Friday, December 24, 2010

Puppy Love

Puppy love..
Every one has experience this at least once in their life, right?
Well, if you haven't, then don't worry...
You will eventually.
It's fun to have experience this kind of stuff..
The nervousness you feel when you're near him...
The feeling of butterflies in your stomach..
The excitement you feel when he (or she) smiled at you..
The sound of bells ringing in your head whenever you see him (or her)..
Yes.. we have all experienced that..
Even my lecturer admits that she had a crush on a certain boy hen she was young.
It was a sweet and funny story, actually, and it all started with the story of the
Chean Long bus...

We were talking about something and then one of my classmates, Nurin,
didn't quite catch what e ere talking about and asked us
what we were talking about it.
Then, my Literature lecturer, Miss Sally said to Nurin "you are very slow
just like the Chean Long bus".
She began telling a story of her school days.
She told us that when she was little, she used to go to school
by bus.. the Chean Long bus..
The bus is really slow.
Kinda like the mini bus at Shah Alam.
REEEAAALLY sloooowww....

Then she started to tell stories about her old crush..
She was going to the surau, I think, when she heard a boy's voice
reciting the Quran..
(or was it the azan? Hmm.. oh, whatever!!! The point is she hear a boy's voice.)
She thought that the boy's voice was so beautiful so she
searched for the owner of the voice for..
I'm not sure for how long, though. I can't remember.
Anyway, she finally found him.
Since then, she had a crush on him.
But he turned out to be her cousin.

He told her that they were cousins but she said in denial "No, we're not cousins".
He kept telling her that they were cousins and she kept denying it.
It was really funny that her juniors would come to her breathing heavily due to the fact
that they were running to get to her, just to tell her that her crush
as wearing a blue shirt that day.

Her friends would steal pictures of him and give them to her
as a present.
One day, her crush came to her house and yes...
she found out that he really was her cousin.

Now, her crush is happily married with someone else and had children..

So that's the story of my Lit lecturer's crush...

~The End~


Anonymous said...

LOL, prlukah gitau cerita cinta miss sal? :)

adibahhh said...

cerita miss sal so sweet <3

i agree with u everyone pernhada crush. haha

btw,post awk sgt comel,i mean ngn pic sekli. awwww~

farah said...

nash: hehhe.. xleh ke? dh aku xleh cter psl cik bntang kt sni.. hahha.. cter la psl miss sally.. hehe

farah said...

dibah: ha'ah.. cute kn?

anati said...

really sweet la...

farah said...

anati: 2 la.. sweet tp last2 laki 2 kawin dgn org len..


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