Thursday, April 15, 2010

How Can This Be?


How can this be?
And so soon?

I've watched SHINee Hello Baby final episode.
It was heartbreaking. Seriously I cried while 
watching SHINee and Yooguen part.
It was just so sad.
Parting with the ones you love is always heartbreaking
especially if the times you spent together were short.


It happens to everyone really.
You just need courage to move on
but how can a heart takeall this.

It's really sad...
Urgh! My heart is breaking.
(although it's not me who is parting ways with someone)

I really enjoyed watching the show.
I laughed so hard.
I hope that one day I would have a life like that
where everyday is a fun day...
Spending time with your friends...
Creating happy memories and such...
I hope to have that kind of life
because then...

Life is worth living...

What am I bluffing about?

SHINee and Yooguen, saranghae!!!

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Diaries said...

weh..awk dh tgk episode tu??

kte x smpai hati nk tgk..huhu..

tkut nangis ah..huuhu...

kte ske giler reality show tuh~
alaaa jgn la tamtkan..malangnya smpai episode 12..nasib baik ah dia ada buat episode special pas tu..

korang boleh byg x kalo ada suju punyer hello baby? kesian bdk tu nk ingt nama ahli2 suju sbb ramia sgt..hahaha


Diaries said...

kalo ade pun. mgkin depe x amik sume ahli suju cm cter full house 2 bkn sume yg slalu kuar dlm cter 2.


Diaries said...

cmne pun msti awk akn nk tgk gak ep last 2 an? btol la depe wat bday jonghyun tp x slap kte depe wat awl mse 2 kot.. hahaha.. jeles lak tgk btapa rptnye depe.



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