Sunday, December 19, 2010

Spring Cleaning!!!! (tp bkn spring pun)

Today my lovely and dear room mates and I did some
cleaning in our room.
Our own spring cleaning during the evening...
at dawn..

Cleaning in operation...

Whoa!!! So messy..

The windows are so SHINee!!!
Shining SHINee!!!

I had fun wiping this window...

and look at the fan..
no dust..

Natrah, your place is so messy la...

Our "mom", Nadzirah's place..

My place!!! yeah!!! My bed!!!
Look2!!! There are SHINee's pictures!!!

After we cleaned the room....

Look!!! Natrah's place are now so clean and neat!
Hehehe... My eldest sister, Natrah!!!

Our "mom's" bed is the cleanest and the neatest!!!

My bed id so...
so girly, right?
and so neat..
but not as neat as our "mom's" bed...

The SHINee pictures..
Look.. and adore..

This is my second oldest sister's bed..
So neat and clean...

So this is how our beds are arranged...
Just like last semester...

From left: Aya's bed, Nadzirah's bed..

From left: Natrah's bed, my bed (which is the best, daebak and the most awesomest!!! 
That's not even a word~)

So this is it...
This was how we spent our evening together..
Cleaning our room..


The End~


adibahhh said...

awk patut baut cm tu kat bilik awk. mksd kte kat rumah awk.
wahahaha(evil laugh)

adibahhh said...


bellalala said...

lol nape?
blik farah kat rmh sepah ke?
btw, memg semak kot blik asrama awk!!
blik asrama kte slalu mcm yg after awk kmas
hahaha bgus x
dh nsb kte dpt roomate pgemas

farah said...

adibah: ala x best la kne kmas sorg2 kt blik kt rmh..

bella: bkn la.. blik kte bkn la brsepah cmtu.. kteorg ubah2 brg la mse 2.. xnk kne habuk mse lap kipas ape sume.. lg nk sapu bwh ktil kne la kuarkn brg bwh ktil kn kte tlis cleaning in operation bkn before cleaning.. ape la awk ni


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