Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm Gonna Do the Speech Tomorrow???

It's not today.
I'm going to do my persuasive speech tomorrow.
I was supposed to do it today but my friend, Nash wanted to do it today 
when she was supposed to do it tomorrow because she wants to focus on 
hafazan for tomorrow.
So many work!!!
So I asked her to take my turn because
I was really nervous.
I was more nervous because today, all the guys
in my class had to sit in front which meant he had to sit 
in front too.

But now I'm worried about my persuasive speech topic for tomorrow 
because it's very controversial.
Oh, why did I ever choose that topic.
I'm sure you all are wondering what is my topic for my persuasive speech, right?
Oh, well, the topic is "Men Vs Men (Men are better than women)".
Oh My Gucci!!!
I know it's a betrayal to all women out there.
An insult!!!
But please understand I decided to do this topic because I thought it would be 
interesting an very controversial!!!

Initially, I didn't really plan to do this topic like this.
At first my topic was "Women can do anything that men do and
they can do it better" but Madam changed the topic to "Men vs Women".
My friend said that it's because a persuasive speech topic should not show
which side that we're on meaning that my topic should be mysterious.
It should not tell people that I'm siding on women.
It should be remain unknown until I give my speech
so if my topic is "Men vs women", my audience would not
know which side I'm on until I give my topic.
At first, I wanted to side on women but then it won't be
as interesting as me siding on the men's side
because for a girl to take the men's side would be extra controversial
and far more exciting!!!
So that's what I taught.

This morning, I met with some of my friends from group 2E.
These two girls were arguing with Faiz because he made a very controversial speech
about the fun facts about women but all of them are negative facts.
He said that it's just a speech.
That's right, Faiz.
Then I told him about my speech and he was like 
"See, a girl admits it. A confession from a girl!"
Now I'm known as the betrayer of all women kind.
Hehehe... =_="
Not funny, really...

I told my friends about my persuasive topic and of course
being the women that they are, they didn't agree at all.
One girl, farahafiza did say that that men were born first.
Good point..
And women were made from men, right?
So without men, there is no women.
It's a fact.
What can we do?

I just hope they will support me tomorrow.
Well, I know that the guys will but as for the girls..
Plus, the number of guys in my class are very small compared to girls.
Boy, am I in trouble.
I'm digging my own grave.
Not only that, the person grading me, my lecturer, is in fact a women.
Brilliant, Farah.
Just brilliant!


adibahhh said...

awk dari zmn sek bkn cm tu ke? mksd kte tak defend perempuan?
yg kte berdebat ngn farhan pun awk tak sokong kte. awk sokong farhan. nasib baik azim sokong kte.

Mun said...

hehheh.. haah aku cmtu.. wahahah!!! mse jmuan kls eh korg debat tu?

adibahhh said...

tak ingat laaa masa bilaaa!
seriously tak ingat bila tapi kte ingat perdebatan tu

Mun said...

ntah.. kte asyik side kt laki an.. mmg.. pengkhianat kaum sndiri..


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