Friday, February 11, 2011

Even though I'm tired, I am happy

Even though I'm tired, I am happy...
Because I have you guys with me, my classmates.
(Go, 2C!!!)
You guys are the best!!

To be honest, last semester was not the best time of my life
because I didn't like it.
I was not at all that close to my 2F classmates.
I just don't have that much chemistry with them, I guess.
I didn't feel like I belonged in that class.
I felt like an outcast.
So I was always alone.
I was like a ghost to everyone, I guess, since I didn't really
socialize with them.
Perhaps I didn't find it rather necessary. 
Did I? Did I really?
Or perhaps I just didn't like talking to them?
Or maybe because it is in my nature to be a loner
because I find it rather annoying and frustrating if I cannot have a moment
to myself...
I need my alone time.
Yes, I am like that.
I like to be by myself at times.
it's quite nice to spend time with yourself.

enough with this nonsense, I am drifting away from my main point here.
So anyway, I'm very tired...
So many things to do, so little time..
With all the assignments piling up and all the presentations I have to prepare for...
Ah, and don't forget the final drama.
I like this project.
It is so much fun because I get to spend time with my classmates!!
I like my classmates for this semester.
They make me feel like I belonged in the class and that I am one of them.
They're really nice. They made up more nicknames for me.
Sometimes, they call me, FaMun, sometimes, FM..
Sometimes, Mun, sometime,s Farah and sometimes, Farah Munirah..
I like all of my nicknames..
They're cute!

Anyway, it has been a tiresome week..
I had to go to Kolej Meranti (kolej lelaki) after class for drama practice
and to make the props.
It was interesting entering a boy's college.
(dh la mlm lak 2 an?)

Speaking of drama, Yesterday I did my dramatising.
I had to act alone in front of my class.
It was terrifying!!!
I was so nervous but I did it.
It was rather quick actually and I talked to fast..
because I was too nervous.
But no matter.
I did it!!!

I played a spoiled girl having a phone conversation with 
her mother.
I had to act cute and manja2..

Can you imagine, Farah Munirah who as so passive since
secondary school act cute in front of other prople?
Nooo Waaayyy!!!
But I've changed a bit, dear schoolmates..
Yep, it is true that no I like to act cute in front of others..
I am sorry to dissapoint you..
       Bella, awk msti x cye an?
Well, my classmates said that I was cute hen I did my dramatising..
so then, maybe I am cute.
(Prasan jap)

Yep, it was definitely a tiresome week but I managed to go through it all.
Applause, applause!!!


adibahhh said...

kte sumpah penat giler lately ni,
dengan project programming. tak tdo lena and mkn tk kenyang selagi projek tk siap. smpaikan farhan jmpa kte kata mata kte mkin teruk walaupun kte pkai bedak. hahaha.

btw,tak boleh bla awk masuk asrama lelaki. woot woot!

farah said...

dibah: yeah... asrama laki u.. best dowh asrama dorg.. kolej kte lame ah.. dorg pnye dewan best.. ade wheelchair.. kteorg duk main dgn wheelchair 2.. haha


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