Tuesday, December 28, 2010

So Talented!!

My fellow "Teslians" are so talented.
(warga tesl mmg dipanggil "Teslians")
They put such a great show in Drama class.
I really like to join other class's Drama class.
Yes, we are allowed to join other class's Drama class
to watch their performance
and most of their performance are DAEBAK!!!!

Thumbs up, guys!!
I'm so jealous of their talents and their ability to perform in front of people.

So anyway, here are some of the videos of their performance...

Okay, due to the fact that this video is too big.. I can't upload it..
I tried but it took so long that I had to cancel it so those who
are my friends in Facebook you can watch it there.

This is Munir's group's drama.
It's an adaptation of the Japanese movie "Crows Zero".
Members: Munir, Nabil, Muaz and Faiz.
Munir as Izawa
Nabil as Genji
Muaz as Izaki
Faiz as Narumi

From left: Muaz, Nabil, Munir and Faiz

Narumi hitting Izaki...
Great acting, guys.

Faiz as Narumi..

Cool right? Hahah!!!
They talked like those Japanese dudes in the movie.
So cool~
And the action?
What do you think?
Well, they are guys after all.

You guys must be wondering who the heck is the guy
 who gave the thumbs up, right?
(for those who watched the video)
Yeah, he's the clown of Munir's class.
(I think his class is 2E)
The guy's name is Faliq.
Never mind him, please tell me how many stars you would give
these guys for their performance in your comments~

Next is this group.. okay, to be honest, I don't really know some
of their member's names.
I'm not even sure what class is this..
I just came to watch.
If I'm not mistaken, this class was assigned to perform a musical.

This group did an adaptation of the famous movie starring
John Travolta (how do you spell his name?)
called "Grease".
They made a musical based on a song from the movie called
"Greased Lightning".

So this is their performance..

Greased lightning!!!!

What do you think?
How many stars will you give them?
Actually, when I watched their performance, the guy smoked
at the last part.
I so dislike that part
But Munir said that it as an electric smoke..
Oh, whatever..
It was still inappropriate.

This is another performance from the same class as the Grease Lightning group.
They did a musical using Taylor Swift's song, "Speak Now".
Yep, that girl sang the song herself in this performance.

A sweet story...

This is another musical from another group of the same class as 
the Taylor Swift and Greased Lightning group.

This is Farris' group!!!!
They're AWESOME!!!!
Note* Farris is the guy in red.

Great performance!!!

So how many stars will you give this one?
I think maybe you'll give the winning prize to Munir's group, am I right?
Or maybe Farris' group?
You decide.

Credits to Muhammad Mikhail (mike) for the videos.
I downloaded them from Facebook.
Hope you don't mind.
And also credits to Faiz Roslan and Fatin Nadhirah for
the pictures.
Yes, I took it from facebook.
Hope it's ok...


Anonymous said...

Munir's group! Munir's group!
Semestinya si dia, Abdul Munir!
(ni sah-sah berat sebelah.
of courselah Nasfh favor Munir. AmIRight? teeeheeeee~)

farah said...

hahahah... rugi gler x dpt upload vid 2 dowh.. vid bsr sgt..


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