Saturday, November 6, 2010

Missing You..

I really miss my cousin, Nadia.
We've known each other for maybe almost 18 years now? 
I guess so since we were born in the same year.
It's been a long time since I last saw which was during the
raya holidays and I only get to see her for only a day.
Okay less than a day.
Maybe 7 hours like that.
We spent it watching Hello Baby.
I really wanted her to like SHINee too
so I introduced her to the show.
Like most of my friends, she begsn to like SHINee
but she's not as obsessive as I am.
She thinks Minho is cute.
She did say that she kikes Minho and Taemin.
Taemin is mine, Nadia.
Just take Minho.

We were tight since we were little.
I remember having a fight with her when were kids.
I think she pushed me down the stairs once or was it me 
who pushed her. I think it was her.
(defending myself)
We rarely even argue now since we rarely see each other.
We usually get to see each other once a year and it's usually for a day or two.
I know.
It's sad.
I love her so much.
She's not perfect but I love her anyway.
She always laugh at my jokes saying that it's funny.
I'm funny?
Bella is probably going to laugh at that statement.

I remember when we used to play water balloons in Tokmi's front yard
 with our other cousins.
Tokmi is our grandmother.
She's awesome.
She drives a car at her age.
She used to come to KL driving her car.
Awesome, right?
Anyway, Tokmi's front yard is huge; perfect for
a water balloon fight.
I was the one who always provided  the balloons.
Well, I was the one who came up with the idea in the first place.
Back then I thought of making the water balloon fight a family
tradition but it didn't work out so well.
My aunts started to not allowing her children play.
You know, they'll get wet and stuff and the front yard will get wet too.
So that's the end of the water balloon fight.

Missing Nadia also made me think about those three little rascals,
Azam, Arif and Anis.
They're my cousins too and they're siblings.
Azam is the oldest, Arif is the middle child and Anis is the youngest.
Having two older brothers, she became a little 
bit of a tomboy but she still plays with dolls and stuff.
She just knows how to play rough too.

I remember when Azam had no sibling, I kinda get over protective of him.
Just a bit, I think.
I remember when my brother accidentally or was it purposely hit him 
or something I hit him back or did I just scold him?
I don't remember much.
It was a long time ago.
I got scolded for that.

Then, Arif was born.
He really looked like me when he was a baby.
Well, he looked like the baby me, of course.
I looked at my baby pictures and his.
We really lot a lot like each other.
I always defend him whenever he got in a fight with his brother
when he was little and I remember
comforting him by giving him ice-cream and stuff.
He even told his mom he wanted to marry me.
But that was when he was little.
Then, there was Anis.
The little girl who likes to follow me around and watch what I do
with fascination.
The little who likes to go into my room and touch my stuff.
The girl who I always give stuff that I don't want to any more.

I guess, maybe I was kinda like a big sister to them.
We don't see each other often now since I got
into a University.
These kids are really talented.
If only they knew how smart and talented they are.

I remember this one time, Azam, Arif and my brother made a video 
about masked rider or something.
My brother played the bad guy, Arif played the hero who
saves the world and Azam was the director and the cameraman.
It was awesome.
Arif was amazing at acting.
Seriously, even I was surprised.
And Azam was actually good with the camera and directing.
And my brother.. well, his character was dull.
He didn't even say much or maybe he didn't have any lines at all.
I really wished I had a copy of that video.
I think maybe they deleted it.
They used a camera phone but they still manage to make it look good.
I mean they were young at that time,
Arif was probably like nine or something and Azam was like 12, I think.

Then there was this other time at my cousin's engagement ceremony.
It was this year.
Sometime in September, I think. 
We were waiting for Meimei's (my cousin) fiancée.
He really took a long time to arrive so Azam made a video and of course
Arif was the star. 
He started dancing and doing all these moves.
He even tried moon walking.
Right then I thought, hey this kid really have a potential
to be an entertainer.
He really listened to his brother's directions.
Azam, you should become a director.

Too bad I couldn't see them more often.
Story of my life.

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