Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Did it!!! Finally!!

I did my speech today!!

I was so relieved that he came to class late (and safely).
So I did my speech without feeling too nervous about it.
I was nervous a little at first but when I started
I don't feel nervous anymore.
It felt AWESOME!!!
I love standing in front there and speak.
The feeling is incredible.
I used to hate having to stand there but now I love it!

The guys were really supportive when I gave my speech
but the girls were against it.
As expected..
What girl would agree that men are better than women?
Okay, maybe me since I made a speech on that topic.
Sorry, girls.
It is a fact that God created man first before women
and He created us from a man too.
Well, like it or not.
That's reality.

I'm so relieved that I have done my persuasive speech.
It was fun but my speech lacks seriousness.
My expression was not serious at all.
I kept smiling.
My lecturer had told me that when I did my demonstrative
speech before I was too sweet.
How am I supposed to be a teacher if I'm sweet all the time?
She said I'm suitable to be a kindergarten teacher.

And today was the last class for Listening and Speaking 2.
It was really sad.
Tomorrow will be the last class for Literature.
This really makes me sad.
It's really coming to an end.
I'm gonna miss Asasi TESL.
I'm gonna miss my friends at TESL.
I'm gonna miss INTEC.
Gonna miss the classes.
Gonna miss my class, 2C..
Gonna miss all of you.
Hope that this isn't a goodbye.
I hope that I'll see you guys again.. 


adibahhh said...

terbaik laa!! doa kte termakbul!!! yay for u!!! u did it!!!!

Mun said...

awk doa ape dowh? hahaha

adibahhh said...

supaya eheemmmm tu datang lewat and awk leh buat speech tnpa rasa nervous

Mun said...

hahhha!!! Lwk ah awk ni.. smpai mcm 2 skali tp maceh sbb doakn..

Anonymous said...

kontroversiii.. haha

bellalala said...

bru tau btapa hbatnya dnia bila kte kehadapan kn?
dalam mksd ayt 2


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