Sunday, December 26, 2010

My New Classmates!!!

Time really does fly when you're having fun.
So it has been like what?
5 weeks already since the second semester started?
That long, huh?
I have to say, I'm starting to like my college life.
Yeah, I didn't like it so much during the first semester.
I guess it's because I'm always alone all the time
and I wasn't all that close with my classmates.
In fact, I felt like I was an out cast in that class.
1F was the name of that class.
It's not like I loathe them or anything.
I just don't have that chemistry with them.
Sorry, guys~

Sorry, sorry~

So because of that, I didn't quite enjoy my first semester in UiTM
but now with new classmates and friends (and also a certain star~ ehem),
I'm starting to enjoy going to class and spending time with my new classmates.
They're AWESOME!!!!

What? (Knp aku kt tepi sgt?x nmpk)

Unfortunately, it's only a short semester..
(feels sad)
Sob sob sob..
If only my new classmates were in my class during the first semester..
Oh well, I'm glad that they are my classmates now..
You guys are the best!!!

Thanks my dear classmates~

Group 2C
"The Rollers"

Our motto: "We Just Roll"


Credits to 'Aliya Abdullah 
because I took a couple of these pictures from your
Facebook Album.


adibahhh said...

that's good 4 u. kalo awk baik ngn classmates awk. huhu

farah said...

hehehe.. 2 la an.. dorg sgt best!!!
Dhla rmai geng SHINee.. dua org kot mnat onew.. hehhe

adibahhh said...

kte pun! kte dari sem1 mmg dh ngam ngn classmates kte. diorang terbaik laaaa.

tak boleh blaa onew. haha

farah said...

haahah.... yay!!! onew!!!

Anonymous said...

haha. GO 2C :D
Let's keep rolling, let's keep rolling,
let's keep rolling, rolling,
(singing Dory's let's keep swimming) haha

farah said...

hahahah.. cute!!!


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