Monday, November 1, 2010

Another Sleepover

Last Friday, Anati and Fiqa slept over at my house.
It was sad that Adibah couldn't come.
I think it'll probably much fun
if she was able to join us with 
her loud laugh and all.

Anati and I spent the night watching SHINee's Hello Baby.
Apparently, she's starting to become interested with the band.
I'm so happy.
Finally, I can talk to Anati about SHINee.
I think she became interested when we gathered at my house 
after shopping at The Mines and watched SHINee yubhanam.
At first, She fell for Jonghyun because of his voice.
Now she likes Key.
She thinks Key's cute.
I guess she really likes his personality.
I mean who doesn't?

Afiqah watched movies with my mom.
I guess she's not that interested in SHINee.
Although, she did say she likes Minho.

We stopped watching Hello Baby at 4 a.m.
(It was almost 4 a.m., I think)
Fiqa was already asleep.
Anati and I talked all morning.
After subuh, we talked some more and I think it was almost 9 a.m. when 
we fell asleep but it was nice talking
to Anati.
I don't get to talk to her while lying down before going to
sleep like that every night, you know.
It felt nice.
She gave a present when she arrived at my house.
I opened it when I went upstairs to pray (subuh).
She made me These bookmarks with SHINee's pictures
on them. There was this one bookmark with taemin's picture
on it and she even wrote his name on it too.
She even wrote me a letter giving me support and stuff.
It was a really lovely present.
Thanks, Anati!!

We spent some more time after waking up.
Fiqa went back home in the evening
while Anati went back at 9 p.m or something like that.
Before she went home, we watched SHINee's music videos
My mom came to watch as well.
She likes Minho.
She keeps complaining that Minho don't appear (solo)
in the video and that Jonghyun's face always appears in the videos.
I tols her it's because Jonghyun sings a lot in their songs and
that Minho raps and stuff
but she keeps complaining.
Get this she said that Minho doesn't look like
a pure Korean.
She said that he looks like a Malay.
My mom who only likes Malay guys.
I hope she'll let me marry a korean guy.

I had a great time that day.
Thanks, Fiqa and Anati.
You too, mom.
I was planning to do this again when Fadhilah is having her holiday.
Maybe sometime next week since Dibah is on a holiday
as well.

I hope we'll have more fun together.
I have to admit, when Anati went back home that night,
I was kinda sad.
It'd be great if I can see you guys everyday.
If only you guys were my roommate at UiTM.
Oh well, you can't have everything that you want in life.


adibah said...

I'm glad that both of you can spent the time together. Gee,I wish I was there at tht time. but you girls know right I'm quite busy right here. with my programmes lagi. hehe.

don't worry cuti raya we can meet.

Anonymous said...

wuuu~ mau join TT^TT

anyway, farah!
good luck for tomorrow!
(eee~ result, cuakcuakcuakcuak)

farah said...

xske mk aku asyik ckp taemin pondan.. hahah.. mentah2la die mnari cm pompuan tarian tell me your wish.. skali kte tnjuk vid tg taemin mnari sorg2 kt china ke ape ntah.. skali mk kte kata die mnari cm laki aku ckp ah 2 ah taemin yg ibu ckp cm pondan 2.. WAHAHAH!!! REVENGE!!! mk aku nk tgk minho je.. ceh!!!

anati said...

diba..nxt time make sure u join this sleepover..ok??? u my friends...


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