Monday, April 19, 2010

So annoyed

Sooo annoying~

Just stop annoying and irritating me will you?

Have you ever had a friend that just keeps annoying
and irritating you?
Well, I have. A guy friend that is.
He is just so annoying.
I know he's a problamatic kid and all
and he didn't actually have a good past
but that shouldn't be the reason for him to just...
not care about his future and more importantly

Yes, his religion. He's not actually the kind of person
who is really religious and... stuff like that.
He keeps going on and on about his sad life
and his problems.
Like he's the only person on earth who have problems.
I have problems too.

It's okay that he likes to come to me for advise
but it's really frustrating when he doesn't really
follow my advises.
Doesn't it hurt you when a friend does that to you.
I mean, her you are trying really hard to help
a friend in need and hoping that he'll turn a new leaf
but noooooo....
he keeps repeating the same mistakes.


It's like all those talks and lectures are meaningless.
I don't answer his calls and messages anymore.
If he was a real friend to me he should have been
considerate about my feelings.
He should have listened and followed my advises.
He should have showed that he really is grateful that
I took the time to listen to his problems by becoming a
better person but he didn't.

You really dissapointed me, my friend.
If you couldn't help yourself then I can't help you any longer.
It'll just upset me.

I also hate it when he text message me things like guys say
when they're trying to flirt with you.
I really hate it.
I tol him that I didn't like taht but he keeps doing it.
Am I really a friend to you?
If I am then you should have been considerate about my feelings.
I know that you were the one who stood up
for me that day when a girl in our class was bad-mouthing
me to the other guys in our class
and I thank you for that but that alone
isn't enough to be a good friend.

I admit that I'm not a very good friend to you
even though you said that I am
but the truth is I'm not that good of a friend to you.
If I was i would have tried harder to help you but
instead I gave up.
I'm sorry but howq can I help you when you're
not even helping yourself.

You should be a good person first before
you try to be a good friend.

If not, you're friends will leave you...
and to be honest you weren't being a good enough
person to God and to yourself
so how do you expect yourself to be a good friend to me?

Sorry, my friend...


adibah said...

kte pun akn rse cm awk kalo dia buat cmtu..bnyk cntik org dh bg nasihat tapi tak ikut..kalo cm tu jgn citer ah kalo xnk ikut..buat penat je..

sbb tu kte ckp kat awk kali pertama kte tgk dia kte dh dpt taw dia cm ne.

sorry ah kat kawan awk tu..kte pun xdpt bntu dia kalo dia sendiri tknk berubah

farah said...

hahaha.. mmg ah awk dh ckp tp mse 2 kte kne cbe dlu tlong kalo x tlong lnsung mne leh an tp kalo dh tlong xnk ikot mls la nk lyn dh

adibah said...

betul2..tapi rse kesian lak kat dia since awk dh x agkt hp n lyn msg dia..well..slah dia gak..huhu

farah said...

kte nk bgtaw tp mls la.. asyik kte je kne pk prasaan die

bellalala said...

kte tau sape!!!!
kcoh gler
yela awk msti mcm dh mluat kn
dhla kuar advise free
xyah byr kan
at least klu dia x brubah pn dia kna tnjuk yg dia hrmat nshat awk

farah said...

2 ah.. bengang btol aku.. dhla buang mse org.. ade satu krisis ari 2 brkaitan dgn idop die yg sosial sgt 2 aku call die.. ing free ke ape bill tepon.. ye ah aku kne call sbb bnde 2 sirius sgt. Adibah taw cter ni.. awk kte x gtaw lg.. xleh cter kt sni la. kalo nk taw kontek la aku ek.. mgkin awk akn shock (lgu beast. hehehe) or mgkin awk x shock cuz awk dh mmg agk die org cmtu. kte pnye la bg advise sume smpai bill naik tgk2 cmtu gak prangai die. bengang je

bellalala said...

kte xde ah pk bruk sgt psl dia
bg kte yg x elok dia tu mgkn mcm merokok, melepak, rempit ke
klu slain dr list kte tu
errr....mksdnya kte akn tkejut la kot

farah said...

Kalo cmtu awk akn trkejot sgt2..


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