Saturday, March 26, 2011

Telling Lies

If we were asked to raise our hands if we ever lied in our lives, 
I'm sure very little of us would do that which shows what big liars we are
because obviously most of us must have lied 
at least once in our lives.
Like it or not, it is a fact that we as flawed human beings tell lies,
whether harmless or not. Perhaps it has been in 
our nature to lie; to make up things 
in order to hide the ugly truth. 

One thing about lying is that it could go from
one little harmless white lie to something far more 
serious and complicated. One we tell a lie,
no matter how good and realistic that lie is,
it will surely come to a situation where we have to make up another
lie to cover up that lie and then when that lie is almost found out,
we will have to make another lie and then another one and it goes on. 

The point is when we start telling a lie, we ill 
continue making up one lie after another just to cover up the previous lie
and it will never end until we fess up and tell the truth.

To be honest, it is not always easy to tell the truth, sometimes
it is just too difficult to tell the truth; so because of this
we often turn to lying even though we know what the
consequences would be. Although we know what lying leads to,
why do we still lie? There has to be a reason why we turn to lying
in the first place. One of the reasons might be because most of us think that
 by lying about something under certain circumstances and situations,
we can achieve or benefit something. We want to gain something
which is precious and of significance to us so we decide that lying
is the best way to gain it.
But it's wrong!!!!
If we want to achieve something, we should work hard for it in an honest way.
It's the best and the right way.

Another factor which causes a person to lie in the first place
is none other than fear. We fear that we will get in trouble once the
truth got out so we lie to get away but we always end up having to make
up another lie in order to cover up that lie because there will always be a situation
where the truth is almost revealed.

This reminds me of the time when I was a little girl.
My mom was angry at my little brother and me.
She was so upset that she stormed out of the house saying
that she's going to go to her friend's house.
We were really scared.
Well, of course we were scared.
We were little and our mom said that she was going to leave us.
There was no one else in the house.
Our dad was at work.
She locked the gate and left us..
We cried hysterically. It was so intense that I accidentally
damaged my mom's uuhhhh..
flowers or something..
It was a decoration..

Then when my mom came home, she asked me who did it
and I said it was my brother..
I lied.
My mom slapped my brither gently..
I don't think it hurt.
(sorry bro, but thanks for not telling on me)
Years after that, I told my mom the truth..
I was such a naughty girl back then.
But hey, Now I don't like to lie to my mom.
It just doesn't feel right.
So never lie to your mom.
Just tell her the truth no matter how ugly and hurtful it is
because if she finds out that you lied to her, it will
hurt her more than anything.

Aaaanyway, telling lies is very bad. It never brings any good.
We should never lie even if it is with good intentions
because a lie is a lie and anything far from the truth is just wrong.
The truth is always the best, no matter how hurtful it can be.

Heeee :)


adibah said...

very nice one! walupun kte tak nak lukakan hati org yg kte syg but they deserved to know the truth! walaupun kebenaran sgt menyakitkan

farah said...

taw xpe.. weh ape awk dh wat pd blog ni? hahah


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