Monday, April 12, 2010


Sigh of relief ~

It's finally over.
Whew ~

The interview is finally over.
What a relief.
Now I just have to wait.

Before the interview, I was really nervous and
tried to calm myself down.
The written test was a bit hard.
The comprehension section is quite hard because the text
passage is....
I had to read it again and again to understand it.
(2pm's "Again, Again") 

"Again and again and again"
"Nu ehgeh jaggoo nuhleul weh geulunji molla"
"Weh geulunji molla"
"Again and again and again"
"Nuh eh maleh ddo sok a weh geulunji molla"
"Weh geulunji molla"

(Tiba2 lak lately minat dgn lgu2 2pm)

The essay was about baby dumping
and I had to write more than 250 words I think
within 30 minutes.


I had to answer all the questions given in one hour.
So 30 minutes for the objective questions
and another 30 minutes for the essay question.

What the heck?!!!!

Oh yeah, I saw someone that I know at the exam site.


(yes, it was that Alpha kid)

What the...?

Okay, so he's taking TESL too?
That was a surprise.
He didn't talk to me though.
Maybe he didn't see me.
After the test we had to go upstairs for the interview.
I saw Fatin as I was climbing the stairs.
I think she was in 5 Gamma last year.
When I reached the top floor someone called my name
and it was...


(yes, it was that annoying kid in my class last year)
(and to think I might never see him again...)
(such a small world we live in)

What the HECK?!!!!

I went to find interview room.
My interview was at panel 4.
I saw a girl near me sitting infront of the door of the interview room.
I sat next to her and I actually talked to her.

Farah, you've changed!!!
Ypu actually approaced someone first.
You actually tried making new friends.

This is AMAZING!!!


We talked like we've been friends for a
while now when we just met.
Her name is Khairun.
I had fun talking to her.
She's really nice.
She told that she was supposed to be on a date
with her boyfriend on that day but she
had to cancel it due to the interview.

She has a boyfriend when I'm still single?

The interviewers were females but one of them didn't talk much.
The other who did most of the talking was
a very hyper-go- lucky person.
She kept asking me if I really wanted TESL
because I didn't look like I wanted it.
I told her that this ia how my expression ussually looks like.
She laughed at that.

So that's how my interview went.
Please pray that I will get it, everyone.
Thank you for your support.



bellalala said...

awk ni mcm dh 17 thun hdup kat gua pastu bru dpt kuar

sarahahaha said...


ei, whats up with those vulgar colour on each of your entries?!
its confusing~ o_O

Diaries said...

masa awk citer yg HASSAN ada kat
interview tu kte dh lemah semangat..
adoyai..bnyk2 org dlm dunia nih awk leh jmpa dia balik..haha..bpk lawak..

kte untung ah pas ni kte dh x jmpa dia..cukuplah 2 thun sme kelas ngn dia..

skunk ni doa la bnyk2 awk dpt TESL kat UiTM..n doakn kte sekali supaya kte dpt buat asasi undg2 UiTM..huhu



Diaries said...

sorry x perasan kte tulis nme dua kali..wakaka..

lately asyik salah taip..huhu


anisss said...

woww such an exciting story
(lpas trbaca nama hassan)

kite igt mentera ape la awk ltak tu farah
rupanya lagu kumpulan 2 pm
nak masuk uitm gak!!!!

Diaries said...

hahahhaa...jumpa blik diorg...akhirnya, awk tgur pon org...good one!!, goodluck lps ni...doa . solat hajat bbyk k?? insyaALLAH dpt!! weeee~~~


Diaries said...


hahaha.. saje nk bg nmpk x dull sgt entry aku cuz slalu dull nk mmpos!

dibah: 2 ah dlm byk2 org jmpe hassan. Ish!!!

sbnrnye, mk aku ingt khairun 2 laki so die tnye ensem x bdk 2. lwk gler sbb die ingtkn kte ckp khairul bkn khairun


khal said...

awk msti dpt pnye..
rse bes ble bc karya eng awk ni..

Diaries said...

hoho.. yeke? Thanx



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