Monday, November 8, 2010

A Funny Memory

I was laying down on my bed reading Cecilia Ahern's
"The Book of Tomorrow" when I came 
across the word "rigid'.
I didn't know what it meant
(Actually, I still don't know what it meant)
so I opened the dictionary.
While searching for the word, I came across another word.
That word was "rapist".
Okay, it's not a very "lovely" or "funny" word but it did made me laugh
because it reminded me of something funny.

My roommate, Nadzirah, used to wear this hat whenever 
she goes out for a discussion with her classmates at night.
The hat is the kind of hat you wear when you go snowboarding
but my other roommates like to say it's like a rappers hat.
I guess it's probably because rappers like to 
wear those kind of hats.

So we were discussing about this.
Nadzirah wanted to say "rapper"
but instead she said "rapist".
Being the only Tesl student in the room (somebody slap me. Please, don't),
I said "isn't rapist meant...".
Okay, I don't have to finish that sentence.
You get it.
We all laughed.
It was so funny.

I also remembered the time, Nadzirah told us about
her childhood.
It started when I said my "Computer Literacy"
text book is as thick as the yellow page
(Actually, Natrah, my other roommate called the book "yellow page" first).
So she told us this funny story relating to that subject.
When she was still a kid, she used to search
for Siti Nur Haliza's telephone number in the yellow page.
She was a big fan of her.
But she didn't find her number so she called the operator
and asked for Siti Nur Haliza's number.
She told the operator that she wanted to be Siti's foster sister.
We teased her about this every chance we get,
laughing every time someone brought it up.

I remember how we always call her (Nadzirah) mom.
She's like a mom.
She always wakes us up in the morning.
And Natrah is like the oldest sister
and Aya's the second older sister.
I'm the maknae..
like TAEMIN!!!
Then Nadzirah is probably like Key umma.

They're great roommates.
They're not perfect. That's true but they did help a lot.
Like the time when I got food poisoning, Aya and Nadzirah went to the 
hospital with me and stayed up until subuh.
I didn't tell you guys about that story yet.
I was going too.
It's still a draft.
But we'll see whether I'd publish it or not.
It was one of the worst night in my life after all.
But to think that they were willing to be there for me through 
all that pain and suffering due to the fact I threw up 9 times
that night really made it meaningful.

Thank you, girls for everything.
If only I was a better roommate to you. 


bellalala said...

jauh btl mskd dia dgn rapper

farah said...

2 ah psl die trsilap ckp.. mmg lawak la.. rapist pkai topi cmtu.. mmg kne jauhi laki yg pkai topi snowboarding ah. haha

anati said...

tersasul sudeh!!

farah said...

anati: hahha.. trsasul ckp prkataan cmtu lak


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