Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Longest Entry I have Ever Posted

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, lived four
beautiful princesses with their maid (who likes to steal chickens).
Like their appearances, these princesses had beautiful names which are
Princess Hidayah, the smart, Princess Adibah, the cute one, 
Princess Anati, a.k.a sleeping beauty and Princess Fadhilah, the sweet one.
As cute and beautiful as Princess Adibah and Anati are, they actually really cruel to their
poor maid, Farah..
Because they kept telling her to update this blog.
Ape pnye kawan.
Just kidding~

Aaaaaaanyway, I was ordered by Princess Adibah and Princess Anati
to write about our day at the Pavilion.

Two days ago, we went to the Pavilion.
To watch.... ummmm..
What was the name of the movie?
Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa?
Yeah, that movie.
But we had other missions besides watching that movie...
Our missions were:

1) Get to Pavilion (dude, how do you spell "pavilion"?)

My mom drove to the lrt station, Serdang.
Thanks ibu!!
Now, ibu, this is why I have to get a licence but nooo, you
want me to wait 'till I get married.
But what if no one wants to marry me?
That cannot happen.
Okay, back to the point.
Heeeee :)
So we arrived at  the pavilion safely.
(maleh nk citer pnjg2 cmne smpai sne)

Eating ice-cream at KL central

Dayah (left) and Dilah (right)

2) Buy the movie tickets and have lunch

So we bought the tickets and had lunch.
Lunch was great.
I had Korean food!!!
It was the first time I have ever taste Korean food.
Such a great moment.
I ordered tteokbokki (spicy rice cake)
and it was SOOOOO SPICY!!!!
But I love it!!!
Because I love spicy food..
Anati, Adibah, Fadhilah and Dayah ate..
What did you guys order from Iciban Ramen?
Was it Bento something?
It's not important what you girls ate.


Bento something..

Princess Anati a.k.a sleeping beauty

Si Dibah yg Badjet cute



3) watch the movie

The movie was... was...
And it's not just because of the prince..
Ok, girls?
Dibah, why did you keep screaming at the fighting scenes?
Ah, sincha...
The fighting scenes were awesome!!!!

4) Take more pictures 

The girls really like taking pictures..
Some of them are really embarrassing..
Why oh why did I join them in taking those pictures..
Soooo embarrassing..

Menggedik nk tgkp gmbr dgn poster Lee MinHo
What do I do with these girls?

Sempat lg 2 tgkp gmbr

If anyone asks, I do not know the girl in the middle

I don't know these two girls in front of me

Gmbr ni sgt xleh blah..
Anati, what are you doing?

Dibah, there's no need to take a picture of me walking~
People were watching...

Haih.. byknye gmbr awk suro kte upload kt sni dibah oi~

These two pictures are the most embarrassing pictures I have ever take
People were watching~
and Anati, what are you doing? 
Dibah, knpla awk suro kte upload gmbr ni?
soaln yg kte patot tnye..
Why am I in this picture???
(Hah! Yg 2 kte x taw)

Dh cukup.. kte dh pnt nk upload gmbr byk2 kt sni, dibah..
ckup la..

5) Buy food before heading home

Anati, Dilah and I went to a bakery.
I was so clumsy.
I accidentally dropped the egg tart which I bought for my mom
on the floor.
I took another one but I was still going to pay for the one that
I dropped.
But then the guy who worked there asked me for the dirty egg tart.
So I didn't have to pay for it.
That was so nice of him.
I didn't get to thank him though,.
I was so embarrassed.
Farah Munirah, you are so clumsy.

6) Head home

Heading home was dreadful because we had to find a bus.
And my feet were killing me..
I was sooo tired..
Finally, we found a bus but the bus was too crowded.
But it was nice because I met this nice Chinese old man.
He called me Ah Moi..
He was such a sweet old man.

These girls...
They even took pictures in the bus..

weh, dh 25 gmbr dh ni..
Bpe byk gmbr awk nk kte upload..
You have to pay me for this

Finally, we arrived at Anati's house...

 (don't worry, dibah.. there are more pictures.. kihkihkih)

6) Eating Dinner

Anati's mom drove us to a restaurant near Anati's house.
The restaurant's name was "Bidor Station"?
(Ye ke?)
The food there was nice..
Or maybe it was because I was really hungry..
Heeee :)

(Okay, that's enough.. It's already 28 pictures.. I'm tired)

Make that 29 pictures..
I am tired..

7) HOME!!!

Thank you!!!
No more pictures.
Anati's dad sent adibah and me home!!!

Ps: Dibah, I did what you told me to do..
It was very tiring..
I should get paid, you know..

Giler panjang!!!



adibahhh said...

woot woot woot! pnjg giler!
tapi ta puas hati lagi ada gmbr yg lain kte nak! hahaha
btw,thanks sbb post farah! haha

kalau kte post nnti jadi bosannnnn.
ohh ye tak cerita masa awk g kedai roti kte and dayah beli jco. and etude house awk tk citer doee.

anddd g apvi tu besr arrr ngn korang! kte excited giler! and
that movie was totally awesome!
merong tu! haha.

btw, korang the best! THANK U for that day!

farah said...

ohh.. kte rse mls la nk tlis psl 2.. byk sgt nk cter kang bosan lak jd nye


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