Monday, March 28, 2011

What I like and Don't Like in a Guy

The topic that girls like to talk about when they have sleepovers..
Just admit it, girls...
Sometimes, I don't understand them.
I don't know what they are thinking.
But sometimes they are too obvious..
Boys are hard to understand.
But hey, the same goes for us girls too, right.
Boys think that we're complicated
and they don't get us at all.
See, we're even.

But there just some things that us girls just don't like in a guy.
Well, each girl has their own opinion on this.
For instance, some girls don't like guys who talk too much.
Maybe because it can be annoying and if the guy talks too much
he won't listen to what you have to say
and girls hate that.
If you're a guy and you talk too much..
Yeah.. try not to..
Because girls like a guy who is a good listener
because we like to talk about our problems and we need someone 
to listen to us.

So what do I like and don't like in a guy?
(Like you want to know anyway..)

1) I like a guy who likes to talk but not too much.. He has to know how to listen too.
I don't like a guy who just talks but don't listen.

Well, for me, I like a guy who likes to talk and make jokes
because I like to laugh but I don't it if 
he talks too much and never listens.
He should know how to speak and listen.
(This is why we Teslians learn Listening and Speaking)
(I miss that class)

2) I don't like guys who lie. I like honest guys.

Lying is wrong. I'm not saying that I never lied.. 
I already told you about the story where
I made my mom upset by
damaging her stuff and blamed my little brother.
But I told my mother the truth..
A fey years later...
But I told her the truth..

Back to the point, I just don't like it when a guy I like lies to me.
And I'm sure that most don't either.
I mean, who likes being lied to?
No one.

3) I like guys who dress nice. (What girl doesn't?)

This reminds me of a guy I know who likes
to wear blue and purple shirt to class every Monday.
This Monday, he'd wear blue and the next Monday, it's purple.
I think it's cute.

4) I really don't like it when a guy ignores me especially when I'm talking to him.

Heck, I don't like it when anyone ignores me.
It's like I'm talking to a wall!!!
Hello, anybody there?
Hey, I'm talking to you!!!
It's irritating!!!!

5) A guy who smokes. Yeah... (Where's the dislike button on this thing?)

Why do some guys think that smoking is cool?
It is so not cool.
What's so cool about damaging your lungs?
Two word...
Not Cool.

So that's it... I'm too lazy to write any more..
So the conclusion to this entry?
Too lazy to think of a conclusion..
I have to do something about my laziness...


Anonymous said...

I totally went LOL
when I read the shirt part.
seriously, I remember where I kept teasing him about having just two shirts..
ahhh~ miss that time - lots!
But yeah, I hate smokers and those who nag non-stop.
So yeah, we're basically the same sister!

-Thank god I got a guy of my dream ^^

adibahhh said...

i really hate guys who smoke! arghhhh!!! asap dia je dah boleh buat kte kene asma!!! aishhh!

I like a guy who likes to talk but not too much.. He has to know how to listen too.I don't like a guy who just talks but don't listen..

mesti ahh, he must be a good listener. kalau bnyk ckp mcm mkcik pulak. boleh tambah tak?

kalau kte, kte nk yg spek sbb nmpk lagi smart. and photographer sbb nmpk cool. woot woot!

farah said...

nash: hahahh.. kte nk trgelak ble awk tease die.. hahhaah

dibah: awk nk yg spek jugak.. haih

farah said...

nash: kalo la kte leh like komen awk dh lme like.. ahahah.. kann.. nk gi kls blik.. rndu dowh


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