Thursday, April 14, 2011

More Than One Best Friend

Can you have more than just one best friend?
Is it possible to have more than just one best friend to share your
deepest and darkest secrets with?
Does it even make sense two have two "bests" in your life?
Best must mean there has to be only one, right?
Well, I say that it's a load of bullocks!
(Whoa! I just used the word "bullocks". Hahaha)

It's not wrong to have more than one best friend
but it can be hard sometimes.
Having more than one friends can be much harder and more difficult just having one
because when there's a problem in your friendship,
it is bound to be more difficult to solve than when you only
have one best friend.

First, it's because when you have more than just one best friend, 
when there is a fight between you guys, one of you is forced to take sides
which can make that person very stressed because
she has to choose between her two best friends
(let's just say this person has two best friends and is a girl)
and trust me it sucks when you have to choose between
your two most important friends in your life.
It sucks!!
Big time.
So you try to make things right between them but they just don't want to listen.
It would be as hard as hell to make them make up if one
of them is really stubborn and just won't listen to a word
you say because she's too angry at your other best friend.
It sucks being in the middle of a fight because you know
that you have to fix things.
The dilemma of having more than one best friend.
It's a tough world out there.

One thing about friendship is that you have to learn to trust
your friends. If you say that know your 
best friend more then she knows herself
than you have to trust her.
Don't ever think that she would do anything to hurt you.
What would you feel if your best friend doesn't trust 
you and thinks that you would hurt her?
Feels like your heart's been ripped open, right?
So please...
Whatever it is.
Trust your best friend.
Trust her, okay?
How could she ever try to hurt you?
Just trust her.

Another thing about having more than just one best friend is
that sometimes it's kind of hard to know what to say or not say 
to them and what secret that should be kept between them.
What I mean is if one of them told you something,
you would, of course, assume that you can tell your other best friend about it
since the three of you are best friends
and there shouldn't be any secrets between you.
But it would end in a fight when you find out that you
weren't supposed to tell that secret to your other best friend.
And you didn't even know that and suddenly it's all your fault.
Yep, it kinda sucks when this happens but you have
to talk to your friends about it.
If they really are your friends, they would understand.
And another thing, when you have more than one best friends, you
should know that this kind of thing can happen
so don't expect one of your best friend to keep secrets from your other best friends.
and don't ask them to because it would be hard for them
to do that because they would feel guilty for keeping
secrets from their best friends.

When you have more than one best friend, you have to know
that if you tell your secret to one of them then you have to tell the others as well.
It's not fair if you didn't.

Having best friends is really great because they're always there when you need them
but like I said you have to learn to trust them.
And maybe it's hard to have more than just one best friend but there's nothing
wrong with it.
You just have to know how to handle things
and not let them get out of hand.

So to that person, please trust her, okay?


Farhana Basri said...

i have more than one best friend. i love them..<3

farah said...

heee.. me too. but it kinda sucks when we fight.. but we'll make up when we do..

ishiko said...

hehee.. i have more than one bestfriend.. ^_^


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