Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm Scared

I'm scared...
So so so scared.
Feels like I don't have the strength or the ability to face this harsh and cruel world.
I'm too weak and lacking.
I lack knowledge, skills, strength and confidence.

I'm too afraid.
Afraid of what others think of me.
Afraid to speak my mind.
Afraid to stand up for myself.
I seem to always need someone to hold me.
Someone to help me learn how to walk and talk.
Someone to tell me what's wrong and right.
Someone to teach me how to write and read.
(this is just a metaphor. Is it? Hmmm..)
It's like I'm still just a little girl.
Innocent and pure.
Not knowing how harsh and cruel the world could be.
But I'm not a little girl any more....

I'm not...

I'm always scared to face the world...
But then again, doesn't everyone?

The question is not how scares I am to face the world..
But how do I find the strength and confidence to face it?

Do you know?


Anonymous said...

Well, true.
Reality can be harsh at times.
World is undefined,
but somehow, to me,
its a place with no sympathy.
You have to stand on your own; two feet on a solid ground.
Though the ground underneath you would soon crumbled at a time when you least expected.

But, farah.
Remember this one important detail.
No matter what will happen in the future,
you will always have these people by your side:
1) your family
2) your BFFs
3) your friends
4) him, the star
5) and the Almighty, ALLAH :)

farah said...

why did u include star? hahhha.. I don't know.. sometimes I doubt his feelings 4 me.. heheh.. maybe it's because I'm insecure and have low self confidence.. huhu


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