Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Korean Wave

I woke up early today.
Every day I shock, Every night I shock!! Hahaha!! BEAST!!!
No, no, no.. Only cheer for SHINee!!!

So anyway, I went downstairs and turned on the Tv.
I watched "Special Program" on KBS World Channnel.
It's about the Korean Wave.
Watching it made me green with envy because apparently,
Korea has become more and more popular in the eyes of the world.
I was kind of jealous that our country is not like that...

I found out that more people around the world are learning Korean.
Heck, there's even a college for Korean studies in Russia but if I'm
not mistaken the school was established long ago.
I heard the Russian guy said that this year marked its 110th anniversary or something.
What was the name of that University? I don't remember.

In China, there's this school (I think) that teaches Hangul.
(Hangul is Korean, right?)
The school's name is Sejong school or something.
It's named after the Great King Sejong.
(Isn't there a drama with this name on KBS World?)
King Sejong was the one who created Hangul.
So now you know.

I hop e Malaysia will become the center of the world someday too.
Standing in the eyes of the world...

Oh yeah, chukha yae, South Korea.
( I don't know the romanji)
Congrats on your success in introducing Korea to the world.
I hope Malaysia will succeed too.
Good luck, Malaysia!!! 


adibah said...

awl giler awl bgn. terkejut kte. haha.

ohhhh hebat gak kan korea. gee, I wish negara kte leh jadi sefamous korea.

tp kte rasa U kat luar,I don't remember nama U tu, ada gak institute utk bahasa melayu. huhu

bellalala said...

erm kte rse pgaruh korea dh sgt2 mngkat dgn drastik kot kat mlysia sjak 1st time kte trjebak
byk gler beza skang
kat era fm pn siap ada carta a-pop
(lgu korea kbykn)
pas2 kdg2 tgh tunes radio, ada lgu shnee ah

dlu pnyala pyh nk cari mgazine nk tgk psl korea2 ni
skang dh blmbak siap kat paper pn smpai 2 page
cd xyah cite ah
sng gler nk jmpa
dlu trliur je tgk cover cd kat itenet
sbb memg ssh sgt nk dpt

kat kolej kte kn
klu x mnat kpop memg loser ah

farah said...

hahah.. 2 ah psl.. smpai channel korea pun leh tyg kt luar negara.. plus ade kot test utk bhs korea x silap kte die cter kt program 2.. nme test tu TOPIK.. die tnjuk ah graph smakin mningkat.. graph org ambol test tu kot.. mmg dasyat.. sejong school 2 ade 75 cawangan kot.. 7o something la.. dasyat.. ade universiti ni wat bhs korea as subjek elektif tp skrg dorg nk jdkn subjek tu major lak..

anati said...

i wish malaysia will be like korea... terkenal di mata dunia... weeee~ one fine day...insyaAllah!! Malaysia boleh!!!


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