Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Who Will I Be?

Who will I be?
Someone FAMOUS!!!
That's the problem, right?
I don't who I will be in future.
Heck, I'm sure many of us at this age doesn't know who we 
will be in the future.
Am I right?
(I'm 18, by the way)
I guess I didn't really know growing up could be so
difficult 'till I experienced it myself.
Okay, I did know that it's difficult but I never experienced it
or gave much thought about it when I was a kid.

When you're a kid, you don't worry about those kind 
of things- about what you're going to
be when you grow up, about living your dreams,
about doing the things that you want to do.
When you're a kid, you don't think about those 'what ifs'.
What if I can't make it?
What if I cant live the life that I wanted to live?
What if I'm not strong enough?
What if I'm not ready to take on the world?
What if I fail?
Worries, worries, worries...

When I was a kid I guess I didn't worry much about
these kind of things but as I grew older
I think more and question more.
Sometimes, looking at others lives...
having fun with what they do...
loving every moment of it...
makes me green with envy.
It also makes me feel like I'm wasting my youth;
not making each moment precious and enjoy life.
It's really frustrating.

When you're a kid the only things you have to worry
is not finishing your homework, getting scold
by your parents and teachers,
failing your exams and not having 
enough play time.
What a simple life.
But being a kid can be frustrating at times
because the adults don't listen to you or take 
you seriously.
So I guess being a kid isn't that easy.

Well, being a young adult is not a walk in the
park either.
Sometimes, you don't feel satisfied with your life
and want more.
Sometimes you feel that the grass is much greener
on the other side when it's exactly the same.
Well, I guess that's how we are, right?
We never feel satisfied.
We always want more.
But don't think of it as a bad thing
because this can be the catalyst to success, right?
I mean when you're not satisfied with something,
You work harder so I guess it can be a good thing 
but even so you still have to appreciate what you have, okay?

I wonder what's in store for me in the future?
Will I achieve great things?
Will I shine like the stars in the night sky?
Will I become the person I longed and dreamed to be?
Questions, questions, questions...

Story of my life...


anati said...

yup!! so many question in my head...

but one thing for walt disney said...

just look forwad!!..

Anonymous said...

Just wait and see.
I'm sure god had arranged your life perfectly..
just go with the flow, and HAVE FUN.
You don't need to stress yourself..
pretty much until you feel like your head carries a ton of bricks.

We're still young,
and we have a long journey in front of us.
Yes, there will be bumps in the road,
but with enough pray and guidance,
the rocky journey would be nothing :)

farah said...

anati: hahha.. btol.. cter meet the robinsons ek?

nash: I hope that the journey will be fun


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