Tuesday, October 11, 2011

From Shah Alam with Love

         Helloooooooooo, dear readers!!!! HAHAHAHA!!! I t has been a long time since I last posted here.. Whoa.. I think it has been more than a month.. So, did you miss me? hahaha.. You don't have to answer that.. Hehehehe~ So what have I been doing all this time.. Well, I came back to UiTM and I was pretty busy with all the assignments and presentation.. Urgh!! Yesterday was my first presentations in months... I haven't done any presentations after I finished my foundation in Tesl.. So, yesterday was my first presentation in seven or maybe eight months.. WOW!!!! Imagine how nervous I was.. I was so nervous... bu I tried my best.. I did okay, I guess.. still my nrvousness showed.. OH MY GOD!! I wish I had done better.. Why oh why? I wish I'm one those Teslians (what we call tesl students) who are outspoken and are just so good at speaking infront of people.. Waaaaaaaa!! So many challenges.. I need to improve my english.. While I was presenting infront of the class yesterday, I kept repeating the same thing.. I should atleast try to explain in a different way.. *sigh* I need help.. Hehehehe~ I hope that I can speak infront of a crowd without feeling nervous.. Please pray for me.. Thank you.. Peace out! (^_^)v

From Shah Alam with love,

Farah Munirah a.k.a Mun/Famun/Famunrojo


adibahhh said...

I need u to teach me how to be confident in front of peoples.

wei,kalaula kte taw akn post something.. haha

farah said...

dibah... umm.. people awk jgn letak "s" taw.. xpekan kte btolkn? kot2 la nnt muet awk letak "s" sbb people tu kn dh brmaksud rmai..

adibahhh said...

a'ah dah publish bru perasan. mls lak nk betulkan balik. haha. thx tegur my grammar. haha

farah said...

oho.. welkam der

Farah Fauzi said...

fastar.. anda di tag.. :D

farah said...

tag ape ni?


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