Thursday, April 7, 2011


It has been a long time, since I've walked through those gates.
And it has been a long time, since I got my name written in the list 
of people who came to school late at the school's front gate by the prefects.
I remember this one time; this one prefect actually knew my name.
I must have been famous at that school!!!
(Perasan je lbih... =_=")

I really don't like coming to school late because
during the assembly you'd have to stand
at the corner where all the students who were late have to stand
while the other students who came early sit down on the dirty, cold floor
(Hah!!! Sucks for you).
I try not to come late, but sometimes I just can't be early.

I also really hated it when I walked into the class and found 
that my chair has magically disappeared. 
(mesti plajar ptg pnye keje)
Then I have to go search for an extra chair from other classes
early in the morning.
It can get pretty annoying if you have to that every morning.
That school just never seems to have enough chairs.
And it was all because of those irresponsible students
who irresponsibly broke most of the chairs at our school.
Don't you guys have anything better to do?
You guys should really get girlfriends.

And don't get me started with the girl's toilet.
I... am.... ashamed...
And you people call yourselves girls.
Girls don't do those disturbing things in the toilet.
Again I shall repeat..
I am so ashamed!!
Who knew that the girl's toilet can be so scary.
Glad I don't have to go through that any more.

Another that I don't like about that school is the cold food.
Why oh why must the nasi lemak be so cold?
This is an insult to nasi lemak lovers everywhere!!!
And I am one of them.
(over gler =_=")
But why must the nasi lemak be so damn cold when
the chicken rice is still warm when us students
buy them at the canteen?
My inner voice: Tibe2.. pdehal ko slalu je bli nasi aym 2
Me: Dh nasi aym tu pns mmg la aku bli.. 
My inner voice: Eleh, bkn ko kata ko dh jemu ke mkn nsi lmak 2?
xyah byk alasan la weh.. 
nasi lemak lover knon.. bole blah la wei..

My inner voice: Winner!
Me: Looser.. 

Oh, whatever!!!
(marah sbb kalah dgn diri sndiri)

The thing that I hate the most about going to school is...
Yep, that's right (knon ade org guess la an).
waking up early in the morning,
I am not a morning person.
I remember how much I dreaded going to school so early
in the morning.
It was torture.
Over-reacting again.

Let's not forget homework.
How I hate homework.
One of the this I hate about school is doing homework.
(Farah, why do you even bother going to school?)
But I remember that when it comes to making History notes
I would try to make it pretty because I want to get the stars..
(Best gler kalo dpt stars tu)

Other than that I really hated studying..
Again farah, why do you even bother going to school?
I really hate History, Biology, Chemistry...

I must really hated going to school, huh?
(ya think?)
But There are still thing I like about school
such as hanging out with my friends...
sleeping in class..
goofing off with my boddies..
sleeping in class...
sleeping in class..
yeah, those kind of stuff..

So there you go..
The things I hate about school.

-The End-



adibah said...

hahaha, pengakuan terbaik dari awk!

kte ske baca post ni!!!

taw tak masa awk dtg lmbt sek, kte selalu elak dari fahmi n geng dia dari suruh jaga denda bdk dtg lewat.
kte tkt kte denda awk tp tk pernh terjadi. hahaha

weh, part nasi lemak kte setuju, sejuk oo tk pns. nasi aym dia sedap. haha. n toilet jgn citer ah horror!!!!!!!!

weh, jgn ah ckp tk ske sej. kte ske sej tahu tak? giler minat. kalau kimia kte leh ah terima awk tk ske. kte tk ske bio!!!!! sengal.

and lagi satu kte suka zmn sek, asal opposite nn awk ah?

kte bnyk kenangan masa jadi pengawas, kte ske time tu.

classmates f5 tk best sgt kecuali geng kte,azim n sofea. haha

farah said...

kte x ckp kte xske sume psl zmn skola, dude... kte cme cter bnde2 yg kte xske psl sek je kt entry nih.. xbest ah kalo cter psl bnde yg kte ske je an.. hahahha.. kte ske gak la zmn skola.. mne ade kte benci skola la.. tp ade bnde yg kte x ske gak

Mohd Effendi said...

sekolah2. haha

Rahmad said...

follow your blog fara...

farah said...

oh.. thanks

aiman rashidd said...

HAHAHAHA btw try study if tak suka =.='

selagi tak dapat study apa yang kita betul2 nak :)

goodluck ok :)

keppy studying ang enjoy with it !

farah said...

aiman: hahha.. sye ske bi jer.. nsib baik la ade subjek yg disukai.. kalo x.. xtaw la cmne n thanks

NuRuL HoNeY said...

PBM..nice entry..teringat pulak waktu sekolah menengah selalu dtg lambat ke sekolah sbb naik bas..ngeh3x~~~


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