Wednesday, April 14, 2010



Time really waits for no one.
As time passes I become scared of age.
Scared of not being able to do things that I've been dreaming
of doing before I turn 30.
I've thought of getting married at 30 and not in my twenties
because there are just so many things that I want
to do before I get married.

Sooo many things...

Like travelling and see the world...

"A whole new world,
A new fantastic point of view,
No one to tell us no or where to go,
Or say we're only dreaming"

Meet new and different people of all kinds of races...

"A whole new world,
A dazzling place I never knew"

Experience new and exciting things...

"A whole new world,
Don't you dare close your eyes,
A hundred thousand things to see,
Hold your breath, it gets there" 

While doing something that I like doing...

"A whole new world,
Every turn a surprise,
With new horizons to pursue,
Every moment red-letter"

"I'll chase them everywhere,
There's no time to spare,
Let me share this,
whole new world with you..."



What I'm worried right now is if I'm not able
to experience all these things.
Sometimes there are more important things that you need to do
in life than following your dreams.


Dang dang dang.....
 (background music)  

Okay, okay...

Why do I always talk about life these days?
Seriously Farah, what's with all this life talk?
What? Do you want me to talk about SHINee
and start my fangirling like Adibah?

"Onew oppa, saranghae!"
(more screaming and then faints)
(Sorry, Dibah)

Uh.. I don't think so.
It's better to talk about life than fangirling.


Don't get angry with me, Adibah.
Just face it. In reality, if Onew
ever appeare infront of you, you would do exactly that.

Now where were we?
Right, about life.
I was never this scared of life before, I think.
I guess this is all part of growig up.
Turning 18..
Kinda suck, don't you think?

Sometimes, I wonder what I would be 5 years from now...
or 7 years from now...
or ten years from now..
What kind of person will I be...?
Sometimes thinking this excites me but sometimes it scares me...

I hope I will grow up to be a fine and lovely woman.
A good muslim...
a good daughter...
A good mother...
A good wife...



bellalala said...

insyaAllah farah
awk smpat wt pe yg awk impikn
awk pegang kuat2 impian tu n usaha kearah tu

(heh. pndai jela aku ni. pdhal aku x brusaha pn nk kwin ngan orlando bloom)

Diaries said...

awk leh nye farah!!

huhu...doa bnyk2 awk sempat buat sume tu..doakan kte sekali k:)


Diaries said...

xyah usaha la ,bella. xkn jdnye awk kawin dgn orlando


bellalala said...

u juz jealous

Diaries said...

betul2..xkn jadinya..

just accept the truth bella!!!



Diaries said...

dibah, dkn awk nk kahwin dgn Onew ke? hehehe.. well, atleast die tinggal kt asia


Diaries said...

farah!! kalo dia lamar kte ,kte memang terima..xde dh fikir dua kali..huhu

onew oppa~

okay,dibah you better stop it..



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