Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Heart Broken

Here it goes again...
Though I've been through it before, I still can't get used to the feeling.
The feeling of getting hurt...
Of getting your heart ripped out of your chest
and watch it being stomped until all that's left of it
is a lump of muscle in a pool of blood...
Yes, I've been through this before...

I told myself not to like him from the start.
Not to fall for him...
Everyday I said this to myself...
"You have to stop liking him before it's too late".
I guess I should have listened more
because in the end I did let myself fall for him.
Something I shouldn't have done in the first place.

Now, look what happened?
I sat there crying by myself in front of my net book.
Why did he have to do it through the facebook chat?
What was that?
That's more cruel than breaking up with someone through the phone.
(No wonder Taylor Swift is pissed at Joe Jonas)

All he can say "I'm sorry"?
Okay, I know that I'm not your girlfriend but weren't you the one 
who started all this?
If you were going to do this, why did you start?
You were the one who texted me first and now you're saying 
that you can't do it anymore?
Because it's not you?
You're just not that kind of guy?
Then you shouldn't have started it.


It's a good thing that a friend called me right away
after he got my message saying that I'm crying.
Hearing his voice asking me what's wrong
just made me want to cry again.
He listened to me crying for a few minutes.
I told him what happened and he told me to breath 
and that there's a lot of guys out there.
He started making silly jokes and making me laugh.
I was touched.
How can I have such a good friend?
Thank you so much for calling.

And Nash...
Thanks for listening..


bellalala said...

amboi amboi
kes lelaki ke? -_-

adibahhh said...

what the?
how could dia buat cm ni kat best friend kte. kte rasa mcm nk jee ..


farah said...

I know right...

farah said...

bella: haih.. dh lme xde kes laki an.. bru ade blik... mnyampah btol...

Anonymous said...

Farah, listen, he's not worth it.
Okay, maybe it's partly my fault cause I kinda encouraged you into walking this sort of path..
and I'm sorry ):

Just, one thing about a heartbreak:
The lesson I've got after going through few rejections and all,
just think that the man is not worth it.
He's the one who blew up,
letting such a beautiful girl like you...
Trust me,
you'll find a better person.
Who knows, maybe you might ended up with Taemin? hihi :)

farah said...

it's not ur fault.. it was nice while it lasted.. btol ke ayt ni? hehe.. I'll get through it.. I've been through this before.. this is the second time.. hehhe


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