. mentang la tesl an.. hahh


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