Friday, March 4, 2011

I am SOOOOO Nervous!!!!

What should I do???
I'm so nervous!!!
I'm going to give him the present today
but I'm too nervous to walk up to him and give it to him.

I was supposed to give to him yesterday
but I didn't wrap the present nicely so
I thought that I'd give him to 
him after I decorate it all nice and pretty.
But I'm so nervous.
I know he's waiting for me to give him the present
because he already knows that I'm
going to him something.
My friend told him about it
but she didn't tell him what it is.
(I made 100 paper hearts and put them in a jar. It's like I'm giving him my heart.)
Now that he knows, I have to give him today.
He'll be waiting..

But I'm too nervous...
Someone, Help me!!!


adibahhh said...

weh,pe cer ni? bg hadiah apa?
sorry tak bkk blog layan drama laaa

Mun said...

kn kte dh tlis.. kte bg 100 paper hearts yg kte wat ltak dlm balang.. kn kt korea kalo wat 100 origami n bg kt org yg ske cnta last 4ever ek? khurafat.. hhaha

adibahhh said...

LOL~ so what's his reaction?
asal tetiba nk bg?

Mun said...

die ske la kot.. eh, kte dh lme dh wat bnde 2 just xpsti nk bg ke x.. then balang 2 lmbt bli.. lgpun dh nk abis asasi n I want to give him something that I made..


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